Interview with Canadian man who had to fight at the poll for them to include his candidate as a choice

This is a great example of how the Trudeau Liberals, and the other identical parties all are managing to cheat at the polls in the current Canadian election. This interview is part of a thread of Canadian election related stories and videos over at RAIR

RCMP anxious to assist the communist revolution via C-36

While in this video, this woman has it stunningly together, she does not express the most important aspect of these facts.

“Hate speech” is code for counter-revolutionary. Its that simple. Whenever someone makes the accusation of hate speech, it is almost always because they said something true, which moves thought and the discourse away from the communist revolution now almost complete in Canada and elsewhere.

This is how they can call Candice Owens or Dinesh D’Souza, “White supremacists”. Because anything which promotes classical thought is counter-revolutionary and therefore “hate speech”

For the left, the point is NEVER the point. However the revolution is ALWAYS the point. This is the explanation for a great deal of the things which cause us cognitive dissonance, which inevitably leads to people doing reports on the “hypocrisy” of the left. There is noting hypocritical about any of the things they do. They simply are always looking at each issue as a tool with which to destroy classical thought. Using the term, “racism” or any of its analogues is a powerful tool. But the last thing the left cares about is actual racism. In fact they foment it in every imaginable way. Because that is what they need to bring on the revolution they so urgently want.


Dr. David Martin: The gene sequence for Covid was patented decades ago, and was no accident

This is a stunning video and also answers a lot of questions and raises a lot more.

As horrifying as it is, at some levels its comforting. if this is just about a massive plot to make money, its a lot less problematic than many people make this out to be.

It also may need to be seen more than once. But the numbers check out. Dr. Martin shows how the gene sequence was patented decades ago, and there is nothing “novel” about the Corona virus at all. Also nothing accidental. This has to be seen to the end.

Direct link:

Of course, like the previous post, these are from the weekly Reiner Fuellmich sessions with the German translation segments removed.

MORE doctors who treat Covid patients with HCQ come forward and make the case loudly and clearly

1. Full press conference by doctors who have been treating HUNDREDS of patients with HCQ

(This video was pulled by Google. It has been restored at the bottom of this post)

2. More from the same presser.

It almost seems like the virus was designed to be treated by HCQ but they had to make sure that it wasn’t allowed for the masses in order to properly weaponize the ‘pandemic’. Almost. Nothing could be that sinister of course. But in the spirit of looking for the missing puzzle piece that shows what the damn puzzle actually looks like, that fits the hole. Let’s hope something else does that meets all the other pieces as tightly.

I hope the CNN enemy propagandists and CBC enemy propagandists take the urine truth test for HCQ and we can see if they are knowingly lying to us or not.

Here is a two and a half hour video on the science of HCQ

@JamesTodaroMD says that not only is hydroxychloroquine safe and effective, but Google began to censor his paper outlining the evidence for its efficacy against COVID-19.

One week and millions of views later, Google removed his paper for “violating its terms of service.”

And as if to prove his point, the first video is ALREADY gone from Youtube

Here it is below:

Also this:

Watch Live: Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’

Twitter AND Facebook are both removing any instance of these videos including the original ones, removing any pretence to copyright.

Interview with Norman Traversy about how the Canadian justice system stonewalled attempts to take Trudeau to criminal court

In this short interview from May 9, 2020, Norm Traversy explains why he filed criminal charges against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau pressured then Attorney General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to drop charges of corruption and bribery against SNC Lavalin, a company to which Trudeau had connections, and expelled her from the Liberal Caucus when she refused.

But Traversy could not get the RCMP to lay charges, so he did so himself – then found himself locked out of the courtroom where the hearing was held behind closed doors.  And what a surprise: the charges were stayed for lack of evidence. Now Traversy is charging the Attorney General of Ontario for obstruction of justice. He knows he can’t win – but he can show what a farce the legal system has become. “We do not have the Rule of Law in this country.”

Norm has a website at, where you can find out about his Go Fund Me campaign.

Canada’s Chief Medical person