MORE doctors who treat Covid patients with HCQ come forward and make the case loudly and clearly

1. Full press conference by doctors who have been treating HUNDREDS of patients with HCQ

(This video was pulled by Google. It has been restored at the bottom of this post)

2. More from the same presser.

It almost seems like the virus was designed to be treated by HCQ but they had to make sure that it wasn’t allowed for the masses in order to properly weaponize the ‘pandemic’. Almost. Nothing could be that sinister of course. But in the spirit of looking for the missing puzzle piece that shows what the damn puzzle actually looks like, that fits the hole. Let’s hope something else does that meets all the other pieces as tightly.

I hope the CNN enemy propagandists and CBC enemy propagandists take the urine truth test for HCQ and we can see if they are knowingly lying to us or not.

Here is a two and a half hour video on the science of HCQ

@JamesTodaroMD says that not only is hydroxychloroquine safe and effective, but Google began to censor his paper outlining the evidence for its efficacy against COVID-19.

One week and millions of views later, Google removed his paper for “violating its terms of service.”

And as if to prove his point, the first video is ALREADY gone from Youtube

Here it is below:

Also this:

Watch Live: Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’

Twitter AND Facebook are both removing any instance of these videos including the original ones, removing any pretence to copyright.

Interview with Norman Traversy about how the Canadian justice system stonewalled attempts to take Trudeau to criminal court

In this short interview from May 9, 2020, Norm Traversy explains why he filed criminal charges against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau pressured then Attorney General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to drop charges of corruption and bribery against SNC Lavalin, a company to which Trudeau had connections, and expelled her from the Liberal Caucus when she refused.

But Traversy could not get the RCMP to lay charges, so he did so himself – then found himself locked out of the courtroom where the hearing was held behind closed doors.  And what a surprise: the charges were stayed for lack of evidence. Now Traversy is charging the Attorney General of Ontario for obstruction of justice. He knows he can’t win – but he can show what a farce the legal system has become. “We do not have the Rule of Law in this country.”

Norm has a website at, where you can find out about his Go Fund Me campaign.

Canada’s Chief Medical person

A few items on the Wuhan Flu and vaccines

The following story is from a reader at Vlad who wishes to remain anonymous, but has a story which very much is in sync with the 60 Minutes piece posted yesterday and posted here again below her email:

Also might be a good idea to dig up the story bout the guy who invented vaccination in the first place.
He noticed that milk maids did not get smallpox.  They got cowpox, a mild thing, and then smallpox did not infect them.
So, he bought a 5 year old boy and infected him with some of the fluid from a cow pox pustule and after a bit, infected him smallpox.
He traveled the country with the boy and publicly vaccinated him over and over to sell his vaccine (called vaccine because of the cow pox origin).
The boy died in his teens.
Now to my story.
When my older son was born, I wanted to be the best parent I could be.  That meant, of course, that I followed the vaccination schedule very rigorously.  My son was healthy, strong, big and very bright.
After he got his MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine, he got a little sick – but that is to be expected:  a vaccine must make you a little sick in order to evoke the required immune system response.  He got better fast.
A few days later, we noticed that sometimes, he looked cross-eyed:  but only sometimes.  The next time we saw a doctor, we asked that he take a peek.  Turns out, my son cannot move his left eye to his left.  That is, his eye has full range of motion from the middle (straight ahead) to the right side of his eye, but cannot move it past straight ahead to his left side.
Our family doctor said it was a textbook example of vaccine damage and that there is no way to fix it.
I was devastated:  Here, I thought I was doing the right thing for my son, and now I have permanently damaged him!  He will have double vision his whole life.
The next bit surprised me:  I asked what documentation he needs from me – the pictures, videos of him before and after the vaccine was administered, demonstrating that it is not a pre-existing condition…and the doctor said:  ‘Nothing, I am not allowed to report vaccine damage.’
I was shocked and he looked exasperated.  He told me that when he had accurately reported Vaccine damage in the past, he got a warning that if he reports more than 3 vaccine damages in one year in his family practice, the Ontario Medical Association will strip him of his license to practice.
So I thought I should sue the vaccine maker myself.  And the doctor said that no MD will go to court to testify about vaccine damage.  They are that afraid to say anything.  The best he could do was give me a medical certificate that he is exempt from vaccines on medical grounds.  Which he did.
But that is not all.

I went to the CDC website to read up on this and found out that they recommend that people with immune system disorders or diseases and their close blood relatives should not be vaccinated because the danger of vaccine damage is dangerously high. Examples included allergies to peanuts and eggs as well as asthma and lupus.

That’s me.   Well, I should have checked earlier…
Don’t bother looking at the CDC site now:  when President Bush Sr. said that in case of a bio-warfare  attack or a pandemic, he will make vaccination mandatory for everyone, that statemement was disappeared from the CDC website!

Once again, politics over-rules the science!
But it gets ‘better’.  The last time I went for an annual physical exam, the MD recommended that I get a pneumonia vaccine, because my diseased immune system makes me vulnerable, and all the vulnerable people must be vaccinated first…  because this is what they are teaching in Medical schools now.

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And now, a Nobel Prize winner in Medicine discusses the Wuhan Flu/Covid19 virus

The 60 Minutes episode from the 1970s that ties in to the personal story above:

From a dog park, Vancouver Canada: A rent rant

People who can pay rent must pay rent. Tenants made a deal with the landlord. The latter would provide the tenant with a place to live and whatever comes with it, heat when its cold, power, water and so on.

The following flyer was found in a dog park in Vancouver Canada:

At the time they make the deal, tenants agree to pay an amount they felt was fair for what they get. If they choose not to pay it now out of some kind of misguided spite, or more likely, opportunism disguised as communist ‘altruism’, it just means they are selfish bastards with no character whatsoever, and no one should ever trust a word they say again.

People will keep records. And anyone who chooses not to pay when they can pay, might find it difficult in the future to hold any kind of position of trust, rent an apartment, float a loan, get a mortgage or even a credit card.

I hope people think before they refuse to pay rent. This crisis will end. Governments will allow evictions again. Leases might be harder to come by than they think, if it’s known that they didn’t pay rent when they could have.

People who truly cannot pay rent because of Covid-19, or more accurately, due to government measures to combat Covid-19, can get support from the government and make arrangements with landlords. It will be known who they are. And they should not be punished for the policies of the government.

But for those who can pay rent, think for a few minutes about what your landlord will have to do if he can’t make his mortgage, property taxes, utilities, water power, repairs and so on. Do you want to live in buildings like the gang in A Clockwork Orange? Because that is what you will get if this thing lasts a few months and you don’t pay rent. A slum.

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