Important Lowell Green reboot show on Ottawa’s full on authoritarian revolution disguised as Climate justice

For those who don’t know Lowell Green, he was the finest voice on Ottawa radio for decades. When Bell Media bought CFRA, the talk-radio station that Lowell was by far the most popular voice. They waited till they could phase him out, and once that was done, they mass fired all the conservative hosts. Even ones who had the highest ratings in Canada for that time slot. I’m thinking of Pastor John Council as one example. But Nick Vandergragt was also sacked in the same meeting. Now CFRA is another narrative voice peddling the same leftist dialectics as everyone else. Think CNN without all the hair.

Bell Media also owns CTV, and a dozen or so other media outlets in Canada.

Today, Lowell Green did a show on Facebook. I had no idea he was even still on the air, or had a public profile at all. But he does, and anyone living in the Western world needs to listen to today’s show if you want to know your present or your near future. But if you are in Canada, and especially in Ottawa, and especially if you own any property at all, you really, really have to watch this:

(I grabbed this off of Facebook and placed it on an open platform which doesn’t track you, and also isn’t Facebook. When you watch tonight’s Tucker, you will have yet another giant reason to despise Facebook. Turns out they did help rig the election, and now they are blaming it on the FBI. Which while also true, doesn’t change a damn thing about Facebook’s rigging by preventing fundraising and censoring pro-trump groups.

Dutch authorities are shattering the public trust in police and security services

Communist governments and their controllers, be it from the WEF or Bilderberg or whatever, have done an excellent job of turning the people against each other. These videos from The Netherlands show how a people can really, and should really, come to loath, despise and distrust the police and authorities as they now do the opposite of what the police are supposed to do, and for which they used to earn gratitude and respect. Namely protest the rights and property of the public. Now of course, they take them both away.



Marx and the banning of elements in the periodic table

Examining the problem, reaction, solution/thesis, counter thesis, solution, or the dialectic scam of the left.

There certainly seems to be more than one understanding of this phrase. Here is our shot at it. Of course, there are scholars of Hegel/Marx who read this site, and we welcome any corrections or other interpretations of this well known phrase.

Picking Global Warming as an example, we have a completely invented problem which of course can be manipulated in any way needed to end up at the point you want to land on. Primarily, the destruction of the West with its notions of free market economy and individual rights. Since the problem is fake, and created and enforced by “consensus” (See video below) all the reactions from people calling it out as fake must be dealt with using the dialectic attack of hate speech. This was fabricated by a second generation Frankfurt School acolyte, a certain Habermas, in the form of “Discourse Theory”.

For the past many decades, various leftist controlled governments and leftist think tanks, have attempted to use the element of Carbon as a means to control industry and humanity in a highly selective manner. Like slavery as an issue, we must only examine the ‘problem’ of CO2 production in Western and free market nations, more accurately perhaps, in cultures with the concept of individual rights as being sacrosanct. We must not look at slavery in Africa or Islam ever but must focus on the past actions in The USA pretty much exclusively in terms of passing moral judgment. And we must not look at really dirty industrial activity, let alone CO2 production in China or India but must pretend that CO2 produced by any and all means connected to humans in the West as an existential threat to the entire planet.

There should be no need to try and disprove the idea that CO2 is a problem on this site. I do have a dedicated page to the science of it here on Vlad but I don’t maintain it very well as to engage in a debate based on a lie is to lose that debate since only one side seeks to know the truth and the power of the lie is much greater in the short run. At least where the goal is destruction.

One fact though, is that where CO2 is produced, more life happens. Plants grow etc. Plants, and life, are made of carbon. Even on the side of highways, plants tend to thrive from a truly poisonous form of carbon, CO1 or Carbon monoxide. CO2 is actually pumped into greenhouses to help plants hit their optimal growth rate.

But let’s pretend that CO2 production was a problem. Then why are those who wrap themselves in a false flag of environmentalism, so opposed to nuclear power? Its the obvious solution to those who claim that carbon dioxide is an existential threat to the planet. Whatever the issues with nuclear power, it cannot be as bad as that.

And then there is this:


A very worthy deeper dive:

So we have a solution now for food production that is safe, energy efficient and absorbs far more carbon than it produces.

Global Warming is a consensus based thing though. Meaning communists agreed on creating it and presenting it as an existential problem in order to get to the solution they want, which is communism. No real world approach to solving even the non-problem of “global-warming” will be entertained and any attempt to expose it as the fraud it is will be met with charges akin to hate speech. “Climate-denier” for example, makes moral equivalence with a Holocaust denier to one who would deny the ‘existential threat of global warming’. A fairly palpable use of the Hate-Speech tactic.

More recently, in order to destroy farming in the Netherlands and replace these farms with what will almost certainly be beehive brutalist housing for illegal mostly Muslim and African migrants forced on the local population since before 2015, a new element and compound had to be demonized as an existential threat. Nitrogen, which makes up damn near 80% of the total atmosphere, and ammonia.

I won’t even bother to deal with the issue of nitrogen. To think that the tiny amount of nitrogen released on a few dutch farms justify the actions against farmers we see in the Netherlands is even worthy of rebuttal on that basis, means a lack of understanding of the tactic at play. Much like when one knows that nearly all human beings are born either a man or a woman (with the exception of extremely few genetic mutations which end with those individuals as they tend to be sterile) and to pretend these are fungible is, well risible.

So let’s look at the new threat of ammonia.

How could we somehow solve the issue of ammonia in a way that would satisfy those who claim its a problem while maybe at the same time, solving other problems many are concerned about:

The bottom line is:

The problems we are bombarded with, from Covid to vaccine hesitancy. From global warming to cow flatulence. From Nitrogen to ammonia, are all fake problems which, even by engaging about it, causes us to lose. These are not problems at all, and some, to the extent they might be, are selectively enforced against the Western nations and peoples with zero effort to deal with these non-problems in places like China, North Korea, India and other places where the raw production of these gasses and so on are orders of magnitude higher than in the West.

We need to understand that so much of what we engage with on a day to day basis is we, the intellectual descendants of Socrates, being constantly basted with pseudo-reality and false cosmologies in order to destroy Western civilization where it actually lives.

In our own minds.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.


Remembering the last phoney environmental catastrophe

This is one of my more satisfying moments since I started this site. Growing up in the 70s, I was subjected to CBC blasting anti-Western commie propaganda at me in the form of the very familiar crypto-environmentalism we are all so used to. The faces were the same. It was primarily David Suzuki warning us all that Western industry was going to bring the temple down with its pollution and other sins against the environment. But the predictions were notably different.

Back then, Suzuki and all the other disingenuous men-of-destiny who were trying to pave the way for policies that would collapse Western free market nations, were claiming that pollution from industry would blot out the sun and bring on a new ice age that would cause mass death and starvation. A plot later adapted by the Simpsons.

The thing is, its very difficult to find a single clip of Fruit Fly Geneticist, David Suzuki talking about “Nuclear Winter”, (the process where industry would mimic the effects of a global nuclear war and kick up so much dirt into the atmosphere the sun is dimmed so much it brings on an artificial ice age) since he metamorphosed into speaking about how the exact same cause, Western industry, would cause “global Warming”.

I even asked someone I know at Parliament to check the library there for CBC clips of Suzuki talking on nuclear winter, and now and again I do the search with zero results. Its harder even than finding the clip of Patrick Swayze mocking Latin American culture on Saturday night Live, singing, “One Ton of Fanmail” along with Dana Carvey. That clip was removed from the DVD set but can be found online now. But not David Suzuki’s decades long propaganda on nuclear winter.

So it is with great satisfaction that we can present the next best thing.

Leonard Nimoy.

In this clip, Nimoy does not state that this coming iceage will be due to Mankind’s industry. David Suzuki really did. And very often. The truth of the matter from a scientific perspective is best explained by the documentary, The Cloud Mystery. If one accepts that a model is as good as its predictive value, which is a decent way to qualify science, then this model is the best we have.

If anyone happens to be in possession of one of those clips of David Suzuki and nuclear winter, please leave a link to it or a breadcrumb as to where one might find it in the comments.

Thank you Dan K.

Patrick Moore, Co-founder of Greenpeace, on BOLTA (Andrew Bolta’s) amazing show Australia

Andrew Bolt and Patrick Moore go afield at the end though when they speculate as to why facts which oppose the narrative are disallowed in media, social or otherwise, and why “fact checkers” on Facebook like about, well facts. The answer is, as it has been for some time, that with the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point. The left must force the culture leftwards at all costs. So we must say polar bears, (which are very photogenic, unlike Norwegian rats), are declining despite special measures in place to protect people from bear attacks by the swell they are having in population. “Fact Checkers” are there to make sure that the truth, actual facts, cannot be permitted to interfere with the narrative. The left is always on the side which pushes away from Western Civilization, and in some ways, from humanity itself.

The Climate scare officially recanted by major activists and media

Even FORBES published his recanting of this abuse of the public. And then pulled the article.

But here it is from the archive.

The following link is from David Icke’s site. Now while this is a really really poor standard to put him against, he is at least more honourable and honest than the CBC.

Climate Depot still has the original article up for the moment.  Part of it below

Prominent climate activist Shellenberger officially recants: ‘On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare’

We will post the Forbes thing if it can be found on the Wayback. but Google in its infinite Winston Smithism, has started tampering with that from some reports we have seen, recently as well.

Germans using children to make climate hysteria propaganda. Again.

Before you watch, there has been so much blow-back from this that the German TV station that aired it attempted to walk it back by saying it was parody. Miss Piggy found documents proving that in fact, it was anything but.






On Saturday, 05 October 2019 the WDR Children’s Choir of Dortmund will sing at the closing event of “Plant for the Planet” in Königswinter Bonn.


At the same time the singers will be trained as ambassadors for climate justice by other children. “The topic of climate change is on everyone’s lips right now and with “Fridays for Future” it has also become a topic of the younger generation. In addition to the activities of Greta Thunberg, there are also many other very exciting and meaningful projects on the subject of climate, such as the organisation “Plant for the Planet”.


This organisation trains children in a one day academy to become “climate protectors” and plants trees with the children in cooperation with a forester. Many hundreds of thousands of trees have already been planted in this way.”

Within the framework of this project there will be a WDR report.

(Communists are at least consistent. Trying to make sure that children do not see their own family as loving protectors and reliable sources of information is perfectly in sync with communist regimes throughout history. I wonder how many steps it is between this and Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge? They seemed to use children quite effectively.)

German Parliament applies Frankfurt School tactics to discredit actual science

This is a stunning example of Alynski’s rule 13, (Don’t attack the idea, attack the person) and Habermas’ force a consensus and then accuse all who speak outside of the consensus of hate speech. In this case, the extent to which they had to stretch to discredit solid science, from an exceptionally qualified scientist, resembles what was done to Bilyana Martinovski by the Swedish Police.

Thank you Miss Piggy for what was an enormous task translating this video.

Please watch to the end. This is an important video.

Direct link

Another thing. Miss Piggy who translated this, said that the strident annoying German voice over did not translate everything that was said.

In the original video the translation voice was very loud. So annoying and so occulting of the original that I wondered if they tried to hide his statements.

In the version above I used EQ to make his voice more audible and you can actually follow his English without blowing an ear drum. Miss Piggy did get all he said. But remember that the local audience did not get his complete segments from the German translation, which you can hear at this link.