Agenda 2021: A United Nations Conspiracy

For those who don’t think the UN would do these things, just examine UN Resolution 16/18 to ban free speech globally and criminalize criticism of Islam, or the UN Migration compact which seeks to dissolve all world borders and criminalize all negative reporting on that agenda among other things.

This site has written and reported extensively on both over time. And as the day goes by, I will try and find videos supporting these claims from indisputable sources. Like the Secretary General of the UN for instance, or MEPs and add it to this post.

Secretary General of the United Nations and lifelong communist, speaks to ambition to obliterate freedom of speech world wide

One honest reporter discusses the meaning and implication of the UN Global Migration Compact at the time it was passed.

Politicians discuss the UN migration compact and how it seeks to criminalize reportage that casts it in a bad light

Speeches and interviews from demonstration against another crazy limit on freedom of thought, religion and speech in Bill C6

Please read the details and explanation at RAIR Foundation.

In brief, the Trudeau Government intends to criminalize, with jail sentences from 2 to 5 years long, any attempt to persuade even a child not to have mutilating and sterilizing cosmetic surgery if their friends or school convinced them to do it. This protest was on Friday, December 5th at noon in the freezing rain.

First, an interview with author, Dr. Ann Gillies:

Speech by David Cooke

Speech by Ann Gillies:

Speech by Peter Vogel

For those of you looking for an item to send to fellow Canadians, or anyone who does not believe that Canada is on a rapid trajectory to communism and thought control, this may be a good item to send them.

“They want us to forget our heritage, and to fill it with a vacuum of their choosing”

There was something unusually sinister about remembrance day this year.

Below, The Rebel’s video on how it went in Toronto. And below, that, a friend of VladTepesBlog sent in her own video from the Ottawa ceremony, where people were prevented from getting close to the Cenotaph with dump trucks and armed police.

Its difficult not to agree with the man quoted in the title. This feels like full on cultural and historical negation.

Here is a good article from CanadianCitizens.Org on how this is not the first attempt to negate Remembrance Day in Canada. 

Another Remembrance Day has come and gone with the now customary attempts by the usual suspects to both negate and denigrate it. Recall last year’s attempts in the form of the countervailing “white poppy” campaign and the frenetic response to Don Cherry’s rebuke of Canadians who failed to wear a poppy (a red one). The “white peace poppy” was floated as a substitute for the red one and called for the remembrance of civilian victims of war rather than those who fought for their rights and freedoms against tyranny. In a similar fashion, the Cherry kerfuffle saw Remembrance Day being stacked up against the overriding need to place diversity and inclusivity above traditions that new Canadians might find irrelevant – if not offensive. Cherry was ridiculed, called a racist and fired for the error of his ways.

Ottawa: November 11, 2020

Thanks to Gun Goddess for the video and the photos from yesterday’s negation event of Remembrance day, and to Hellequin GB for the following quote:

The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long that nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was… The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

– Milan Kundera


Doctor who appeared in HCQ conference, fired, and is suing CNN

One of the central doctors trying to tell us all that Hydroxychloroquine is part of an effective treatment for Wuhan Flu, CCP virus, was fired due to media reaction and has retained the services of Lin Wood, the same lawyer who took CNN to the cleaners representing Nick Sandmann.

Below is the entire presser she did along with other doctors on HCQ. Skip ahead to about 4 minutes.

Addendum: I have been trying to add the Tucker Carlson segment into this post with the doctor he interviews. It is STUNNING how the search engines have been tuned against Tucker Carlson now. Search Youtube, or Google, or Twitter for Tucker Carlson and you will find a litany of nasty anti-Carlson materials often having nothing to do with your search parameters other than it conforms to Marxist critical theory as a way of negating his influence. Eventually that clip will appear somewhere and we will make a new post with it. But that is where we are at now. Rule of law has been ‘Aufheben’ or replaced with something closer to a MAFIA based system where large groups willing to use violence, this would be Islamic groups and leftist ones, have created an anti-state at every level so what is actually the law, or are your constitutional rights, matter nothing compared to the consequences of going against these group’s imposed ‘laws’ on you. Which of course is the point of this entire article. Samisdat is all we have now against Aufheben. And we had all better get on board with that.

Thank you EB for finding this!


Canadian General who stopped the military from controlling the narrative on Covid, ‘resigned’ today

Remember this article from a few days ago?

Canadian Forces ‘information operations’ pandemic campaign quashed after details revealed to top general

The Canadian Forces planned what some military insiders described as a propaganda campaign aimed at heading off civil disobedience by the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

But the initiative was shut down by the country’s top soldier who questioned whether it went too far in the methods military officers wanted to use.

The campaign called for “shaping” and “exploiting” information, allowing the Canadian Forces to be able to strengthen trust in official sources of information, said a military planning document reviewed by this newspaper. One of the desired results was that civil order be maintained during the pandemic. “Canadian public is deterred from participating in Civil Disobedience,” according to the objectives of the plan. “Canadian public compliance with suppression measures is reinforced.”

When Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance was briefed about the information operations campaign, he ordered it stopped. Some senior military staff raised concerns the plan could be open to abuse in using propaganda or deception to manipulate the Canadian public.

Various military sources contacted this newspaper to raise concerns about the information campaign. The Canadian Forces later provided the unclassified information operations document to this newspaper.

The information operations plan was issued April 8, temporarily rescinded five days later, and then officially halted on May 1. Canadian Forces sources say Vance told military leaders that as long as he was in charge information operations tactics wouldn’t be used in a domestic situation, except in the case where an enemy had invaded the country. […]

And today, this:

Gen. Vance to resign as Canada’s top military commander

Canada’s top military commander is retiring.

Gen. Jonathan Vance, the country’s longest serving chief of defence staff, announced the decision in a letter to the troops that was published on Twitter on Thursday.

In the letter, Vance wrote that he has already informed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Governor General Julie Payette that he plans on relinquishing command of the Canadian Armed Forces in the “months to come.”

(As Canadians, we must hope these events are not connected. But if they are, Canada is led by a man who is inspired by the likes of Chavez or Xi.)

When selective enforcement moves up to full on Aufheben der Kulture

UPDATE: From what I have been able to tell, and this is not certain, it seems that what the media is calling a “mural” that was painted over with black paint, was actually an illegal set of giant yellow letters saying BLACK LIVES MATTERS on the ROAD! And the couple were just restoring the road to what it legally has to look like. So that is the state of media today.

If its communist propaganda grafitti, its a “mural”. If someone does anything to it, its a HATE CRIME. This is in fact exactly what Marcuse/Habermas plotted with the Frankfurt School. Please see post below with 3 videos.

Defunding police is ONE STEP before banning all private property

Before anyone scoffs at the headline, remember that a few short months ago, even the most red pilled observer showed total denial that police departments would ever be defunded or even serious talk about it. Yet here we are.

After watching the FOX clip below, please watch the DSA clip edited in August of 2019, but filmed sometime before that.


BREAKING: Minneapolis Unanimously Approves Abolishing Police Force

On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council voted 12-0 to approve a measure to abolish the city’s police department.

The unanimous vote will not automatically dismantle the police department, but it is the first step in a much longer legislative process, according to the New York Post.


The idea of dismantling police departments gained recognition among city council members amid city-wide, and eventually nationwide, riots after George Floyd was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin last month.


The Post continues that the vote to abolish the police force will require amending Minneapolis’s charter, and that a draft amendment suggests replacing the police force with a “Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.” This department would consist of peace officers and use a “holistic, public health-oriented approach” to ensure public safety.


The proposal will have to first pass through a committee, be reviewed by Minneapolis’s Charter Commission, and finally approved again by the entire city council by August 21st. However, Mayor Jacob Frey, a radical Leftist in his own right, still is against the idea of abolishing the police and can veto the measure.


Banned interview of BC Father where the state has taken control of his daughter’s medical treatment and sterilized her

Laura Lynn who also interviewed this man was in court and fined yesterday for doing and publishing her interview with this man.

Oh Merkelbaum oh Merkelbaum, Aufheben der Kultur

Direct link

German leader, Anegla Merkel does her bit to destroy the iconography of the West by making tard-guards, also known as “diversity barriers” in the crude approximation of Christmas trees. This is what Stephen Coughlin might consider “Aufheben der Kultur” (“Destroy the Culture”) and is at least as effective as the occasional low casualty explosive jihad.

One just doesn’t think of Christmas trees the same way after this alchemical transformation of the central symbol of a home celebrating Christmas into an ugly concrete barrier between the tiny bit of territory allowed to unabashedly celebrate Germany’s Christian-German roots and the rest of Germany, now at least somewhat controlled by Communist and Islamic gangs.



Ingrid Carlqvist: Swedish news DOXXES actors in commercial for Swedish town

A couple of days ago, we posted a video translated by Tania Groth, that was made by a Swedish city advertising for the disaffected and non-criminal elements of Malmo to move to a city which still had rule of law and quality of life.

Since then, the leftist Swedish MSM publication, Expressen, has actually DOXXED the actors in that video.

Below is my interview with Swedish independent journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist on that commercial and the DOXXING of the participants.

Direct link: