ANTIFA brings us to peak irony: Links 1, February 22, 2021

1. ANTIFA now extends the meaning of NAZI to mean anyone who wants personal freedom and basic rights. The irony of course has reached toxic, and even lethal levels

From the RT YT page:

Hundreds of COVID sceptics, who marched through Berlin’s district of Schoneberg to decry the extension of pandemic-related restrictions, were booed at by counter-protesters on Saturday. Counter-protesters, some with Antifa banners, gathered along the itinerary of the protest with various placards and flags. Loud whistles and boos could be heard as the COVID deniers marched past. Several activists banged kitchen pots in a sign of discontent. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that most of the current restrictions in Germany would remain in place until at least March 7 to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Hairdressers will be permitted to reopen from March 1, under strict rules, while the federal states will also be able to decide when to reopen their schools, with several announcing plans to do so before the end of February.

2. The British schools selling out to Beijing: Not only are private institutions being bought by Chinese firms but some are giving communist-approved lessons that are a threat to free speech

Hundreds of independent schools left in dire financial straits by the coronavirus pandemic are being targeted by Chinese investors, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Experts anticipate a ‘feeding frenzy’ as firms, including some run by high-ranking members of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, seek to expand their influence over Britain’s education system.

Seventeen schools are already owned by Chinese companies, but that number is set to rocket. Amid rising concern about Beijing’s tentacles reaching into British classrooms, an investigation by this newspaper can reveal:

  • Nine of the 17 schools under Chinese control are owned by firms whose founders or bosses are among China’s most senior Communist Party members;
  • Princess Diana’s preparatory school is owned by a Chinese group that openly trades on her name;
  • Schools are using educational tools for teaching children a ‘whitewashed’ view of China;
  • One firm admitted its acquisition of British schools is aimed supporting China’s controversial Belt And Road strategy, which aims to expand Beijing’s global influence.

3. One hour video by and with experts including 3 doctors on Covid measures in Canada, their legality and real costs in health and lives. This video is recommended by the Ontario MPP Randy Hillier

4. It’s OK when Bill does it

5. This is where we combine 2 statements of leftist tactics. 1. Never let a crisis go to waste, but we have to add the Goebbels quote to it, because it is CRITICAL that the crisis must be fabricated of lies or if it has a basis in reality, crucial elements of it must be lies.

Thank you M., ML., Wrath of Khan, Michelle, Pym Purnell, Richard, Mad W., Rdawg, Yucki and all who contributed thoughts to what is now clearly a counter-revolutionary site.

For some clarity on what makes it “Counter-Revolutionary” please watch this video with the related article:

She gets a few things wrong though. To advocate for rule of law and equality before the law for all, makes you a classical liberal, which is right wing as it means less government control. The left has redefined real liberalism as “far right wing”, and amazingly, they accuse people who want individual rights and freedom from arbitrary government tyranny as “Nazis” which the left has tricked people into thinking is somehow “far right wing”.

While we are at it, lets clear that up with 3 fast facts:

Right wing means individual rights and government’s role is to protect those rights. Left wing means collectivism and comes from Marx. It also means a steady move towards a state where government can arbitrarily enslave or kill people for the greater good of the state, with no rational basis of defining greater good. In fact leftism eschews Greek thought, or reason altogether. Left and right is not a circle where extremes meet. Its a straight line with Libertarians at one end and communists/Nazis on the other. Fascism is just advanced communism.

And the second one is that Nazis and communists are so similar they used the same iconography at the start of the Nazi movement. They had complaints from membership that nothing at all distinguished them from the Soviet version of it.

This is well detailed in the film below:



Interview with defiant Ottawa Gym owner, Zach Boissinot

Please read the important details and summary over at RAIR Foundation. And be advised, the planned demonstration for February 14th at Noon at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa is going ahead as planned despite a lot of disinformation being maliciously spread that it is cancelled or for another date. The same tactics had been used for the Trucker’s protest a couple of years ago where malicious actors attempted to suck as much energy out of the protest as possible by putting up fake website with the wrong dates and times and locations and others would claim it was cancelled. These are of course, the ethics of the left and the revolutionaries. The ends always justifies the means.

Meanwhile, check out this interview with Zach and do click over to read the details at RAIR.

Protestors LET IN to the capitol: January 6 DC post 4

Clearer video of the shooting death of Roberta Paulsen

More will be added soon

Today in DC. The election steal and a brief attempt at counter-revolution post 3



sky news australia

yahoo – Capitol Hill mob behavior represents a dark moment in American History, Yahoo Finance EIC says




Protesters climbing walls of United States Capitol building



Patriot Shot In Capital Washington D.C January 6

Police shoot Trump supporting woman?


Thank you Miss Piggy for all these videos.

This video from January 1 claims that ANTIFA will be at this thing instigating and can be identified because they wear MAGA hats on backwards and camo shorts. In the video below you can’t see shorts.

Live multi-video feed of Trump supporters (and ANTIFA false flaggers) storming the legislature in DC (DC events post 2)

More here at Rumble

Curfew in place in DC

Shots fired in Capital Building?

ANTIFA was planning a false flag according to this pundit. Could they be responsible for shots fired?

Fox News – US Capitol on lockdown as protests threaten security

Trump supporters have breached the Capitol building, tearing down 4 layers of security fencing and are attempting to occupy the building — fighting federal police who are overrun


revolution in process as Trump supporters break into the Capitol building, attacking police, breaking windows, and knocking down doors

 There are at least 100,000+ people just in the overflow for the event

 Trump supporters blow past barricades, clash with police at US Capitol


Reports of ‘shots fired’ inside chamber; lawmakers blocking doors with furniture & some have guns drawn

The moment MAGA rioters breached the Capitol building in D.C.


Protesters have made their way INSIDE the United States Capitol

Tonight at 6:00 for those who can go to Mac’s Pub and change the intimidation ratio

As this tweet is 15 hours old, I think he means TONIGHT at 6:00 for all within striking distance of Mac’s pub

And he is right.

If this tweet is removed, please advise with a comment and I will restore the video.


United Kingdom now a police state that disallows opposition to government policy

When police protect the rights, property and safety of the individual its mandatory that we all support the police. But when police become nothing but thugs for illegal directives of the state…

Brad Johnson on the new degree to which Hillary Clinton seems to have committed high crimes

We did three sort videos with Brad today on the state of the real investigations in DC on real, and really serious crimes by Democrats and the deep state, which look more and more like sedition.

This one is on Hillary Clinton and new info on the email scandal.

Tomorrow morning on Parliament Hill, a last chance to voice opposition to Trudeau eliminating Canada as a nation state

The headline is not an exaggeration. It is a literal statement of fact.

Parliament Hill, Wellington St, Ottawa Canada

December 8th, at 10:00 AM for the French presentation and 11:00 for the English which will include a speech by Maxime Bernier, leader of the closest thing we have to a libertarian party.

Be there or forever regret not at least doing this little bit to stop the end of Canada, and the Nation State as we know it.

Yes, its possible that a future leader may be able to undo this mess and get us out of the UN altogether, but the longer one waits and the worse things get, the more unfortunate the solutions tend to become. So make the effort when the effort is non-violent and using the tools of democracy,

Facebook video:


Police and army have joined the seeming revolution against Macron in France

There is a lot to this story. But here is the first video we have done on it so far with thanks to Ava Lon.

Please check back to this post now and again for the next few hours.


Kingersheim (68): the “youths” from the projects pretended to be Yellow Vests, and attacked the police

By Koba, 11/17/2018

The police officers from the Wittenheim police station, who were ensuring the security close to the Château d’Eau in Kingersheim and who were especially managing the traffic on the RD430, backed by the protesters, have been attacked in the early evening ( around 7:30 pm) by a group of about twenty Yellow Vests, who were clearly hostile.

Even though most of them were wearing the rallying sign [the yellow vests], the majority of them were wearing balaclavas and holding iron bars.

The police have quickly realized, after a rock of two flew in their direction, that they weren’t dealing with the protesters of November 17th, but with young thugs who arrived from the neighborhood of Bourtzwiller, situated a couple of hundreds meters away from there, as the crow flies.

(…) Two youths, aged 15 and 22 years, were arrested by the members of the Canine Brigade (of the law enforcement) and of the BAC (anti-criminality brigade), and they are being temporarily detained.

Source: L’


Iranians close down Parliament, and whole markets in Tehran, cries of “DEATH TO PALESTINE” on the streets

UPDATE: Please see the comments under this post for a LOT of updated and additional videos from this monumental event

The required editorialization this requires would take more time than I have. But I trust the comments will give this the gravitas it deserves.

On a partial point form, where is the Western press on this genuine grass roots secular revolution against the tyrannical Islamic regime? The fact that tens of THOUSANDS of MUSLIM Iranians are on the streets chanting “DEATH TO PALESTINE” in defiance of the Iranian regime, mean Trudeau has to now declare most Iranian citizens are “islamophobes”?

This post will be updated with more videos as they arrive. Shabnam, a Canadian originally from Iran, has confirmed the translation of the chants, and explained how the Parliament and many large markets are closed due to massive protests in the streets.

This is major and important. As is the lack of press on it.


As Iran becomes Persia

There will be content in this post, but things are moving slowly today here at Castle Tepes thanks to the first real flu in a long long time. For the moment this is essentially a stump post for people to put in news, videos and other info in the comments on the current counter-revolution taking place in Iran.

Some food for thought though.

The media is making great hay with a false comparison of Obama’s tepid support of the anti-regime protestors in 2009 with President Trump’s clear support of them now.

This is not meaningful if one wants to understand Obama’s position.

The way to know what Obama really thought about the things he said at the time:

If we really want to know what Obama really thinks about national sovereignty and the people’s rights to choose, look at his numerous statements demanding that the Egyptians reinstate Morsi after the world’s largest demonstrations to remove him because of his implementation of Muslim Brotherhood style sharia law in that nation.

For many months after Morsi was deposed, Obama continued to attempt to intervene on his behalf and get him back to power.

And so that is how we know what Obama really thinks.