Tucker Carlson for March 9, 2021

He pretty much nails it in his monologue about the ex-Royal Couple, even up to and including why none of us should care, except for their use of the new tactic of the powerful elites to paint themselves as victims in order to have unlimited power with no obligations or criticism.

After watching the segment a couple of thoughts occurred to me. First, that Meagan Markle is so high up on Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs she must have a nose bleed. And second, what a missed opportunity for Mark Steyn! He could have launched into a tirade about how they didn’t give him exactly what he wanted when he dined at The Palace, and the sauce wasn’t done right and how he was a victim of culinary abuse at the Queen’s hands! He missed his chance to jump on the victim train when it passed him at 2 miles an hour.

Lastly, apparently the left leaning popular TV host in the UK, Piers Morgan, was apparently FIRED for defending the Queen and the royals against the insane complaints by the borderline personality disorder seeming, Meagan Markle.

What we all have to remember, that people who identify as part of SOME groups, should be taken seriously when they FEEL a thing meant a thing, even when there is zero evidence that it did, and lots and lots of evidence that it does not.

Piers Morgan adds this:

It would carry a lot more weight if he had not attacked, interrupted and otherwise piled on to Tommy Robinson the way he did. It almost feels like he doesn’t really believe in freedom of speech beyond his own.

Still, his firing for defending the symbol of established British and UK culture and history is very telling. Meagan went on Oprah to wage an attack of dialectic negation against the entire Anglosphere and anyone who opposed her will be cancelled.

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    • I have a theory about that. I think Michelle Obama had such contempt for America and her people, that she encouraged rumours that she was a man by wearing a prosthetic in loose pants to get exactly the reaction she got. I developed this theory when the Obamas went to New Zealand to visit with the other communist leader, Jacinda something or other, of whom there is a video of her walking with the Obamas and they all have silly grins on their faces and she has a similar prosthetic in her pants. Probably borrowed from the Obamas as part of a sort of bonding experience for communist elites as they all mock the rubes together.

      Much of late Roman History I suspect was made of these.

      • Michelle Obama is the most admired and loved woman in America and it is believed she would win the Presidency in a cakewalk if she ever chose to run, and for the life of me, I cannot think of one good thing she has ever said or done. She actually said, “For the first time, I am proud of my country”, the night her husband won the Presidency. Like, not proud of the Marshall Plan or the Battle of Midway, or the abolition of slavery. Nope! The only good thing America has ever done is electing a black man as president – nothing else counts. And her take on race relations is that black people are perfect and the only reason there is any problem is because of white racial prejudice. She is intellectually useless…

        I think this is part of how the new corruption works. The controllers can give Michelle 100 million dollars, not in an envelope, but as the result of relentlessly positive coverage and then a gigantic book deal later on. Plus that ridiculous mansion that the Obama’s bought on Martha’s Vineyard. What do you bet that “someone” comes along in a few years and buys it off them for double the price? Smooth, eh…?

        Oh, and I heard Putin refer to the “Anglosphere” as “The Anglo-Saxon Empire”. I thought that was cute…

      • Both Michelle and Hussein hate America and White people. The prosthetic idea, it’s quite possible. I always thought it was a photo doctoring.

        • That’s not a “photo”, it’s a video, and videos are one hell of a lot more difficult to doctor than photos. In 2D you can make virtually anything happen in the bitmap but since videos are made up of hundreds of pictures you’d have to somehow get in there and “doctor” each one the exact right way without it jumping out at you when the video is run.

          Like, James Cameron and crew could probably do it but it wouldn’t be real easy…

          • The one of NZ PM Jacinda, they all have a look on their face which would be very hard to doctor. Speaking as a guy with MINIMAL editing skills, but I do editing all day for subtitles, I have on occasion managed to create sloppy deceptive videos for comedic purposes. I leave them as sloppy because at no point do I want people to think I am being deceptive. But if someone wanted to, they could more easily than you think these days with a decent laptop and Adobe After Effects

  1. That’s a good theory about the penis. Best I have heard.
    I think she is well admired by a certain set, and loathed by the rest. And that same set admired and rooted for the personality disordered Mrs. Clinton. Their standards seem set pretty low.

    As for Meghan, the less said the better. She seems to be grooming herself to be as massively disliked as the lady I just mentioned, and as full of herself.

    • I don’t understand how Meghan Markle could not understand that she was painting herself into a corner and was moving irrevocably in the direction of being one of the most hated people on the planet. Meghan is going to have to hide in her mansion once the inevitable hatred reaches a more critical level. She has really, really, blown it…

        • I think Meghan Markle has numerous big green check-marks in the Minnesota Diagnostic Manual. Her personality is clearly toxic and pathological. I think she’s a straight-out anti-social sociopathic criminal, like Sammy the Bull, only prettier. She’s certainly liberated a lot more money than Sammy…

          Even if some ninety-year-old British Colonel said, “Good God! What if the baby’s black as the ace of spades!?”, it would be just a dumb slightly funny thing that an old Colonel might say, but Meghan would make it into Pearl Harbour and the war would be on, instead of just laughing and moving right along. She can’t not be in conflict with somebody and she’s headed straight for a concrete abutment at 99-miles-per-hour…

            • I used to be a big fan of Muhammad Ali until it slowly dawned on me that he was the mirror image of the very racist white men he (and I) hated so much. I never did anything to the guy or held a racist thought but he hates my guts anyway, and that’s what they call “racism”.

              Thank God they killed Malcolm X. I think he was poised to join up with Ali and cause some really serious problems with the blacks and Islam. Imagine if Malcolm had lived and if millions of people had joined Islam at his urging. And, oh, wouldn’t they just be in total agreement with every thought the enemy propagandists had, and wouldn’t they always make sure to be the biggest thorn-in-the-sides they can be?

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