Speech by ex-Conservative candidate at the PPC meet this weekend in Gatineau

Both the Liberals AND the Conservative parties are penetrated by leftists and Islamic interests.

Please watch this speech by Benjamin Dichter, former PC candidate , now a PPC supporter.

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partial video of the same fellow from another camera on YT


X files makes odd symbolic conflation

As a person with a stunning lack of religious understanding and background, there is a lot that is lost to me when I observe pop-culture or read a lot of classical and even much modern literature. Huge aspects of European history and art are inexorably intertwined with aspects of religious thought and iconography most of which, I miss absolutely, even when its put right in my face.

This is my loss.

But it does help to explain why I missed something rather jaw dropping in the newest episode of the X-Files. The show that never misses an opportunity to show its progressive values and its culturally Marxist agenda, even in the old series, as entertaining as it often was, and even more in the new one.

The episode was about muslim suicide bombers. So far, not very PC. The guys who did the attack at the start did all the right prayers and looked the part of the muslim terrorist although not as much as their coreligionists in the connected cell later in the show.

Many died in the attack but one of the bombers survived. Now I don’t want to spoil this episode for anyone who wishes to see it, so I won’t give away much more than that except to the extent needed to show something which was brought to my attention by someone considerably more scholarly than I am, and much better versed in Christian symbolism.

At one point, the surviving bomber’s mother comes to the hospital to visit her son. She has a head cloth on but not one I had ever seen on a muslim whatsoever. (She also spoke about his act in a decidedly un-islamic way)

mary like head cloth

Is this an islamic head-cloth?

During a sort of dream sequence, Mulder sees the suicide bomber, one who had survived a mass murder and mass destruction of property in order to destroy infidels, in this way:

ead terrrist as Jesus 2

Suicide bomber in his mother’s arms

I found this somewhat uncomfortable imagery but wasn’t sure exactly why. Disturbing though. It was clearly a loving image of a mother with a martyred son.

And then my scholarly friend pointed this out to me. This is Just one example of a powerful part of Christian iconography, The Pieta.

One of many examples of The Pieta

Yep. The X files had found a way to conflate a mass murder for the purpose of killing unbelievers and implementing the sharia on all survivors, with Jesus Christ, the Christian avatar of God and prince of peace. They tried to make people feel like those who believe in “koran 9:5

And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

are the same as those who believe Matthew 5:44-45

44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

And once again, the aggressor becomes the victim. The killer of the innocent is seen in Islamic terms. as a ‘martyr’, (which frankly is the most disgusting possible application of that word) The Islamic world view is spread to an audience of millions with a revival of one of the hippest shows of the 90s. Is this the CVE in action? Or is it the kind of accidental cultural Marxism as Bill Whittle explains, is the new-normal thanks to a generation or two of university inculcation.

Thank you very much SC. and GoV. for your insights on this.

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Could Mel Brooks be the ‘Producer’ of Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

Ok stick with me here a minute.

There are a number of things that taken on their own, ‘just don’ make no sense’ about Hillary’s campaign strategy. Lets look at a few from just the past few days:

  1. Hillary Clinton avoiding the media on campaign tour

(It is extremely unusual that someone running for president would avoid the press one might think. Triply so for a Democrat)

2. She seems to cough her way through speeches. Which I suppose saves a lot of writer expenses and TelePrompTer costs, but is an odd choice for content on a campaign speech even with the lower word price on campaign speeches.

    3Hillary gets $500,000.00 from a Pakistani man who got a promise to criminalize criticism of islam from her for the money. This is from someone who actually did read the 1st amendment and understands it, unlike the constitutional expert who lives in the White House at this time.

4. Hillary Clinton angers supporters by making them wait hours for a 5 minute speech. (I wonder if she coughed her way through it?)

It is also well known that Hillary, with Obama’s help quite often, has been raising money quite consistently and quite well and with serious dedication. I am guessing she doesn’t cough her way through those meetings nor is she incoherent. I remember quite a few headlines about things Obama did not attend because he was at a fund raiser, some of them at least must have been for her campaign.

Now lets connect the dots.

For those who have seen Mel Brooks’ hit play/movie, ‘The Producers’, if you run through the plot line in your head you may see the connection here yourself. For those who have not I suggest you watch the movie, I recommend the original version with Zero Mostell and Gene Wilder, as soon as possible thinking about Hillary’s fund raising tours and her displays of near ludicrous incompetence and anti-campaigning.

If you have not seen the movie or the play, CAUTION: Partial spoiler ahead. Stop reading now unless you really don’t care but you should, its one of the funniest movies ever made.

I won’t give away the ending, but the basic premise is that a Broadway play producer is told how he can make more money by a play that flops than one that succeeds, as if he sells 10,000% of the play to hundreds of people, they are unlikely to come looking for their investment back if the play fails. So he sets out with his new partner, ironically an IRS agent, to find the worst play, the worst actors, the worst choreography he can find and goes out fund raising.

The thing of it is, I simply cannot read a story about Hillary Clinton these days without thinking about this movie. Now on the one hand, if this is indeed what she is doing. If she is ‘Brooksing’, or perhaps, ‘Springtime for Hillary’ this election, its the least worst scenario. The worst scenario is that this is indeed what she is doing, but she gets the same outcome as happens in the movie.

If only the Soviets had known…

We have out commied the commies.

I remember I think it was in the 1970s when the Soviets managed to sweep up in women’s olympics because they had been feeding their female athletes  newly discovered synthetic testosterone substances allowing them to gain the strength and attitude of male athletes.

We had no tests for it at the time and if memory serves they got clean away with it and it was a great cold-war victory for them in a propaganda sense.

If only they had known that all they had to do was get their male athletes to claim they were really female inside and were pre operational women in reality. They could have wiped the floor with the American girly girls. Meaning of course that they have two X chromosomes. Maybe they ought to put a Komodo Dragon in the ring with this guy and claim he is really a ballerina inside and just hasn’t completed his surgery yet.

And yes, this man clearly has had mutilation surgery and appears in some ways to be a human female. But he clearly is a man, he has a Y chromosome, and should not be allowed to fight against women. Just another example of the obscene politics of pretending instead of reality.

H/T Bear.

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However, Fox — who was clearly the bigger, stronger competitor — managed to find her groove in the second round, finally putting Jones on her back. She went right back to her grappling during the third round, grounding Jones once again, forcing the tap with a shin to the throat shortly after.


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