Our colleagues in China inserted spike proteins in SARS

I was going to write that if arrests are not made then democracy and rule of law are a total illusion. But this has been true for a long time. Maybe this is part of the demoralization stage, referred to by that most famous of KGB defectors to the West, Yuri Bezmenov.

FDA rescinds Hydroxychloroquine ban

Thank you Tania Groth

I feel that we should remember the man who actually told us all in every way and at every opportunity he could, that HCQ worked. Twitter, Youtube and all other “social” media (Judo-propaganda) sites removed him. Digitally ostracized him for telling us things that could save hundreds of thousands of lives. Even if they did not know it worked, and you can bet the family farm, the principle people at Youtube and Twitter etc. etc. knew full well it was effective, they need to feel the heat for what they did. This is a pitchforks and torches moment. The elite actually conspired to silence people who told the truth about HCQ. Dr. Zev Zelenko was the FIRST person to trumpet his protocol to the public. HCQ+Zinc+Zpac with which he saved a lot of lives.

Frankly, Fauci, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and many more should be placed in the Jefferey Epstein memorial cell. Who knows. Maybe they got the camera fixed by now.


Tucker gets a couple of things wrong by key omissions on this critical piece about Biden admin targeting its own people

First, watch the clip. It’s very good, and very important. Then let’s add in some missing pieces and concepts:

First, let’s talk about Brennan. He is at the heart of much of the attacks on the Trump administration. If there was still functioning institutions of state in the USA one might expect him to be up on death penalty charges. He also is a convert to Islam. So it’s not that much of a surprise that he would say Americans who are armed and believe in their individual rights as guaranteed by the US constitution are more of a danger than Islamic terrorists.

Brad Johnson had a few things to say about Brennan:

Ok on to AOC.

Tucker repeats things that some of my more cynical flesh friends say. That AOC is just a corporate shill. “A tool of corporate power, posing as a truth teller”. Frankly I can’t even imagine her even posing as a truth teller. Language for her is merely a tool of dialectic destruction. Its no accident that her PR firm is a married couple, both avowed Marxists who’s company is called, “Seize the Means Productions”, after Marx’s notion of seizing the means of production from the people to make it all government.

Time to returning to the axiom of leftist tactics.

“With the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point”.

This means that real leftists, Marxists who seek the destruction of the West and all its systems and thinking, will take whatever side of an issue is the most destructive to the West. Not because they care about the issue, but because they can weaponize the issue. One example of how this might look would be leftist howling about injustice to women, and rights to abortion, and yet are stone cold silent at best in terms of islamic treatment of women or sex-selective abortions of female babies by the Asian community abroad, as well as here in the West. Silent at best, or screaming “racism” if you bring it up in order that the issue is, to borrow a word from Trudeau’s bill M-103, “quelled”.

In this case, AOC has no problem calling out the hedge funds and is in agreement with Don Jr. Probably even with Donald Trump himself. But because howling about this will cause outrage amongst people who normally would not rage against that particular machinery. Me for instance, although not because of anything she says, but because of the facts of the matter. They are enraging and they do demand a solution in the interest of transparency and lawful equality. But wow, what an issue to polarize people to your side.

Watching the video below gives a glimpse into the real motives for AOC’s moves. They are fully Marxist in the most Orthodox fashion. So Tucker gets it wrong. While identity politics is a great ruse to get people to not look at croneyism, identity politics is meant to be a much more dangerous tool. And leftism has no weapons and not many people who really believe in it as it actually is. So they have to use a kind of intellectual judo against us all. Using the inertia of our own thoughts, desires, fears and beliefs against us, mostly by lies, but occasionally by marshalling real problems with our system to weaponize us against our own interests.

Here is another short video on the DSA. Please note that both these videos were made well before the Marxist group, BLM started their campaign against the West and its institutions. So when one city council member explains that the goal is the total destruction of all private property, you know that the events which followed, that we have all seen now, are part of a real, communist, plot.

Superb Tucker Carlson piece on the Hedge fund, short seller con the stock market has become

Like many things, probably including at this point most American institutions like the FBI etc. the stock market is so polluted and corrupt, it would be easier to dismantle it and start fresh with a new thing than fix the existing ones. In fact, it’s unlikely the current ones can be fixed.

It’s also unlikely that new ones wouldn’t be destroyed in the same way as the current ones are much like a season of soap operas would look in summer reruns. Same plot, but much faster.

Either way this exhibition of rule changing the second it works against the game-riggers should be the clarion call for all regular people to get their wealth out of the stock market. Maybe put it in metals or something less abstract. But clearly the more abstract the form of wealth, the more susceptible to soulless manipulators.

At this point the Roman system looks good to me, although even the Romans managed to screw that up by minting coins with less silver purity, and created inflationary pressures even with no abstraction beyond a silver coin.




More links to the infusion of US troops to Syria

This Conservative Tree House link has a lot of good sources.

President Donald Trump attempted to draw-down U.S. military all around the globe, specifically Europe and the middle-east.  However, as history often repeats, now it appears we are see the JoeBama administration sending troops back into Syria; perhaps to attempt the same regime change objective they failed in 2013 and 2014.  The mid-east war machine is oiled with American blood.

SYRIA – A convoy of 40 trucks and armor vehicles said to have entered Syria from Iraq

A large US military convoy entered northeastern Syria on Thursday, Syrian state news agency SANA reports, citing sources on the ground.


According to the report, the convoy included some 40 trucks and armored vehicles and was backed from the air by helicopters.

It entered Syria from Iraq via the al-Waleed crossing to bring arms and logistical equipment to the bases in Hasakeh and Deir Ezzor provinces. (read more)

Also at Conservative Treehouse: Newly exposed links between the Never Trump movement and the Muslim Brotherhood

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