Germany: Syrian “Youths” Attack Couple, When Wife Refuses To “Show Respect”

An original translation from Lausitzer Rundschau:

Mayor Shocked After Knife Attack

January 14, 2018
Cottbus. Without any apparent reason, in front of a shopping centre, three youths attacked a married couple with a knife. Mayor Holger Kelch (CDU) is shocked.
By Rüdiger Hofmann

As police announce, Friday, just after 4 PM, a 51-year-old and his 43-year-old wife from Cottbus wanted to visit the Blechen-Carré on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, when they were attacked by three Syrian youths aged 14, 15 and 17. They demanded precedence, says police spokesman Ines Filohn. They also demanded that the woman should show respect to them. When the woman refused to do so, the youths attacked her husband.

Two of them physically attacked the man and tried to push him over. Another from the group produced a knife. In this moment, a brave passer-by intervened and helped the husband. “With his courageous help, the man prevented worse from happening” says Ines Filohn. The security staff who were called seized the three suspects and held them until police arrived.

Mayor Holger Kelch is shocked: “It is appalling, and not tolerable for us as a city, and a state under the rule of law, what happened in these first days of January in Cottbus. Violence is not a way to encourage or resolve conflicts. My sympathies are with the aggrieved parties, I hope they get well soon and will be able to get over these experiences.”

Kelch and the police hope that the courageous passer-by will get into contact to support the investigations as a witness. “As a witness, he can call the phone number 0355 4937 1227 at the Cottbus police office, or any other police inspection“, says police spokesman Ines Filohn. According to our enquiry, as of Sunday, he has not yet contacted police.

“The lawful state will have to bare teeth, even if some lawsuits can be arduous and tedious”, says Holger Kelch. “I have appointed a meeting of the responsible administrative sectors, to discuss the situation. If we are responsible for the custodianship, we will do everything in our power, to make it clear to the youths which values and rules prevail in Germany and in Cottbus, and that they have to adhere to them. We will also contact the parents, to make it clear to them that their children’s behaviour will not remain without consequence”, says Kelch. “We will not have our city’s progress ruined by such incidents.”

In the meantime, witnesses were found, and surveillance recordings and the knife secured. The 14-year-old is already known to the police as a violent offender. The youths were handed over to their legal guardians. Criminal police begun investigations for dangerous battery. As the three suspects are minors, they will be tried under youth criminal law.

In general, attacks by foreign fellow citizens seem to become more frequent lately. “At least, this is the felt sense”, says Ines Filohn. “For exact numbers, we will have to wait for the analysis of the criminal statistics, which we will have in spring”, says the police spokesman.

Blechen Carre shopping center in Cottbus


German Teen Girl Stabbed To Death By 15-year-old Afghan In Drugstore

An original translation from B.Z. Berlin:

15-year-old Afghan stabs girl to death in supermarket

Dec. 27, 2017

A 15-year-old Afghan stabbed a German girl of the same age to death in the town of Kandel in Rhineland-Palatinate. An argument between the two teenagers preceded the attack, Prosecution Landau and Police Headquarters Rhineland-Palatinate announced.

The girl died from her injuries in hospital. Passers-by overpowered the young Afghan after the crime, police arrested him.

According to first investigations, the victim was in drugstore in the company of a friend. But the arrested did not enter the shop together with the 15-year-old. The trigger of the argument is still unknown.

The Afghan will appear before the committing magistrate on Thursday. It was not announced whether or not the youth was a refugee.

Translator’s note: the above text is a dpa (German Press Agency, Deutsche Presseagentur) text, which is currently featured in identical wording in dozens of German newspapers. According to police, the crime took place at 3:20 this afternoon.

The drugstore in which the crime took place.

Germany: “Youths” Attack 2 Patrolling Officers On Mannheim Christmas Market, Mass Fight Ensues

An original translation from a police Mannheim press release:

POL-MA: Mannheim City: Large Police Deployment after physical attacks on Christmas Market Presence Patrol, Urgent Call for Witnesses!
15.12.2017 – 11:28
Mannheim (ots) – Mannheim City saw a large police deployment, during which five officers were wounded, partially significantly.

Around 6:30 PM, a pedestrian patrol from the police office Ostadt was, as part of the pre-Christmas presence, on the planks in the square O 7, when they met a group of youths/adolescents. Immediately, upon seeing them, the young men verbally attacked and insulted the uniformed law enforcement officers.

When the officers proceeded to secure the identity of the, until then, unknown persons, they uttered more insults, acted utmost aggressively, and threatened the officers. When one of the officers requested reinforcement by radio, the group started attacking.

Using baton and pepper spray, the two officers were with great effort only able to keep the attackers at a distance. Even when more units arrived at the scene, the situation did not calm down. Only a strong deployment finally was able to arrest the four persons.
As one of the young men did not have a passport with him, he was to be taken to the close-by Ostwache police office.
Upon this, a 17-year-old and his 18-year-old companion attempted to free their friend. Again, supported by another 18-year-old, they attacked the officers. Another 18-year-old who had not been involved up to this point interfered. He apprehended a massive glass jug and threw the partially still full jug into the crowd. It was just thanks to his alertness that a passer-by halted just in time and the glass crashed in front of his feet. Another acquaintance of the five troublemakers intervened. As he ignored several send-offs, he, too, was taken into custody.

According to first investigations, excessive alcohol did not play a part in this: the peak of the sobriety tests was an alcohol level of 0.64 per mille. In the police office, the young men continued to act outmost provocative and aggressively.

The preliminary result of the effort: eighteen police cars deployed, six arrests, five officers injured by kicks and beatings, one so badly that he wasn’t able to continue duty.

The Juvenile Law Office has taken over the final processing and is investigating for dangerous battery, attempt to free prisoners, resisting officers, threat, and insult.

Witnesses of the incident are asked to contact police at 0621/1258-0 (police office inner city) or 0621/174-331-0 (police office Oststadt) and account their observations.

Mannheim Christmas Market

Germany: Syrian “Youths” Trash Store, Attack Detective

Essen – As Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung reports, Sunday evening, seven Syrian “youths” vandalized a store in the mall of the Essen train station.

Two detectives of the Tchibo store noticed how outside the store, a group of “youths” were harassing a woman.

They told the youths to behave. Upon this, the youths bolted into the store, knocked down display stands, and tore out shelves, to attack with them the detectives.

Two plainclothes policemen who were patrolling the train station came to help and called reinforcement. In the end, two dozen police officers were needed to overpower the adolescents. One detective had to be taken to hospital.

The seven young Syrians who are between 13 and 18 years old were released from custody later the same day. One of them was carrying a knife on him. Federal Police are investigating for damage of property, battery, grievous battery, and breaching the peace of the land.

The Tchibo sales ladies received psychological help.

Photo: Bundespolizei

Unhappy With Accommodation: Refugee “Youths” Demolish Hostel and Police Car

Germany – Unhappy with being placed in a small town, four Afghan refugees vandalized their accommodation with chains and wood laths. They then smashed the windshield of the arriving police car and fled into the nearby forest. There, a large police contingent was able to arrest the youths. The affected accommodation is a therapeutic living group for traumatized, under-aged refugees. It remains uninhabitable for the time being.

An original translation from Straubinger Wochenblatt:

18.11.2017, 16:28 h (CET)
Disturbing pictures from Falkenfels: “People Are Terrified”

County Commissioner Josef Laumer and Member of Parliament Alois Rainer visited the refugee accommodation in Falkenfels.
FALKENFELS After four residents vandalized an accommodation for unaccompanied underaged refugees in the district Hirschberg of Falkenfels (Wochenblatt reported), a crisis summit was held. County Commissioner Josef Laumer and representatives of the operating society, of police, municipality, the office for youth and foreigners, and of the government of Lower Bavaria’s supervision for accommodations, discussed the current situation and determined the line of approach for the future.

In the meantime, the County Commissioner and the Member of Parliament Alois Rainer and Mayor Ludwig Ettl visited the scene.

„This must be prevented by all means in the future, and must not happen again“, said Laumer. „People in the village don’t feel safe anymore. But it is our job to be there for the people in our region. The protection of the public has got utmost priority for me. Therefore I pressed for the three main culprits not returning here. Not to reward them, but out of consideration for the locals’ fears and concerns. Besides, there are many points where we hope for help from Berlin.“

The rioters are four youths (15, 16) from Afghanistan. Three leaders of the gang won’t return to Hirschberg, the administrative district office announced. Besides, there will be a reworked „Crisis and Protection Concept“. Among others, the maximum occupancy in the institution will be six persons. At the time of the riot, seven youths were accommodated there, who had been sent from different youth welfare offices in Bavaria. The accommodation is designed for traumatized, and psychologically conspicuous young people, and is the sole therapeutic institution for underaged refugees in Lower Bavaria.

The executive director of the “Care Association 1:1 Social Partnership registered society“ who operates the accommodation raised eyebrows.
While police had initially estimated the property damage inside and on the building, and at the police car, with 20,000 Euros, the manager now quantified the damage as roughly 3,000 Euro. Wochenblatt have obtained further photo material from the havoc inside the accommodation, which remains uninhabitable. It remains open as to whether the institution will open in Hirschberg again, after the damage is fixed. The operating society announced to relocate the accommodation, as soon as “a suitable location is found elsewhere”, the County Commissioner said.



FM: BadNewsFromTheNetherlands:

Bernt Schneiders, Mayor of Haarlem says that punishing a small group of mainly young Moroccan criminals does not help. He reacted to two recent violent incidents in the town. A 20-year old woman was beaten by 6 Moroccans. Two days later, two old women 88 and 90, were attacked by two Moroccans. None of the perpetrators have been caught. The Mayor said: “A small minority cannot be rehabilitated. Only long-term jail time can protect society.”




Police arrest 16 youths after Paris train hold-up

Since the French legacy media has decided by instruction or convention to refer to Muslims when they commit antisocial acts as, ‘youths’ I am kinda forced to suggest that these people may be all Muslims and all from the ages of 16 to 35. As in many many reports I have read of ‘youths’ in France, some of them were old enough to be grandparents.

H/T Fjordman

France 24

Police arrest 16 youths after Paris train hold-up

French police arrested 16 youths Wednesday following a train invasion near the impoverished Parisian suburb of Grigny in which dozens of passengers were robbed. The local mayor said the attack “discredited the silent majority” who live in the area.

By FRANCE 24  (text)

French police on Wednesday arrested 16 youths, aged between 14 and 18, after the hold-up of a suburban train near Paris earlier in March.

They are suspected of having boarded the train en masse in the run-down Grigny suburb on March 16, stopping the train by setting off the alarm, and going through the carriages robbing frightened passengers systematically of their mobile phones, cash and handbags.

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Caught in a gang war on the school run

As you read this account, and then click over to the Mail to read the rest of this shocking description of how utterly screwed are English urban zones, imagine how bad it will be when the state can no longer pay out ‘benefits’ to all these entitled-feeling thugs. Just think of what they will do when they can’t just get a hand out for all they want. And this day is coming soon, either because the state can’t pay it out anymore, or because sooner or later people realize that money only has value so long as someone actually is willing to do service or trade goods for it. And as less people actually produce wealth, tokens of it lose meaning.


Daily Mail:

One mother’s terrifying account of why her middle-class neighbourhood suddenly doesn’t feel so safe any more…

By Lisa Brinkworth

Last updated at 8:15 AM on 8th March 2012

Walking home from school, my two eldest sons, then aged four and five, were chomping their way through Rice Krispie cakes bought at a school sale, while I pushed their baby brother in a pram beside them.

Typically for 3.30pm in the part of North-West London where we live, the pavements were awash with children and pushchairs. This area, with its wide tree-lined avenues, smart family homes and good schools, is hugely popular with young families.

We were almost home when four-year-old Zach pleaded to be allowed to put the rest of his cake money towards his favourite Fireman Sam magazine.

Shaken: Lisa with her boys (from left) Rocco, Mallik and ZachShaken: Lisa with her boys (from left) Rocco, Mallik and Zach

We’d just left our local newsagent’s, magazine firmly in my little son’s hand, when we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a 12-strong gang of hooded youths who were chasing a girl who looked no older than 14.

One grabbed her and started battering her with an umbrella, but she managed to get away. Then the youths gave chase, throwing bottles and shouting obscenities. It looked as though they meant to kill her.

As members of a rival gang appeared from nowhere, bottles rained down all around us. When one ricocheted off the pram canopy — waking my one-year-old with a start — I froze.

A bottle skimmed Zach’s head, missing him by millimetres, glass smashing around his feet – later I found shards in his shoes

As a journalist, I’d devoted years to infiltrating London’s violent teenage gangs, and filmed two TV documentaries on the subject. Slowly gaining their confidence, I got close to several of the hardest gang members, entering drug dealer-controlled ‘no-go’ zones where even the police wouldn’t venture.

I’d wanted to understand what triggered their anti-social behaviour and to help them articulate their feelings without resorting to violence. But as a mother of three vulnerable children terrified by this pack of youths, my overwhelming instinct was to protect my offspring.

Grabbing my sons and frantically pushing the pram with one hand, I rushed to get them home as quickly as possible. Then to my horror, Zach broke free of my grip and blindly ran back into what was now a full-on turf war.

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Our cakes spilled out over the pavement. It was the wrong thing to do, of course. I’d drawn attention to my fleeing family, and a splinter group gave chase after us, calling out ‘get the whities’. 

Man hurt in clash between EDL and youths in Whitechapel

So, youths is people of any age that are Muslim I take it? How much would the BBC bet me that many of the ‘youths’ are older than the EDL who they have no hesitation to name?


Police lined up in Whitechapel Road The fight was near the East London Mosque
  • A man was taken to hospital and 15 people were arrested after a fight involving English Defence League supporters and youths in east London.

Police were called to reports of an assault in Whitechapel Road on Saturday afternoon when EDL supporters travelled to the area after a gathering in Barking.

The fight led to a larger disturbance, at one point involving several hundred people, and bottles were thrown.

All those arrested have been released.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the incident began at about 17:00 GMT when there were calls about a “large fight” in the area, which is near to the East London Mosque.

An ambulance was called to assist the injured man and he was taken to hospital. His injuries were said to be not life-threatening.

The police spokesman said passers-by became involved in the disturbance and some bottles were thrown.

Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, said she visited the area after she became aware of police being called.

‘Increased presence’She said: “I was out visiting constituents when I saw the police cars.

“As far as I could see, the police were doing their job. There were a lot of young people around but the police are very adept at handling these situations.

“What I am saying to people is not to rise to the provocation.

“The police have reassured me that they will have an increased presence in the area.”

Police said the 15 people were arrested to prevent a breach of the peace.

Father-of-two beaten up and left for dead by Asian gang for being white.

Daily Mail  27th October 2011

Victim: Andrew Goodram pictured at the spot in Queens Park where he was attacked

A father-of-two was subjected to a racist and brutal attack by a gang of Asian men who targeted him – simply for being white.

Andrew Goodram, 31, suffered a punctured lung and two broken ribs after the gang of four thugs shouted: ‘white b*****d’ at him before subjecting him to a vicious assault.

During the assault Mr Goodram, a labourer, was repeatedly kicked in the head, face and body at Queens Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

One of his attackers then stood over him and stamped on his chest causing what police described as ‘significant injuries’.

The beating only came to an end when one of the men decided the group should leave and they all ran off in different directions.

Mr Goodram, a father of two managed to stagger home after the assault but had to spend six days in hospital.

Greater Manchester Police yesterday confirmed that the attack, which took place at 7pm on October 19 was being treated as a racially motivated incident.

Muslims mock and disrupt funerals of Dutch people. “Just another dead dog”

Thanks to Sheik Yermami for the tip. I must say, this made me very sad. I suppose the bright side is at least the Dutch are reporting it. And perhaps its one of the reasons why Holland now declares ‘multiculturalism’ as dead and over.

‘I thought there would be a bit of pain, then I would be in Heaven’: Maimed Pakistani boy, 14, tells of failed suicide bomb bid

Seconds after losing his arm and being shot,  Islamist realizes the error of his ways

Mail Online…A Pakistani teenager has told how he was brainwashed by the Taliban into becoming a suicide bomber because he believed he would go to paradise.

Umar Fidai, 14, and another schoolboy were behind the attack on a Pakistani shrine earlier this month in which scores were killed and many others injured.

Fidai survived because his bomb vest failed to detonate properly, although he has lost an arm and could yet lose his life because of his injuries.

Now in custody, he admits he made a terrible mistake and begs forgiveness for his deadly mission – for which his family have now disowned him.

He told the BBC he trained with the Taliban for five months, learning how to shoot, use a grenade and ultimately to be a suicide bomber.

He was told he would go Afghanistan to kill ‘non-believers’ but in fact the pair were taken to another part of Pakistan and ordered to blow up the shrine.

Umar told the BBC: ‘The plan was that Ismail would blow himself up near the shrine, then I would wait and blow myself up near the ambulances when they came.’

He said he had no doubts at all about killing himself: ‘All I was thinking was that I had to detonate myself near as many people as possible.

‘When I decided it was the right time, it was a moment of happiness for me. I thought that there would be a little bit of pain, but then I would be in Heaven.’

Even when the jacket failed, Umar continued to try and bring about more carnage – reaching for a grenade in his pocket.

‘We had been taught that if the belt does not go off, we should kill ourselves with the grenade.

‘There were three policemen standing close by, and I thought if I killed them too, I would still make it to Heaven.’

As he attempted to pull out the pin, he was shot in the arm by police. He says when doctors and officers then tried to help him, he realised he had made a dreadful mistake. 

Umar was persuaded to train with the Taliban by dogged recruiters who waited for likely young boys as they went to school.

The children were told studying was pointless and that killing ‘infidels’ would be a route to paradise.

‘The Taliban prayed all the time and read the Koran, so I thought they were good people. My heart told me to go and train with them,’ he said.

He admits he now ‘did a very bad thing’ and has realised suicide bombing is un-Islamic. The boy has not heard from his family since the blast.

He is still seriously ill and is worried the Taliban might come to kill him because he failed to complete his mission.


Somali Canadians grapple with terrorism’s appeal to youth

THESTAR… She grew up on a quiet, tree-lined street near Martin Grove Rd. and Finch Ave. in northwest Toronto. She wore jeans, babysat her younger siblings, watched movies with friends and sometimes, though not often, played truant at school. About a year ago, the 19-year-old enrolled in university.

That was her life — until about a year and a half ago.

Then she started to change. She suddenly became religious, began to wear a headscarf and long skirt, the traditional Somali dress. Her views changed as radically as her clothing. She began to talk fervently about “injustice” in Somalia, her native country, and the foreign powers occupying it.

“Her behaviour was disruptive,” said a family friend, who did not want to be identified.

The teenager and her best friend, both of whom are believed to have gone to Somalia and joined Al-Shabaab, fit the pattern of young Somali-Canadians leaving their families to fight with the Islamist youth militia. At least 10 have left Canada to fight with the Shabaab since 2009, the majority from Toronto. Continue Reading →