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Correcting the new fake-record on muslim sex-slave gangs of British white girls

Recently there has been a little eruption of articles, videos and hearings to do damage control on what is a geopolitical phenomenon way beyond any issue of crime and punishment.

That issue is the targeted kidnapping and raping and addicting to drugs (part of the kidnapping) and then forced prostitution of the girls to thousands of men, where they get maimed, beaten or killed for disobedience but certainly no share of the money they bring in, cannot be described as crime.

Now, some levels of British bureaucracy is attempting to make it seem like fear of being seen as racist is the cause. This is still just fluff and damage control. What they still have not said is, that muslims, who were assisting these gangs, worked with them, or was sympathetic to them, had been hired as police reaching very high up in the forces, and also some muslim politicians knew all about this and provided cover for these gangs.

Some muslim police even took girls who ran away and were told about their treatment in captivity, and brought them back to the sex-slaver gangs that held them. Like bringing back a runaway dog. Except if a dog shows signs of having been abused, typically its taken away and the people who did it are jailed or fined. Not so in the case of these White, British, very young girls.

Below, the segment from Michael Hansen’s important film, Killing Europe, where he interviewed one of the Rotherham victims and she tells of not just her experience with muslim sex slavers, but how the constabulary treated her and one politician who made sure it all continued.

This is part of the film, Killing Europe, that the Ottawa Public Library refused to show because ‘racism’ but several copies of Mein Kampf could be found on second story bookshelves.

We are posting this clip because so many of the usual Youtube people are discussing this issue as if there has been a victory of sorts. But without mentioning that it was muslim police and muslim minor politicians who were major facilitators of this historical class crime, it feels like just more controlled opposition.

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German Mayor takes heat for statement appearing to blame teenage girls for being gang raped

Russian news item on German handling of severely criminal muslim migrants

(Make sure captions are turned on)

The Mayor, who’s initial statement appeared to blame the girls for being vulnerable to gang rape, did damage control with the following revision of his earlier statement:

The Ulm Police Department is investigating five suspects who allegedly raped a 14-year-old in a community in the southern Alb-Danube district. With regard to the public discussion that has developed from this, Mayor Gunter Czisch gives the following clarification on his statement:
“I very much regret that my original statement was misunderstood. Of course, the girl is not to blame. The blame for this act lies exclusively and unequivocally with the alleged perpetrators. I have no doubt that the police and the public prosecutor will investigate and punish the perpetrators with all their available means. Such a crime is horrific and hard to believe. My sympathies go out to the victim and his family and I wish you all the strength and help you need to deal with this trauma.”
The mayor’s original admission was as follows:
1.I am just as shocked as anyone who has read this message in the last few hours
2.People expect the police and prosecutors to act quickly. This has happened, the alleged perpetrators have been apprehended and the crime must be investigated quickly.
3.I welcome the open information policy of the police and the public prosecutor’s office. There must be no doubt about the ability to act. No matter where someone comes from, the rule of law must show a clear edge in such cases.
4.For several years, safety in Ulm has been a top priority. With the security partnership and the KOD and the call for more police in public spaces, we need to signal to people that security is visible.
5.Women, especially children and young people, need special protection.
6.Children and young people have nothing to look for in the city alone at
night. Parents are also required to fulfil their duty of supervision, because underage girls are not allowed to travel alone in the city at night.
(When a Toronto Police chief suggested that women take some degree of responsibility for what happens to them in terms of the risks they take, an international movement started called “The Slut Walk” where women paraded around dressed provocatively in a show of defiance to the police advice)

Katie Hopkins’ residence swarmed by police today for posting public domain information about RAPE GANGS

Add this event to the blogger Fahrenheit211’s arrest today and we get an Orwell score for the UK, of about 82%

“I will get justice even if its with my own bare hands”


And she will have to as law in the UK today, is not justice.

Here is the full interview with another Rotherham Muslim sex-slave gang victim by Michael Hanson from his excellent film, Killing Europe.

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Even Orwell didn’t anticipate the state sanctioning the mass rape and sex-slavery of its children

Last night a few people sent in a link of a video that was about the Labour government under Gordon Brown in the UK, having INSTRUCTED THE POLICE NOT TO INVESTIGATE the massive muslim RAPE GANGS in the UK.

Scratching my memory it was Richard and PePo I believe. Thank you to both and anyone else who sent it in.

Both links showed as “Video Unavailable” when I clicked the links.

So I will endeavour to post everything I can about the story here and in future posts.

In other news, Theresa May promises to step down at some point in the future, much like she promised BREXIT I suppose.

More to be posted on this.

Anyone even vaguely interested in knowing the facts behind this crime of all time, should buy and read the book, Easy Meat, on Amazon.com.

Addendum: Some new-normal, Orwellian reporting on an unspecified event where 2 non-specific people are under arrest for something.

Sheffield major incident: Two boys dead as streets cordoned off – police on scene

Two boys, aged 14 and 13, were confirmed dead by South Yorkshire Police, while four children between the ages of seven months and 11-years-old remain in hospital. The cause of death has not been established but two people have been arrested on suspicion of murder.


Emergency services were called to an incident near Hartley Brook Primary Academy in Sheffield at 7.30am this morning. 


Four ambulances and 15 police cars attended the scene, while an air ambulance landed on the school playground. There is a large police cordon in place. 


The incident happened at a property in Gregg House Road in the Shiregreen area in Sheffield. It is believed the property is around 100 metres from the school. 


Officers said that the incident is an isolated one and is no longer live. They also confirmed that family have been informed and are being supported by specially trained officers. 

In summary, 2 people are arrested for an event at a school which killed two boys.


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Reddit list of removed rape gangs in the UK:

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