The two cleaners fired for being ‘lazy and British’ by foreign boss…….

By Neil Sears

The Mail online

Last updated at 1:13 PM on 14th October 2011

Two cleaners claim to have been sacked for not working as hard as their foreign co-workers.

Stella Judge and Sarah Pritchard say they were told that Britons were lazy, while immigrants were happy to work all hours on the minimum wage.

Yesterday their MP used Parliamentary privilege to raise their plight in the Commons.

Henry Smith said the cleaning firm, Jani-King, had questions to answer about the case, which corresponds with widespread fears that home-grown workers are losing out to immigrants.

‘The allegation that two of my constituents have been sacked simply for being British is deeply disturbing,’ said the Tory MP for Crawley. ‘The suggestion is that Britons are lazy and foreign workers are cheaper.

‘Unemployment and immigration are big concerns – with people increasingly worried about being dismissed and replaced with non-British workers.

‘I’m hoping for a fuller explanation of the situation in this case from Jani-King.’

A spokesman for the firm – based in Kingston, Surrey – denied the pair were sacked for being British.

‘Two employees have been dismissed following standard employment procedures,’ she said.

‘The reasons are unrelated to ethnicity. Jani-King has over 1,200 staff in the UK and is an equal opportunities employer.’

The spokesman said she could not reveal what proportion of the staff were foreign because no statistics were kept on nationality.

The two women at the centre of the claims – next-door neighbours in Crawley, West Sussex – said last night that their colleagues came mostly from Mauritius, then more recently Bulgaria ….

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  1. There are two new recruits for either the EDL or the BNP, actions like this are going to drive the Europeans well past the brink of civil war.

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