The Tundra Tabloids and it’s regular readers already know just how much a freedom lover and hero Lars Vilks actually is, plus he does it all with the twist of humor and irony. The man, as well as his Danish colleague, Kurt Westergaard, are at the forefront of defending the very basic of all Western civilization freedoms, free speech.

The TT defended free speech in a confrontation with the OIC’s Secretary-General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, and does so on a daily basis on this blog, but those who put their lives on the line, stand head and shoulders above the rest, and deserves our utmost respect, no matter how some of their views may differ from your own.

FrontPageMag has an interesting story about Lars Vilks, during his tour in America with Lars Hedegaard from Denmark, which merits a thorough reading. If you read and saw the interview the TT did with Lars Vilks, you then already know Vilks’ philosophy about art, in how it’s to be understood. Art isn’t art because someone puts a pencil to paper or a brush to a canvas, it only becomes ‘art’ once its viewed by anyone else and is reacted to.

FPM“Amusingly, Lars Vilks experiences the entire episode of this controversy as “process art.” To understand this vision, imagine a pebble being dropped into a still pool of water.  The pebble drop is the instigating event, in this case, Vilk’s offending illustration; the concentric circles radiate outward in a ripple effect, representing all that we are experiencing throughout the world as a result.  Vilks takes it all in, an actor in a morality play of his own design.  His next project, he claims, is to make a Fred Astaire-style musical out of it all.

Art is a subversive endeavor, he says, meant to push the boundaries, make us think.   Maybe one day we can all sing and laugh about it all. Until then, I will be shaking the trees and rattling the cages of all those around me who take for granted the relative tranquility of our quiet neighborhoods and insulated lives.”

Read it all folks.KGS

Michael Coren: Lars Vilks

SDAMATT2 as usual, managed to bring us this Coren show. Michael Coren is one of the few sane voices on Television in Canada. Not sure as a result, how long he will last. He also writes for the National Post and the Sun Chain.

Michael Coren has also had Kurt Westergaard on his show, thanks in part to Vlad Tepes, as well as the International Free Press Society.

Some very important events coming to Canadian cities. Please make every effort to attend.

I have been tardy posting the details but Blazing Cat Fur has picked up the slack.

I will post more as we get closer to the events but amazing people and events are coming to Ottawa, Toronto and other Canadian locales thank to two organizations. The Canadian Free Press Society, a branch of the International Free Press Society, and Free Thinking Films Society which has brought in amazing speakers like Bruce Bawer, Bat Ye’or, Sam Solomon and other fantastic people who otherwise would never have been heard in Canada.

The upcoming events will be detailed soon, but for the moment please click over to BCF and have a look at the poster and details for Lars Vilks, the cartoonist who drew the Mohamed-as-a-round-house-dog toon which earned him several thousand death threats, 2 actual murder attempts and an arson attack on his home.

Good thing Mel Blanc is already dead. He would be the Islamic worlds ‘most wanted of all time’ given Islam’s penchant for hunting cartoonists who Mock Islamic culture.

In any case, it is really important that groups like IFPS and FTF are supported. These are staffed by people who take risk and effort to try and expose Canadians to the facts of Islam in the west and leftism’s collusion with what is, ironically, the most conservative group in the world today.

For everyone who hates and mocks conservatives for their projected desire to keep women barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen, they should talk to a Muslim for a while about exactly what women’s roles should be, and are in most of the Islamic world.

In any case, please do click over to Blazing and check the details. This event and the ones coming really matter. It is time for the shoe leather to meet the sidewalk. Show your support. Come to an event. Bring a freind who isn’t certain about any of this stuff yet. Buy a book from the authors. Look at it this way. Someday, these books will either get you killed from the new sharia overlords, or they will be prized possessions like a book signed by Churchill himself.

I hope to meet lots of you there if you go.

Eeyore for Vlad.

****    UPDATE    **** From the Toronto Sun (H/T Snaphanen.DK)

OTTAWA — Half the North American dates for a Swedish free speech activist have been cancelled following poor ticket sales and heavy security concerns.

Lars Vilks, who invited controversy in 2007 when he published a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed with a human torso and a dog’s rear end, was scheduled to speak in Philadelphia, Ottawa, Toronto and Boston.

“The amount of money would have to spend to ensure security in Ottawa, and the number of registrations, did not justify the expense,” said Mary Lou Ambrogio, a vice-president with the International Free Press Society.

The Philadelphia event was also cancelled after the Department of Homeland Security declared him a security risk.

“It appears that Mr. Vilks is considered a very high security threat by U.S. law enforcement, and it was decided that they would cancel because they could not secure the event to everyone’s liking,” Ambrogio said.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to host these events.”

Ambrogio was part of the tour that brought American commentator Ann Coulter to Canada last spring. The Ottawa stop on that tour was also cancelled, after a rowdy crowd showed up at the event and police told organizers that security could not be guaranteed if the event proceeded as planned.

Ottawa Police said that, while they were aware of Vilk’s planned event, they were not involved in its cancellation.

Vilks’ cartoon was originally published in a Swedish newspaper to illustrate the censorship many media outlets impose on themselves when it comes to religious issues. The cartoon is separate, though, from the 2006 controversy involving a Danish newspaper.

Following the cartoon’s publication, Vilks became the target of an international plot involving a Philadelphia woman named Coleen LaRose, also known as Jihad Jane, who was arrested last March and now faces conspiracy charges.

The event scheduled for Sunday at Toronto’s Zionist Centre will still go ahead.

Finnish TV does show on Cartoons and Muslims. Interesting half hour.

Here is a 27 minute Finnish TV documentary where the reporter interviews the main imam of Finland about what offends Muslims about drawings and why, and she also takes his explanation to three cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard, who drew the famous bomb-turban Mohamed drawing, and Lars Vilks of Mohamed roundabout dog-Mohamed drawing fame.

She then asks them to do a drawing as an answer to the imam and takes it back to him for his comment. He does what Muslims always do. Demand that Islamic rules be followed by all in the name of tolerance etc.

Lars Vilks art display attacked by arsonist

Once again the religion of peace shows its tolerance by attempting to burn down the location where Lars Vilks various art works are on display. Here is the link to a machine translation of the original article in Swedish.

The full 11 minute Lars Vilks attack film

I was tempted to post this as a kind of joke. I was going to make the header, ‘National Geographic Special. The wild people of Sweden’ or something like that. I haven’t even been all the way through it yet and I have to post it. The mentality, the paradigm of these people is stunning. A man explains to the police that he demanded the film be stopped and the film was not stopped. He says that as if everyone should understand the attacks that followed.

Here on Vlad, comments have pointed out that it is just and reasonable that Lars was attacked for insulting the prophet. This after a short definition of freedom of speech, as if stapling a bit of reason to the demand to submit to Muslim superstitions made it itself, reasonable.

In any case, watch this whole 11 minute version if you have the time. You can see the degree of separation between the mentality of Western people and Muslims even who are attending a Western university.

Two men arrested over fire at Vilks’ house

From The Local.SE

21-year-old suspect arrested

Two men arrested over fire at Vilks’ house

Published: 16 May 10 10:05 CET
Updated: 16 May 10 14:17 CET

Two men, aged 19 and 21, have been arrested in connection with an arson attack at the home in southern Sweden of artist Lars Vilks.

The 21-year-old was arrested late on Saturday at his home in Landskrona, 40 kilometres from the house where Vilks lives. He is being held on suspicion of aggravated attempted arson.

A police spokesman said he was detained after personal items were found near Vilks’ house in the village of Nyhamnsläge, which was slightly damaged in the attack overnight Friday.

“He is of Swedish nationality but originally from Kosovo … He was unknown to the police so far,” Scania district police spokesman Calle Pärsson told AFP. Continue Reading →

Interview with Lars Vilks on the arson attack on his home

Here is the first interview I am aware of, with Lars Vilks on the attack on his home with incendiary devices.  Translation was with help from Gates of Vienna

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Here is an older video of an Al Queda threat on Lars Vilks.
H/T Miss Trixie

comment from a youtuber:

alJizzerror has made a comment on Lars Wilks speaks on the arson attack on his home today:

Lars Vilks drew a cartoon of a dog with Muhammad’s head. This cartoon was extremely offensive to dogs. Dogs are far too intelligent to associate with the pervert Muhammad or believe in Jizzlam. But dogs did not bite Lars Vilks because they understand that he was exercising his right of free speech. No dogs attacked Lars Vilks because they are more enlightened and civilized than the Muslims who want to kill him.


Arson attack on Lars Vilks
Last night attackers tried to burn Muhammad cartoonist’s house down
COPENHAGEN May 15 2010
By Uwe Max Jensen,
During the night of May 15 unknown perpetrators smashed a window in Lars Vilks’ house in Scania, Sweden, poured gasoline into the bouilding and proceeded to set fire to it.

By coincidence the artist spent the night with his girlfriend and escaped with his life.

After being alerted by the Swedish police, Vilks has returned to his house, where contacted him at noon today.

“The place is swarming with police and I can talk no further right now,” Vilks told Sappho’s reporter. In the background one can hear policemen talking to each other.

Sappho is following the case and will soon have a man on the spot in Scania.

Lars Vilks’ blog is up and running again after being hacked following Islamicist attacks on him at Uppsala University last Tuesday.

In a comment to this latest attempt on Vilks’ life, the President of the Free Press Society Lars Hedegaard expresses his astonishment.

“How was possible for these murderers to gain access to Vilks’ house only a few days after a mob assaulted him at Uppsala University? What are the Swedish police and political class up to? As far as I know not a single Swedish politician has had a word to say about the attack in Uppsala. Is the truth that Swedish power-holders prefer to see Vilks killed in order to send a message to other critics of the Swedish multicultural idyll?”

“Now is the time to demonstrate practical solidarity. We can all do that by purchasing the drawing his would-be murderers are so angry about,” says Lars Hedegaard.

*****  UPDATE  *****

In Swedish, google translate makes some sense of it:

From The Montreal Gazette:

UPDATE from The

Arson attack on Muhammad artist’s home

Published: 15 May 10 17:39 CET

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Police have launched an investigation into arson after the home in southern Sweden of controversial artist Lars Vilks sustained fire damage on Friday night.

Vilks was not at his home in Nyhamnsläge at the time of the attack. An acquaintance of the artist discovered the damage on Saturday morning. Windows had been smashed, there was minor fire damage to the front of the house and plastic bottles filled with petrol were found inside the property, local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reports.

Police said the house was empty and the fire had dissipated of its own accord. A forensic examination was carried out on Saturday morning.

“We’ve launched a preliminary investigation into arson,” police spokeswoman Sofie Österheim told news agency TT.

The embattled artist, who was physically attacked at a lecture theatre in Uppsala earlier in the week, said he was now considering moving from his home.

“I don’t think I can live here full time. It’s obvious this is a high risk area. I guess I’ll just be here at certain times,” Vilks told TT.

The artist left the house at 10.30pm on Friday and was not aware of the damage until the morning.

“It wasn’t all that bad from a purely material perspective. They’ve broken window panes and set fire to a curtain by sticking a hand through a window,” said Vilks.

“It’s not so pleasant but I’ve become hardened. I get threats all the time but it’s hard to assess what’s behind it.”

In this case, Vilks believed the perpetrators were amateurs.

“These are the kind of people who drive off with some petrol and try to start a fire. But one thing can lead to another.”

Vilks has had a $100,000 bounty on his head from an Al-Qaeda-linked group since the publication of his drawing of the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a dog in 2007.

TT/The Local (ne**@th******.se/08 656 6518)

A much longer version of the Vilks video. When Muslims attack.

Here is more footage, before and after of the Vilks lecture showing what led up to it. The claim is, Muslims were offended by the ‘Pornography’ which you can see, is not being shown. Leftists must be torn to pieces inside trying to defend the conservative sensitivities of Muslims when they would have been rioting to force Western conservatives to allow pornographic material in public lectures only a couple of decades ago. Even so, this is not pornographic. This was well prepared Muslims who just found their moment.