Three men suspected of committing an act of terror receive financial Compensation

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The three men were suspected of planning to assasinate the controversial artist Lars Vilks during a grand opening of the art gallery “Røda Stenen”  Photo: Anders Wejrot






Three men suspected of committing  an act of terror receives financial Compensation.

Three men accused of attempting to assassinate Lars Vilks in the autumn of 2011 were recently awarded financial compensation by the Attorney General.

The three men were arrested in Gothenburg in autumn 2011 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit terrorist crimes. These charges was later changed to “conspiring to commit murder”.

All three men were suspected of planning to assassinate the controversial artist Lars Vilks in connection with a grand opening celebration in “Røda Sten” art gallery. The police also closed Røda Stenen in order to search for a suspected bomb.

– “During the investigation it has become clear to us that this was not related to any plans to assasinate Lars Vilks,” said Chief Prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström to GØteborgsposten (newspaper) in February 2012.

Will compensation

The three men were in placed in custody but was eventually just convicted of “illegal possession of knives”. And now they receive financial compensations from the Swedish state.

According to TT ( one of the suspects asked for half a million Swedish krones (75 thousand US dollars) in compensation, the other two demanded over a million Swedish krones (150 thosand US dollars) each in compensation for their suffering.

Now, the Attorney General has decided that one of the three men to wil be awarded SEK 135 000 (20 thousand US dollars). The two other two gets close to 130 000 (19,5 thousand US Dollars.



Malmo Mayor moved by Mohamed art

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The Local:

Published: 20 Feb 13 17:20 CET | Print version

The mayor of Malmö has slammed an upcoming exhibition of work by controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks, saying he hoped no one would visit the gallery to see artwork he said was “associated with xenophobes”.


“Of course he has the right to display what he calls art anywhere he wants,” Mayor Ilmar Reepalu told the TT news agency.

“But as far as I can gather, this is pretty bad art and I think they want to use the gallery for political ends,” he added.

“Vilks is increasingly associated in people’s minds with xenophobic groups at the far right of the political spectrum. I hope not a single person visits the gallery.”

News of the show, set to open in July, prompted representatives from different religions in the multicultural southern city to call an emergency meeting,

Some observers appeared frightened that the show would provoke a violent reaction.

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Swedish artist to paint Mohammed after death threats

Anyone wanting to know what a real man looks like, need to look no farther than Lars Vilks. If just 5% of the non-Muslim world had his kind of courage and integrity and was ready to sacrifice comfort and security for principles which would have given those attributes to all of us, then we would have won this thing before it started.

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France 24:

AFP – A Swedish artist who received death threats after depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog said Wednesday he would display new paintings of the prophet at an exhibition in the immigrant-heavy city of Malmoe later this year.

“It’s important to continue because if you yield to the threats and back away, you have abandoned the democratic principle,” Lars Vilks said.

The artist has faced numerous death threats since his drawing of the Muslim prophet with the body of a dog was first published by Swedish regional daily Nerikes Allehanda in 2007, illustrating an editorial on the importance of freedom of expression.

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My Meeting with Lars Vilks


By Fjordman

I have been fortunate enough to meet several of the great personalities involved in the struggle against Islamic totalitarianism over the past few years. In 2012, I met two of them for the first time in southern Sweden. One of them was the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, whom I met on October 27, 2012 during a visit to Malmö.

The other one was Lars Vilks, a Swedish art theorist and self-taught artist. His life was turned upside down after 2007, when he started drawing Islam’s founder Mohammad as a roundabout dog. This triggered several explicit death threats from Muslim groups. He has been living under police protection since then, especially following a statement from al-Qaida’s purported leader in Iraq offering a $100,000 dollar reward for his assassination.

Mohamed the traffic circus dog

Vilks warned in the spring of 2012 that “The attacks against me are working.” The strategy of physical intimidation employed by his opponents is unfortunately quite effective. He has seen his lecturing activities dry up over organizers’ fears of riots and of being labeled “racist.” At Karlstad University in Sweden, a lecture was interrupted by a loud group of aggressive young Muslims throwing eggs at him for showing one of his pictures inspired by the Muhammad caricature battle in neighboring Denmark.


Vilks lives in his home in a rural area of southern Sweden. In the summer of 2012 I joined a few other people who had met him before, and who had an appointment. When we arrived at his unassuming house, I discovered that a handful of Swedish police officers literally camp outside his home to provide around-the-clock protection against would-be assassins. They obviously wanted to see valid photo-IDs for each of us, preferably a passport.


I gave them one, and noticed some frantic whispers a couple of minutes later as they realized what a controversial person had just showed up unannounced. However, they quickly understood that I had done nothing criminal. I was controversial for being anti-Islamic, and was therefore very unlikely to harm Vilks.

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SVT [swedish state tv] removes from SVT Play Uppdrag Granskning [assignment investigation] about Lars Vilks

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NON-FREEDOM OF SPEECH, UPDATED: Apparently, Janne Josefsson’s documentary about Lars Vilks and his speech in the USA about his [personal] experience with the islamic threat against freedom of speech was becoming too much for SVT’s management, steered by V and MP [Moderata Samingspartiet, . Now, they have removed the video from SVT Play [SVT’s web tv].

Little doubt, the reason for it is that they were bombarded with complaints by the cultural leftists’ islam huggers, who are outraged over the fact that the video was too objective and contained to little bias and guideposts. Equally doubtless that Sweden’s moslems have made themselves heard, reporting how aggrieved they became that parts of Vilks’ speech were shown, and that his rondellhund cartoons could be seen for a short moment. In a communiqué at SVT’s forum, the company’s politbureau replies to a direct question, stating that the video has been removed, and that they have the intention to publish a new (read: censured) version later.

Unfortunately, we the editors did not anticipate this measure, something we of course should have done, knowing what type of company SVT is. We have therefore not saved the original. If any of our viewers have been more anticipating and saved the video, or know if it has been saved somewhere, then we are obviously grateful for tips about it.   SVT Play / Uppdrag granskning

Update 121005 13:45:

Now it seems that the new version has been published. When time allows, we will look at it to see what has been changed/removed. Readers who saw the video when it was broadcast, or during the period where the original version was published at SVT Play, are of course welcome to tell us which changes can be stated. We have asked the editors at Uppdrag Granskning for a comment.

No jail for any of those throwing eggs and disrupting Lars Vilks lecture

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From AVPixlat:

MOSLEM VIOLENCE: None of the moslems who, screeching Allahu Akbar, threw eggs at the lecturer in february this year at a lecture held by artist Lars Vilks, will be held responsible for their crime. Despite the fact that the events are documented on film, police have managed to pick one single suspected individual only, and moreover only for having shouted and gesticulated at the artist.  

It was a lecture held at Karlstad university on 21 february which was invaded by some 15 aggressive moslems, who caused such a brouhaha that the lecture had to be called off. Eggs carried by them were thrown at Lars Vilks, who however had been through worse episodes and turned the attack against the authors by drawing one of them on one of the eggs which hadn’t broken. However, if police hadn’t intervened, there would have been a big risk that Vilks would have ended up really bad, because there actually is a death fatwa against him among moslems. 

The investigation had been limited to the delict called disturbing a general assembly, and which usually only leads to a fine. However, police don’t even see themselves able to prove this small delict in one single case. Still the investigation has been passed on to the prosecutor, in order to judge if the lawsuit should be pressed forward. This should, however, rather be seen as a formality, before the case will be archived. 

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From Jihad Watch:

It is Friday afternoon in early March. The sun shines and the car glides slowly through the flat countryside of Skåne in southern Sweden.

I am going to visit Lars Vilks. The man who enraged Muslims because he drew a picture of their prophet as a dog.

I have a lot to ask him. What is it like to be on al-Qaeda’s hit list and have a security detail in your garden? Has he had any regrets after publishing his drawings in 2007?

“Lars Vilks, Artist”

But first I need to find him. And that is surprisingly easy.

The Swedish Yellow Pages make no attempt to hide his address: “Lars Vilks, Artist” it says loud and clear, followed by city, street name and number. If you want the GPS coordinates, you can also get them.

So I am now driving along Brunnbyvägen outside Nyhamnsläge – a tiny village north of Helsingborg.

Neighbors are far between and besides empty fields there is little to see. It is difficult to understand why al-Qaeda has marked this place on their maps.

On the right-hand side of the road an isolated house comes into view. I turn into a small dirt road that leads up to the house.

More here.

NOTE: See the Tundra Tabloids’ own interview of Lars Vilks here.

BREAKING: Lars Vilks egged at lecture, had to be escorted off stage by security. ongoing:

This is an ongoing thing. It is just happening now and we know about thanks to that critically important Danish site, Snaphanen.DK

He tells me that he expects more and better video of this event shortly. Meanwhile:

Lecture, Karlstad University – eggs were thrown at him 20 min into the lecture,  when he  produced at drawing of the Prophet and Hans Christian Andersen.


Vilks murder plot suspects acquitted

The Local.Se

Vilks murder plot suspects acquitted

Vilks murder plot suspects acquitted

Three men accused of plotting to kill Swedish artist Lars Vilks were acquitted of the charges in Gothenburg on Friday, but were nevertheless convicted for weapons violations.

The prosecutor had sought to have the men sentenced to three years in prison, but the Gothenburg District Court ordered the three men released from custody following the conclusion of the trial in December.

“As they were released following the hearing, it wasn’t unexpected that the main charges were thrown out,” prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström told TT on Friday after the verdict was announced.

However, she added that she had no regrets about filing charges against the men.

“They were held in remand for a long time and they ordered held in remand on several occasions. The matter was tested in court and I believe there was reason to indict them,” she said.

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3 Charged for Murder Plot Against Swedish Artist Who Depicted the Prophet Muhammed Read more:


ublished December 06, 2011

| Associated Press

  • LarsVilks.jpg


    FILE 2010: Swedish artist Lars Vilks arrives to Grand hotel in Lund, Sweden.

STOCKHOLM –  Three men were charged Tuesday with plotting to stab to death a Swedish artist who has faced numerous threats from Muslim extremists for depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.

The men, ages 24 to 26 and of Somali and Iraqi origin, were arrested in the city of Goteborg on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

According to the charges, the suspects were planning to use knives to kill Lars Vilks, whose 2007 drawing of Muhammad offended many Muslims and rekindled a debate over free speech and Islam that raged a year earlier when a Danish newspaper printed 12 caricatures of the prophet.

Images of Muhammad, even favorable ones, are considered blasphemous by many Muslims.

The evidence included wiretapped phone conversations between the suspects and a note pad belonging to one of them, prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnstrom said. Continue Reading →