Finnish TV does show on Cartoons and Muslims. Interesting half hour.

Here is a 27 minute Finnish TV documentary where the reporter interviews the main imam of Finland about what offends Muslims about drawings and why, and she also takes his explanation to three cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard, who drew the famous bomb-turban Mohamed drawing, and Lars Vilks of Mohamed roundabout dog-Mohamed drawing fame.

She then asks them to do a drawing as an answer to the imam and takes it back to him for his comment. He does what Muslims always do. Demand that Islamic rules be followed by all in the name of tolerance etc.

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7 Replies to “Finnish TV does show on Cartoons and Muslims. Interesting half hour.”

  1. Finns are the best people in the world bar none. They are intelligent, hard working, honest and moral. Even the kids are good as gold and work hard at school. They get the award for the least corrupt nation every year and the kids top the leageue for school achievement and beat every educational system in the world. They even have world beating companies (for such a small nation) like Nokia. They even lead the world in the answer to Islam. They allow very few immigrants into the country. Very few Immigrants No Islam problem. So this reporter can be and is easily free and fearless unlike the Multi Cultural Dicatorship called Sweden next door. If only they could win the World Cup. But they take it lightly and enjoy such eccentric things as the Mud League where they play football in muddy fields. Only in Finland!

  2. Doesn’t the EU force tons of unwanted Muslim immigrants on Finland at taxpayers expense no matter what the people or government want? Or is Finland not in the EU?

  3. And STILL people think islam is a peacful religion. The cannot and will not believe otherwise.

    They are wrong on at least three counts:
    Islam is not peaceful an is inherently undemocratic and totalitarion.
    Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology basted with a religious sauce.
    A mosque cannot be compared with a wastern church or hindu/buddhist temple, it is much more and has more functions, a court of law, community centre, islamic school (see below)

  4. I believe they run a pretty independent policy based on pragmatic considerations. They do let some refugees in (such as Somalis) but as the numbers remain small they are considered too insignificant to make the demands they do in other places. I believe they are in the EU.

  5. If Finland wants to keep itself healthy and clean it might take only atheistic or Christian academic schooled refugees. Having a bunch of analphabets from Arab and Muslim countries means severe trouble. Point 2) Zero-Tolerance: if a refugees or immigrant is becoming a trouble to local society, he must be removed at a very short notice from the country; even if he had fled from hell. Please don’t be worried: hell is the place they are used too.

  6. More importantly, the place they left was hell because they made it so, and will make any place they are hell, if not stopped.

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