France24 lies by omission to cover for islamic hatred of gays and put the blame on French public

Much like how (probable) government and leftist infiltrators put on black face covering toques and yellow vests and go out to discredit the grass roots Yellow Vest Protest movement with violence directed in such a way as to guarantee harsh police response, the media also manages to use a kind of informational Judo on the public by causing a predictable crime (via massive islamic immigration) and using its energy against the target of choice. The non-Islamic residents of a nation.

In this France24 article about a massive increase in attacks against gay people, they say it was “adapted” from a French article. But that adaptation seemed not to contain the one data point that suggests this is entirely a muslim created set of events.

Look for an inset in the French original.

MissPiggy was kind enough to translate that bit posted below:

Written by a victim of an attack against him due to his homosexuality:

“A flood of homophobic insults were coming out of their mouths. They demanded that we leave “their neighborhood” where “there is no PD (Fags) here”. As we refused to leave, the insults became more serious, more hateful. Then a fourth joined them. A kid who seems to be twelve years old. And he’s the one who called for reinforcements.”

I would call that a strong indicator that this is a muslim issue. Even though it is only indicative and not conclusive, its amazing how it did not find its way into the English adaption at all.

Battering rams against classical civ #462-C. Special interest publications

First read this story about a group of men, all of whom appear to be muslim, that launched attacks against gay men in Hackney, UK.

As has been written about numerous times on this site, it certainly appears that many, if not most, and maybe nearly all, special interest groups that appear to represent a “vulnerable minority” are in fact hijacked by far-left-wing groups who’s real objective is to act as a battering ram against classical civilization, each having its own little angle of attack.

Many years ago, a gay, former colleague actually tried writing for a local free gay newspaper only to be rejected each time. After badgering the publisher for some time for an answer, he was granted a private audience where he was told, (quoting from memory)

‘We are a left wing paper and do not publish anything that interferes with that agenda’.

So in Ottawa, a ‘free’ newspaper claiming to be the voice of homosexuals, in fact was a propaganda vehicle which actually avoided articles and information that might have saved lives and health of their alleged constituency had they been properly informed about Islamic views on gay people.

Pink News in the UK seemed to be generally OK. I point out that they are not carrying this story as of XX time because its possible they just don’t know or haven’t published yet.

But it is important for all of us to recognize groups like Black Lives Matter, J Street, and a ton of other groups who pretend to represent whatever faction of general humanity they manage to hijack without a fight, for what they really are.

Attack vectors against classical civilization by divide and conquer.

And to this I would like to append my answer to a comment earlier today about why Jews seem so over represented in these islamophelic groups, responsible for so much of this chaos today by bringing muslims to the west en mass

“[…] to answer that, despite what my mother told me, I actually have to answer that question with a question.

Why do so many women work triple shifts to bring in woman-hating, raping, forced sex slave child-rape gang, muslim men who want to implement sharia with its less than equal rights for women?

Why do so many white males join ANTIFA to work for the destruction of white people, culture and history as they (mis)represent it?

Why do so many white Christian women become communists to try and undo every advantage women have won under free market and freedom of speech, cultures?


It has nothing to do with women, men, white or Jewish. It has to do with communism.

My reverse ask is, ‘why is it only when its Jewish people that we notice?

I think there is a somewhat fair answer to that one, though.

Jews who turn commie use their Judaism or more accurately, their Jewish heritage/ethnicity as a sword and a shield to promote the thing they actually care about, which is their politics.

So they expect other people to notice. What they are in fact doing, is exploiting the suffering of Jewish people under the communists and Nazis and every other pogrom throughout history in order to protect themselves as individuals from the consequences of their repugnant beliefs. Hence the shield aspect. They will cry antisemitism when you oppose them for the thing they actually use as a sword, which again, is their heritage.

So its not altogether surprising that people notice Jewish people when they go commie as they make damn sure you do.

Last summer I went out to speak with an orthodox rabbi from the Lubavitcher sect.

Unmistakably orthodox Jew.

After talking for a bit we got to brass tacks. The impression I get is, actual religious Jewish people are conservative, pro freedom of speech, and this one was even pro-Trump and not unintelligently so. His reasons were grounded solidly in fact and policy.

But his real ambition and passion was his faith.

I have had other conversations with Jewish people on this and there is an inverse relationship between degree of adherence to the faith and irrational values, perhaps ironically for those who think religion encourages irrational thought.

It is the atheist/secular/reform Jews who are communist/socialist/postmodern overall. In fact there are umbrella Reform Temple organizations which are full on communist, exactly like there are many Churches like that. The Unitarian, several others in Ottawa Canada that I have attended for one reason or another, and increasingly the Catholic church.

Few if any ever ask why so many Christians work to bring in anti-Christian muslims, like I dunno, Pope Francis for example. But we really notice when its a few Jews.

So I guess the answer is that its a function of perception, both fairly in terms of the agents who force that upon us, and unfairly because reason and facts show that it has bugger all to do with Jews. Just that some Jews are despicable like some everything else.



The hate-crime that doesn’t count?

For the second time in a month, a mosque has been de-platformed for hate speech. This time in Ottawa

We saw it in a Danish mosque a few weeks ago, when they arrested an imam for inciting genocide and now in Ottawa, a major South-East end mosque, the Ottawa Islamic Centre, has lost its charitable status for fully predictable reasons. It is still a long long way from what would happen to any other organization that preached genocide, group hate, supremacy and sedition, but its a hell of a lot more than any of us ever thought would happen to any islamic group. Especially one where, I SUSPECT Trudeau visited and gave one of his semi-comprehensible

From Spencer Fernando:

A number of disturbing guest speakers, and serious concerns over an attendee who was jailed for trying to join Islamic State, has led the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the charitable status of the Ottawa Islamic Centre.

Here’s what the CRA said about the Ottawa Islamic Centre Assalam Mosque:

“Many of the views expressed by the organization’s speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and/or promote violence.”

Additionally, according to Global News, “The CRA was also concerned that “radicalized individuals” had attended the mosque, one of whom, Ashton Larmond, is now imprisoned for attempting to join the so-called Islamic State.”

The CRA decision stripping the mosque of their charitable status took effect on July 14.

Here’s a key section a report on the CRA’s findings:

“The CRA documents (available below) singled out Abu Usamah At-thahabi, Bilal Philips, Hakkeem Quick and Saed Rageah — all of whom had spoken at the Ottawa mosque one or more times.

(More at Spencer’s excellent site)

This is a really interesting and important story. The report explains this is a serious problem across Canada, which this site has exposed on more than one, more than10 occasions, with incitements to genocide, and every other form of hate crime by socialist Canada standards, and plain old Koran by Islamic ones.


Singer Robby Valentine beaten up: “Sworn at for being homo and a dirty faggot”

[Editor’s Note: According to the tip from “C”, “they called him “zimmer”, this is a Moroccan slur for homosexual (written “zemmer”).”

This word was translated in the title as “Dirty Faggot”.

An original translation by SIMONXML with many thanks!

From this Dutch publication:

HOORN – Singer Robby Valentine was suddenly beaten up with no warning in the Dutch town of Hoorn, according to his Facebook page.

Valentine was bringing his 6-year-old daughter to school when he was shouted at and followed from the Hoorn Kersenboogerd train station. When they arrived at the girl’s school, he spoke with two fathers who were willing to walk back with him to the train. “To prevent worse things happening,” Valentine explains on Facebook.

On the way to the station they met the boys who had sworn at him earlier. When one of the fathers spoke to the boys about their behavior, things went wrong: Valentine got punched in his face. The father also ended up with a bloody nose. After that, the perpetrators ran off, Robby’s wife, Marlies Schuitemaker, told NH News.


“Robby has been sworn out on the streets for years, partly because he has such a striking appearance,” Marlies continues. It was the main reason that they moved from Almere to West Friesland.

She thinks it’s heartwarming that the fathers came to Robby’s aid: “That this is happening is not really cool, of course, but I think it’s so nice that these guys helped Robby and they will be picking him up at the station again this morning to go to the school together.”

Robby Valentin (The guys in Spinal Tap wouldn’t survive 10 minutes in today’s Netherlands)

VICE News looks at the growing phenomenon of sharia law in Indonesia

Below, a video by VICE, of which I am naturally highly suspicious, on sharia law in Indonesia. At first, I remained suspicious as Allah was translated as God, and they managed to discuss sharia without mentioning Islam etc. Also seeming to make it somewhat geopolitical, making it look like sharia law was a consequence of the Tsunami on parts of the Indonesian coast some years ago, for about the first half of the video, but it was still a fairly accurate representation of a relatively moderate form of sharia, and showed it to be distasteful and against Western and liberal values.

It still failed to show the worst aspects of sharia, which nearly NO ONE GETS. And that is not what they consider a crime and how they punish you for it, but the lack of due process, and often the opposite, using a charge of thought crimes as a way of destroying someone not of the Islamic ummah and punishing them sometimes lethally despite knowing the charges are false.

But the clip gets more grounded in reality about half way through and manages to show how the ideals are indeed Islamic, and they are spreading rapidly from the former Islamic State across Indonesia, I believe to be the most populous Islamic country in the world.

This seems like the right place to add this video on Islamic views of the LGBT community in Canada:


Trudeau may yet create the most stunning examples of selective enforcement in Canada’s history

Check out plans:

AUTHORITARIANS: Trudeau Government May Bring Back Widely-Criticized ‘Hate Speech’ Law As Campaign Against Free Expression Continues

The endgame for the Trudeau government is obvious: Define any political opposition or alternative viewpoint as ‘hate speech,’ and silence opponents under the guise of ‘human rights.’

During their time in office, there has been a steady drift in the Trudeau government seeking to demonize and even criminalize the millions of Canadians who dissent from their viewpoints.


The government has regularly slandered Canadians as “racists,” “bigots,” and “Islamophobes” for expressing views that are held by the majority of the population.

They have insinuated that those who oppose their “ISIS reintegration” policy are prejudiced, and introduced a motion (M-103), that could lead to serious restrictions on freedom of speech down the road.

Please continue at this link:

So how will the Trudeau regime apply these restrictions and laws to this?

Transgender stabbed in Etterbeek by “members of IS”

An original translation by SIMON XML

From this Dutch language news site:

Archive photo: house searches in Etterbeek as part of the investigation into the attacks in Paris and Brussels on March 22.

LBGT VIOLENCE A Tunisian transgender was stabbed on Saturday evening by two men who claim to be members of IS [ Ed. The Islamic State]. The victim had also been threatened in Tunisia by the same individuals.

“I’m scared for my life, I want to apply for asylum in another country where I won’t be in danger,” say reports on and in La Capitale.

On Saturday evening, transgender Sharky, a Tunisian man was stabbed in Etterbeek. The victim suffered a vicious attack from his assailants: he was stabbed in the stomach several times and had to be admitted to hospital.

This is not the first time that Sharky has been confronted by violence: he had also been attacked by the same people in Tunisia. The attackers claim to be members of IS. The victim also states that he had previously been threatened by other members of the terrorist organisation.

‘These people have followed me from Tunisia. They want to make an example of me for young people who do not obey the religious laws.’


“In fear for my life”

The victim no longer feels safe in this country. “These people have followed me from Tunisia. They said they were just waiting for an official order from IS to behead me. They want to make an example of me for young people who do not obey the religious laws”, said Sharky to La Capitale. “I want to have my name changed officially and apply for asylum in another country, where I won’t be in danger.”

Unia, the Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities, confirmed that the case is currently under investigation. The case even predates the events of this weekend. “The victim had already received threats via his Facebook profile and there had been previous incidents of physical aggression”, they reported. Sharky made an official complaint to the district police for Montgomery, according to reports from

The case has in the meantime been referred to the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office. They confirmed the facts, but say they do not have any evidence yet concerning the attackers’ motives. Whether the aggression is motivated by hatred for the gay community is still being investigated. The Public Prosecutor’s Office claims that the woman’s life is not in danger but, in the interest of the judicial investigation, will not make any further comment.