York University in Toronto chooses sides

This was the university where leftist and muslim protests were quite intense when a Jewish group brought in an IDF spokesman to talk to the the group recently. The protests served their purpose and the university, such as it is, appears to have given in to violence and threats to achieve a political purpose. What we used to call, “terrorism” when names had a rational basis.

Three videos from York U in Toronto as muslims (and leftists) attack Jewish students, and demonize Israel

Canada: Pro-Palestinian protesters occupy York University campus in Toronto

Dozens of students at Toronto’s York University held an anti-Israeli protest inside the university campus on Wednesday, as former Israeli soldiers were set to speak to students on their experiences in the army, reports say.

The activists were seen waving Palestinian flags and chanting slogans.

According to reports, a Holocaust-denying newspaper editor Nazih Khatatba also took part in the demonstrations

Toronto Police and private security agents were deployed on the spot to keep control of the situation.


Katie Hopkins video on the conflict between weaponized sexual identities, made in schools, and muslim parents

And the left Vs. Islam, manifests itself with NSRA teaching in UK schools.

(NSRA = non-sexual reproductive activities)

I think I can state with confidence that the left, is far more yolked with confusing the sexual identities of children than they are with islamic values. Islamic values are relatively stabilizing to a society in its own totalitarian way, which is antithetical to leftist ambitions.

The left seeks to use muslims and islam as its chief weapon against classical civilization. It will be damned if it will see its weapon used in any manner that does not advance its agenda of the total and complete collapse of Western civilization, and that collapse means the end of religion, certainly Christianity, the end of the Jews as a distinct people, and the end of the family by the war of men against women, and men against themselves, and every other possible permutation including but not limited to, the fantastical notion that there is no biological reality.

Chemnitz in the classroom: A teacher gets framed

The following video, based on the voice over, I would assume at least, is what made it to the Austrian public as one cannot help but feel sympathy for the poor, vulnerable and hard working students over this nasty bad tempered white Austrian teacher:

It was so well edited and spun, it reminded me of the whole Migrant hunting episode in Chemnitz, where the chief of internal intel was actually removed from his post for exposing the scam, where carefully edited ANTIFA footage was sold to the public as proof of Germans, enraged over migrant rape and murder of local girls, went and hunted some migrants on the streets.

MissPiggy translated the video above some days ago and although I have a lot of text articles explaining why actually happened there is nothing like more contextually accurate video to explain the case for itself:

Searchlight as well as other citizen journalists, are desperately trying to pick up the slack for what, more and more obviously, has become Soviet like propaganda organs for the leftist-Islamic cabal, which has somehow taken over governments across the West.

Please read more over at Searchlight.

Thank you László, for the additional footage.

Additional information now at Searchlight:

Vienna: Pupils incited to bullying by teachers?

The accusations against the Viennese vocational school in the Ottakring district are becoming more and more outrageous: According to the latest information, teachers at the school have actively encouraged pupils to mob the professor who has now come into the focus of the action! Other teachers are even said to have incited the students to harass their collegue in order to get rid of him. The result:


the teacher was harassed by the young students for months. He was thrown with paper balls, whistled directly into his ear with a whistle and was literally surrounded by students. There are videos of all these actions that are currently circulating on the Internet. krone.at is now aware of the names of two of the teachers who are said to have incited the students to bullying. […]





Three secular-muslim, Quebec school teachers, say the new ban on hijabs DO NOT GO FAR ENOUGH

I have met a few Persian ex pats who escaped Iran after accidentally helping the Mullahs take over. They were what they thought a communist was at the time, and then saw their friends massacred once the muslims took power.

They sound very similar to these women. Not what we see as muslim since the staggering growth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence along with Saudi etc. but more like what we see of any other secular religious group that wear their ancestral beliefs like jewellery and the kids mock the traditions at the dinner table.

In any case, islam is what it nearly always was for most of its history again, except for maybe a brief lull after WW1 till the 1970s or so. But watching these women with that in mind, they are perfectly consistent with the idea that there can be some muslims who want a secular society, and an end to Muslim Brotherhood influence on it.

There is more to this organization, and more will be posted later on it

Jihadism secretly taught at Dutch school by guy who just “walks around the place”

Thank you C.

The translator also left this relevant comment about the situation in this, and all Dutch schools.

The Dutch ministry of education sends inspectors to schools and write up yearly reports. This school simply refused to let them in, apparently they can do that.
The mayor sent the school head an invitation to city hall, he drew a middle finger on it and sent it back. He doesn’t give a sh!t.

He gave an interview yesterday, says he’s taking revenge on the mayor, and Amsterdam’s other schools, by recruiting their pupils. He’s going to bribe the parents with free stuff, bikes, electronics etc. Schools have a gentlemen’s agreement to not snipe each others pupils mid-year, again he doesn’t give a f*ck. He says he hopes he can screw with their planning enough to get them in financial trouble (hiring too many teachers).

The city doesn’t have the authority to close the school, that’s national government business. Politicians are posturing but I haven’t heard of concrete measures.

Schools have very strong legal protection, and the intelligence can’t be used in court. I’m not a legal expert, but I suspect the government will have to file all incidents until they have built a case. Until then, the taxpayer is funding this subversion.



Dutch school staff scared sh**less of muslim students

This is a very important video. Please check this article for one aspect of it, but its what is not said here that matters.

It should be known that this video was pulled off of Youtube and replaced with a very banal version which does not show the total fear the teachers have of all the muslims and dos not show how the Muslim student explains that you cannot say Mohammad was a pedophile because you simply cannot talk like that about “allah”.

Fortunately, the translator had a copy of the original one so we could title it. The lesson in that is clear. If you see any video anywhere that is of value to the truth and a problem for the forced Neo-Marxist agenda, download and save it.

Thank you C. for this translation and video.

German father and son, disgusted with forced Islam in school books

Thank you Nash Montana for this great find.

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Geert Wilders has questions for his fellow parliamentarians over new revision-history text books

Written Parliamentary questions of Wilders, De Graaf and Beertema (all PVV) to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment  and the two ministers of Education, Culture and Science:


Have you heard about ‘another history forgery in Dutch schoolbook’ *?


What is the reason behind concealing the most important history of Jerusalem (Jewish history) in the VMBO book ‘Plein M’?


For what purpose is a large part of the Jewish history of the Middle East, such as the pogroms and massacres by Muslim Arabs and the expulsion of Jews, as well as the Armenian genocide and discrimination against Christians omitted in the same book?


Do you agree with the history forgery that is committed in the book in question? If so, why and if not, why not?


Do you share our opinion that to conceal, during history and society lessons, the suffering of Jews and Christians in the Middle East – mostly by Muslims – and to conceal the most important history concerning Jerusalem, contributes to the creation of and maintaining a false image concerning Jews and Judaism and thus fosters anti-Semitism in society? If not, why not?


Are you prepared to persuade the schools using the book in question to throw this book in the trash and to ensure that students are taught in a historically correct way about the history of Judaism, the Middle East and Jerusalem? If not, why not?