It May Not Be “Formal Doctrine,” But the Marine Corps Is Teaching Islamic Law

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Written by: Diana West
Thursday, December 01, 2011 12:28 PM 

“Hey Jack, which way to Mecca?”

Peter Arno, The New Yorker, 1938

This week’s syndicated column:

Having written countless columns and blog posts arguing that the see-no-Islam counterinsurgency strategy (COIN) has led to failure in two wars in the umma and the dhimmification of the U.S. military, it’s almost funny to see the debate more or less officially joined over my recent column on what appears to be simply the gross-out, PG-13 movie topic of peeing toward Mecca. Or, rather, not peeing toward Mecca.

The latter is the lesson that an Afghan Muslim contractor has been teaching Marines before they deploy to Afghanistan, in accordance with an Islamic canonical hadith called “The Prohibition of Facing the Qiblah When Relieving Oneself.” But maybe the debate had to take this excretory turn with the Pentagon awash in the phony fundamentals of Greg Mortenson’s discredited “Three Cups of Tea.”

Scatological or not, what we are talking about here is an untenable invasion of privacy of American citizens in uniform via religious dictate as taught by the U.S. Marine Corps.

The Nov. 28 print edition of Marine Corps Times carries both an article and a lead editorial on what the paper is politely calling “excretory etiquette” regarding Marines and Mecca – which, incidentally, is about 2,000 miles from Afghanistan. But this isn’t just about etiquette. Given its Islamic religious derivation, the Marines’ excretory instruction strikes me as a violation of religious freedom. Who is the U.S. Marine Corps to instruct American citizens to bring their personal hygiene practices into accord with Islamic law? The Corps in this case is acting as a vehicle of Islamic law, which comprehensively rules on all manner of personal habits, as well as on civil and legal affairs.

Needless to say, the Marine Corps doesn’t see it that way. Its spokesmen have contended narrowly that this lesson taught by a contractor (hired by the Corps) isn’t “formal Marine Corps doctrine,” as the Marine Corps Times editorial puts it. Formal or not, the editors also don’t think this Marine Shariah (Islamic law) is a bad idea. Headlined “Respect differences,” the editorial states: “Thing is, there’s value to this sort of insight.” Perhaps in the name of respecting “differences”?

Heavens, no. This is all about respecting Islam, not “differences.” After all, if it were about “differences,” the respect in question would extend to the non-Islamic belief that not all bodily functions taking place on planet Earth must key off the location of a town in Saudi Arabia. To each his own.

That’s not the editorial’s subject. The value, it says, comes “in light of the tense conditions under which both groups must coexist.”

Tense conditions – as in border firefights? Roadside bombs? No, again. The editorial refers to tensions between Muslims and infidels inside the wire. “Consider that in the last four years,” the editorial continues, “nearly 60 coalition troops have been killed by their Afghan counterparts.”

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Ohio bans pork for all prisoners after Muslim inmate sues to get halal food

From Jihad Watch:

Here yet again we see dhimmi authorities responding to Islamic supremacist demands by effectively imposing Sharia restrictions upon non-Muslims. An update on this story. “Ohio’s response to Muslim lawsuit over prison meal preparation riles state pork industry,” by Andrew Welsh-Huggins for the Associated Press, October 5 (thanks to Twostellas):

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A decision by Ohio officials to remove all pork products from prison menus in response to a lawsuit by Muslim inmates is not sitting well with the state’s pork producers and processors.

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Ontario government issues orders to be extra special to Muslims during Ramadan. The usual racism of lower expectations.

To be honest, this is the first time I have seen Michael Coren not be up to his usual standard on these issues. Not that I disagree with him, but I think he failed on the main point.

In a free country, Canada being one of the very last ones, religion is a choice.

This means that people can choose to observe whatever religious ritual they want to (providing its legal of course) and no government forces them to do it.

This means that we, the rest of us, need not go one-bloody-inch out of our way to accommodate it. I can, and will, eat a nice big ham sandwich and a cold beer next to a fasting Jew or Muslim or whatever anytime it suits me. Because it is his choice to fast and I have no obligation to adjust my own schedule or choices one inch.

Frankly, if we do adjust our own freedoms for these ‘accomodations’ it is for one of a few reasons all of which are awful.

1. The racism of lower expectations.

We figure these people, whoever they are, sort of have to do these things. They have no real agency like ‘we do’ so of course, we bend to them. It’s only fair right? Cause they are too stupid or primitive to make a real choice. Such is the thinking of the racism of lower expectations.

2. We are subservient to them and their customs.

In this case, commonly called, ‘dhimmitude’, the non-Muslims must acknowledge the supremacy of Islam and bend to its adherents customs, even when it is not done in Islamic lands. Such as footbaths in airports which they do not even have in Saudi Arabia. But they do now in the USA

3. These rituals and so on are actually mandated by law as they are in many Islamic countries. In these cases, you are not in a free country and then yes, special care should be given to people forced to observe a lot of crap they may or may not believe in because hell they had no choice in it.

But this is Canada. People choose to wear a certain kind of linen on their heads for reasons of religion or cultural identification. They choose to sacrifice something like lunch for a couple of weeks to show devotion to a pirate and rapist from 1400 years ago, and also, to make dinner more fun.

Whatever it is people choose to do for the sake of religion or culture is their choice. It will have no impact on any of mine.

And this has nothing to do with ‘being nice’.
It is about preserving the freedom to make those choices as well as not make them.


Hizbut Tahrir: from businessmen to housewives, a movement for the “Islamization” of Asia


The group aims to create a global Caliphate, uniting all Muslims under Shariah. Where al Qaeda has failed, a group in expansion from China to Indonesia may succeed. It attracts members of the middle class, elite intellectuals and women, targeting the secular and democratic system “from within”.

Jakarta (AsiaNews / Agencies) – The Islamic movement Hizbut Tahrir, already present in many nations of the world, could succeed where the project of setting up al-Qaeda terror network created by Osama bin Laden failed to become a supranational body, capable of spreading a radical vision of Islam and unite the Muslims around the world (in a Caliphate), under Shariah (Islamic law). To reach their goal, the group’s leaders have identified a target of people thus far relegated – often – to the edge of the fight against extremism: university students, businessmen, professionals, engineers and even housewives. A network composed of white collar fundamentalist and a far cry from the image of the illiterate, poor fighter raised according to the fanatical jihadist version of the teachings of the Koran.

Active in 45 countries in the world today the Hizbut Tahrir movement is expanding, especially in Asia, spreading the radical Muslim vision from Malaysia to China. It is aimed at middle and upper classes, the elite leadership and while its project of the creation of an Islamic “umma” still seems far away, it is already undermines governments’ struggle to control extremism and promote a system of democratic government, as is clearly the case in Indonesia. Continue Reading →

My Experiences with a Danish Sharia-Zone

From Gates of Vienna:

Below is an article published last Sunday by a former Danish leftist, who writes about sharia-controlled zones in his old neighborhood in Århus.

Many thanks to Steen for the tip, and to Nemo for the translation.

Cultural enrichment in Gellerupparken

My Experiences with a Danish Sharia-Zone
by Dan Ritto

On the front page of today’s edition of [Danish newspaper] Ekstra-Bladet you can see the headline ‘Here, sharia law applies’, and a map of the areas of the country where the imams and so-called cultural societies have established an alternative judicial system based on sharia law.

One of these areas is Gellerupparken, where I used to live and participate in what I thought was an effort to integrate immigrants into society. A feature article in the newspaper says that according to experts, these areas will, in the course of 10-15 years, be anti-democratic. I’ll stipulate that depending on what you mean by “democratic”, Gellerup has already turned that corner.

Unfortunately, the criticisms coming from Islam-sceptics like myself are almost always swept off the table with the remark that we are stupid and ignorant. Therefore in the following I will present my credentials and background for talking about conditions in Gellerup, so that the readers themselves can judge whether I am ignorant or not.

When I returned home from seminary in London in 2004, I had no possessions except for some boxes with my books in them — and the clothes on my back. I had no money and no place to live. A couple of months later I got my apartment — in Gellerupparken, because back then as now it was very quick and easy to get an apartment there. On top of that the apartments were actually surprisingly lovely, in spite of the reputation the area had.

After some time I became an active member of the society called ‘Multikulturel Forening’ [Multicultural Society]. I even became its vice-president. But before then, very soon after moving in, actually, I had new neighbours. It was a very nice guy who moved in along with his family — among them a son in a wheelchair. No one in the family spoke any language other that Arabic, so I never got to talk to any of them. But they always greeted me with big smiles and a lot of warmth, and they as well as the master of the house made a fantastic impression. His name was Shaykh Raed Hlayhel. Shaykh Hlayhel was imam in the mosque on Grimshøjvej, but that interested me little back then. Later, when the whole cartoon crisis erupted, I learned with amazement that my good neighbour was one of the imams who travelled and spread lies about Denmark throughout the Middle East.

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Welcome to Tower Hamlets

From The New English Review:


H/T Snaphanen

by Esmerelda Weatherwax (September 2011)

Why I am going to Tower Hamlets on Saturday.

I am of an old East End family. We define the East End as the three old boroughs of Bethnal Green, Stepney and Poplar which since 1965 make up the current London Borough of Tower Hamlets, plus that area of Shoreditch around Shoreditch Church which since 1965 is part of the London Borough of Hackney. Although my mother was born in Hoxton (which is adjacent to, but not part of, the East End) where my grandfather had a market stall, her parents were born in Bethnal Green as were all of my father’s family. My cousins and I have traced many lines of our families back to the 18thcentury. We span 4 centuries and 10 generations in the area, at least. Welcome to my ancestoral homeland.

The East End encompassed London docks which meant that people have always arrived from all over the world and many settled nearby. Just in the relatively small circle of my own family history, through blood, marriage, kinship or family friendship I know of Irish, Welsh, Italian, Scottish, Jewish, Polish and Russian, French Huguenot, Indian, West Indian and Yorkshire. Every group that came to the East End brought their own customs. The Huguenot influence can be seen in our love of bright colours of clothing and the flowers of our little gardens, even if the only garden available was a yard or a veranda. The Jewish influence is famous and goes far beyond the food and the delicatessens (and bread). Limehouse was Chinatown for many years although it is now in Gerrard Street W1. They integrated while giving us the best of their culture. Until recent years.

Sylheti speaking seamen from the nation now called Bangladesh came through the docks even before the Second World War. During the war a mosque opened along Whitechapel Road for their use and that of other Muslims. From the late 1960s onwards more came and brought their families. But they didn’t integrate. The East London Mosque now covers the whole block between Plumbers Row and the Whitechapel Bell Foundry to the east, New Street to the west, Whitechapel Road to the north and Fieldgate Street to the south, other than the small and valiant Great Fieldgate Street Synagogue which the mosque covets but cannot have.

It isn’t the size of the Mosque complex (they are now building upwards, nine floors and counting) which is cause for concern, however, but the nature of their speakers and preachers, the malign influence of the Islamic Forum of Europe, the corruption of local politics and the imposition of Sharia law. The Telegraph Journalist Andrew Gilligan chronicles this regularly.

The following are a few the reasons why the English Defence League will be rallying in Tower Hamlets next week. The Home Secretary Theresa May, at the request of the Metropolitan Police, acting under the orders of the notorious Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor (for elected mayor, read Islamic dictator) has banned any march for a month through 5 London boroughs, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Hackney and Islington. So the demonstration will be a static one, which is our democratic right from which we cannot be banned.

Imposition of a Sharia controlled Zone.

I photographed these in Ford Square and nearby Sidney Street.

The treatment of Women

The hijab is near universal. The niqab is imposed on women in greater numbers than in Bangladesh itself.

In April a pharmacy assistant, not a Muslim and married to a Christian was threatened, as was the chemist shop where she worked under Hindu management, if she did not adopt a veil and Islamic dress code. “If she keeps working here and continues to dress like that, then we will boycott you because this is a Muslim area,” the chemist’s owner was told.

Advertising posters for swimming costumes have had burkas painted on to them. The same young man responsible for some of the anti gay stickers we spotted in October last year, about which more later, has also been convicted of criminal damage to advertising hoardings. But he is not alone.

The niqab is imposed as compulsory school uniform on girls as young as 11 at the Madani Islamic girls school in Mrydle Street behind the East London Mosque. I witnessed a young girl tearing off the face covering as she turned the corner of the road when I was there last year. At the time I thought she was waiting until she was out of sight of the mosque; I now suspect she was hurrying out of sight of her school.

I photographed these women entering and leaving the pupil’s gate of the school before the summer holiday began in July. Inset top left, the school address.

I can only conclude that this arrangement below which I photographed in Poplar in July is designed to allow the women of this ground floor flat to reach the veils and other garments just visible on the washing line at the far left above the curtains without having to don a previously laundered niqab before venturing into the sunshine.

These incidents do not stand alone. Others can be found by searching my blog articles going back to 2006.

Treatment of gays.

The most obvious example is the declaration, some months prior to the Sharia Controlled Zone, that Tower Hamlets is a “Gay Free Zone” My daughter spotted this sticker left at the Aldgate end of Whitechapel in October, and right in Sidney Street in August.

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Street Prayers in France spreading fast and to everywhere.

I just got an email from one of our French corespondents with a link to the video below and this description of what is taking place. I might be able to translate any French in it later if it is necessary. Thanks to M L for sending me this information.


on Monday, August 1st, 2011, from 10 to 11 PM, we have spotted 40 to 50 Muslims praying in front of a buiding, on the Vercingétorix street, No105, in the 14th district of Paris.
During the 30 days of ramadan, each evening, thousands of Muslims pray in the streets of Paris, in many different locations.
Now, everywhere in Paris, people can walk on Muslims praying illegally on the ground, or on the sidewalks, or in front of a building.
This proves that the situation is worsening very fast in France, and it’s not a surprise, since more than 300,000 Muslims enter our country each year (half of them legally, the other half illegally)

English version:

More on the mosqueteria- Canadian Islamist groups praise TDSB for taking a ‘principled’, sharia stand.

It should come as little surprise that Canadian Islamist groups are gushing with glee over the Toronto District School Board’s decision to play host to the illegal cafeteria-cum- mosque, it’s travelling Imam and the gender apartheid, Muslim menses ban set-up at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto. I especially love their references to the importance of human rights.

It appears the legal beagles over at the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association must have opted to appear for Friday prayer instead of attending the classes which directly reference sections 15 and 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteeing equality and gender equality respectively. Continue Reading →


Here is the first part of Mark Steyn’s article on the Toronto publicly funded, Islamicly correct, Mosqueteria at Valley Park Middle school.. As usual, Mr. Steyn is insightful, witty, and makes important points that deserve to be factored in on any actual policies on these issues.

Steyn on Culture Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Take a look at this photograph. It appeared in The Toronto Star’s education section on Saturday:


It’s the scene every Friday at the cafeteria of Valley Park Middle School in Toronto. That’s not a private academy, it’s a public school funded by taxpayers. And yet, oddly enough, what’s going on is a prayer service – oh, relax, it’s not Anglican or anything improper like that; it’s Muslim Friday prayers, and the Toronto District School Board says don’t worry, it’s just for convenience: They put the cafeteria at the local imams’ disposal because otherwise the kids would have to troop off to the local mosque and then they’d be late for Lesbian History class or whatever subject is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

The picture is taken from the back of the cafeteria. In the distance are the boys. They’re male, so they get to sit up front at prayers. Behind them are the girls. They’re female, so they have to sit behind the boys because they’re second-class citizens – not in the whole of Canada, not formally, not yet, but in the cafeteria of a middle school run by the Toronto District School Board they most certainly are.

And the third row? The ones with their backs to us in the foreground of the picture? Well, let the Star’s caption writer explain:

At Valley Park Middle School, Muslim students participate in the Friday prayer service. Menstruating girls, at the very back, do not take part.

Oh. As Kathy Shaidle says:

Yep, that’s part of the caption of the Toronto Star photo.

Yes, the country is Canada and the year is 2011.

Just so. Not some exotic photojournalism essay from an upcountry village in Krappistan. But a typical Friday at a middle school in the largest city in Canada. I forget which brand of tampon used to advertise itself with the pitch “Now with new [whatever] you can go horse-riding, water-ski-ing, ballet dancing, whatever you want to do”, but perhaps they can just add the tag: “But not participate in Friday prayers at an Ontario public school.”

Some Canadians will look at this picture and react as Miss Shaidle did, or Tasha Kheiriddin in The National Post:

Is this the Middle Ages? Have I stumbled into a time warp, where “unclean” women must be prevented from “defiling” other persons? It’s bad enough that the girls at Valley Park have to enter the cafeteria from the back, while the boys enter from the front, but does the entire school have the right to know they are menstruating?

But a lot of Canadians will glance at the picture and think, “Aw, diversity, ain’t it a beautiful thing?” – no different from the Sikh Mountie in Prince William’s escort. And even if they read the caption and get to the bit about a Toronto public school separating menstruating girls from the rest of the student body and feel their multiculti pieties wobbling just a bit, they can no longer quite articulate on what basis they’re supposed to object to it. Indeed, thanks to the likes of Ontario “Human Rights” Commission chief commissar Barbara Hall, the very words in which they might object to it have been all but criminalized.

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“It’s not for politicians to decide” -Tim Hudak

Blazing Cat Fur busts the self named conservatives for being what they really are. Cowards. I also wonder who to vote for this election. Its slim pickings at this point.

Ontario Tories on Muslim prayer in schools: it’s not for politicians to decide

“Progressive Conservative critic Elizabeth Witmer said her party had no intention to bringing up religion in schools in the upcoming election, noting that this case is specific to one school board and it was up to them to sort out.  “We have indicated that we would not be bringing this (faith-based funding) forward again, we feel that the people did speak last time and our position is that this is an issue that the Toronto board needs to deal with,” she said.”

Please go to Blazing for the rest

Toronto’s fourth Journey of Faith Conference. Where you too can find tolerance through Islam’s Revelations and Prophetic Traditions!

Written by Grace

As the Toronto Star makes a brief mention of the Journey of Faith conference in Toronto this weekend, Xtra!, Canada’s gay and lesbian news offers a more in depth look into the organizations promotion of ” the understanding of Islam through the Revelations and the Prophetic Traditions.

While hundreds of thousands will be celebrating Pride this weekend, down the street the Metro Toronto Convention Centre an Ontario Crown Corporation, will play host to the popular, annual religious conference. Last year’s Journey of Faith conference saw over 10,000 Muslims and a scattering of non-muslims in attendance, all eager to take in themany speeches of renowned Islamic scholars from around the world.

If you’re at all confused by Islam, are a non-muslim interested in learning more about the faith or ever wanted to see what Islam truly teaches and what its values and principles are, the organizers at Journey of Faith extend a special invitation just for you! Forget Gay Pride-this is the place to be. Admission is free for non-Muslims and all are welcome to bring the kids, enjoy the crafts bazzar, assorted treats and who knows- maybe you’ll be lucky enough to sheikh hands with some prominent speakers imported from abroad.

So take some diversity time before lunch on Saturday or break away on Sunday to learn more about the most ‘misunderstood religion on earth’. Get to know some scholars and what they preach. Unsure of what to see first? How about taking in Dr. Bilal Philip’s lecture entitled Emman Town. The Journey of Faith site describes it as:

“Imagine a city of Faith, teeming with religious conviction, compassion, and cooperation. Dr. Bilal Philips will impart the blueprint of Madeenatur-Rasool (the city of the Prophet) to help us transform our homes, Mosques, schools and entire societies into powerhouses of Emaan, gleaming with and spreading the light of Islam. Join Dr. Bilal for the communal change of a lifetime”.

This esteemed popular scholar, teacher and author was born Dennis Bradley Philips in Kingston, Jamaica. At age 11 he moved to Canada settling down with his family. Before his conversion to Islam in 1972 he was a Communist Party activist. He graduated from the Islamic University of Medina with a BA and later obtained an MA in Islamic theology from the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He now lives in Qatar and comes back to Canada to occasionally lecture. Continue Reading →

Grace: A few questions for the Toronto public school that has a mosqueteria on Fridays.

Grace left a comment under the story about the Toronto public school that I thought was worthy of being a post on it’s own. However I think I could add a few questions of my own and will in the comments. Please feel free to add your own:

From Vlad author, Grace:

No group should expect to have their religious needs met in any public secular institution, especially schools. There is no other religion in Canada that demands so much from our secular institutions. No pork products in school cafeterias, halal cafeteria menus for all school children, female-only swim times in public pools, demands for special clothing requirements in gym, calls for exemptions from music classes, calls for segregated phys-ed, niqabis insisting that their male classmates either be removed from class or they turn their backs in their presence and now, the demand for separate prayer rooms in public schools outfitted with mats and Qur’ans.

I have a few questions. First of all, where do these Muslim kids wash before and after praying in the cafeteria? Is time set aside for that requirement with basins and towels provided along the same lunch counter that burgers and fries are dished out? Are teachers mandated to help shift around tables and chairs to make room on the floor when they resist staying after school hours to assist in extra-curricular sports/drama activities? Are boys only allowed to attend and if so, where do Muslim girls go to pray- are they relegated to the bathroom? Who has paid for the mats and Qura’ns? Were they purchased from the school budget while other designated ‘special’ activities are paid through fundraising? And what of the sanitation issue of kids walking around the cafeteria floor with their socks on? Students eat in this common room. Any parent whose had children knows well that even the cleanest of feet can exit sneakers smelling like a garbage dump, not to mention the fact that numerous arses have been uplifted toward mecca.

And what of the fact that praying can be done and is often done, without having to go to any special room? Surely some kid can say a few silent swipes of the Qur’an as he’s walking from one class to another.

If a room is to be designated for religious purposes, then I suggest one multi-faith room be open to all students on Fridays. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Baha’i, Hindu, Sikh, Scientologist, Rastafarian, atheists, etc. could share the space. Of course, the Muslims would hate this, and no doubt would be highly offended that the infidels would be using their special place to carry on their wicked, idol worship. But if we’re to accommodate one, we’ll have to accommodate all, and if that’s unsuitable to them, they are free to stop using taxpayer funded public schools as makeshift mosques and fund their own schools.