“It’s not for politicians to decide” -Tim Hudak

Blazing Cat Fur busts the self named conservatives for being what they really are. Cowards. I also wonder who to vote for this election. Its slim pickings at this point.

Ontario Tories on Muslim prayer in schools: it’s not for politicians to decide

“Progressive Conservative critic Elizabeth Witmer said her party had no intention to bringing up religion in schools in the upcoming election, noting that this case is specific to one school board and it was up to them to sort out.  “We have indicated that we would not be bringing this (faith-based funding) forward again, we feel that the people did speak last time and our position is that this is an issue that the Toronto board needs to deal with,” she said.”

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3 Replies to ““It’s not for politicians to decide” -Tim Hudak”

  1. If not the politicians then who? The politicians raise hell when the parents try doing anything about what the schools are doing.

  2. They are right, it is a school board issue. The school can invite whoever it wants to speak with students. Marijuana activists have been invited before. Definitely religious and political groups have been invited before. It is educational. You can have christian clubs too. Who is watching what the schools are doing? The students are. The parents are. The parents are welcome to complain to the trustees. The trustees can then vote to shut down the Islamic indoctrination sessions. I sincerely hope that they do just that. The school has the right to deny the activity, that is for sure. And, the activity contravenes the Ontario Education Act, which states that no indoctrination in a particular religion will take place in our public schools. The Charter DOES NOT trump this one, since freedom of religion is not precluded by telling the kids to pray privately, or after school. Anyhow, the issue is bigger than this. Islam is a code of laws. These laws conflict with our own. We need to stop Islam.

  3. The politicians won’t let the parents or students do anything that is politically incorrect, since they have taken the power from the people it is up to them to protect them.

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