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8 Replies to “Australian Government paying for the spread of sharia law”

  1. And so the disease of Islime spreads aided by corrupt people in high places. Don’t these traitorous pieces of filth even care for the future of their own children, or are they just too dim as not to realise the outcome of grovelling to paedophile worshippers.

  2. The mayor of Darebin council (aka Dahwabin council) is a headbanger herself, so no great surprise here. The astonishing piece is how brazen they are to turn this federal grant on its head. Good on the journo from C7 T/T for exposing this most decpicable element of the story.

  3. Absolute and total Bull crap. We completely understand the Muslims and Islam. That is why we question these idiotic decisions. And no, this does not, let me repeat, does not benefit everyone. Assimilate. Period.

  4. The Anzacs started crying many decades ago, when perfidious Albion, for which they and they sons and daughters fought, joined the EU and made the ex-servicemen and their progeny, being Aussie, queue to go through the foreigners’ gates at UK airports – the ultimate betrayal of Australia, as indeed of New Zealand and Canada. So much for loyalty to kith and kin.

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