Toronto District School Board vetoes book about Islamic-state sex-slaves because it may cause Islamophobia

Yes. Really. The Toronto District School board, which long time readers of this site may remember from such stories as the Mosqueteria, where boys are in the front, girls behind, and menstruating girls right at the back, now have banned a book by a woman who was kidnapped and made into a sex slave by the Islamic State because factually stating the motives for her treatment, may cause rational fear for those motives. AKA “Islamophobia”.

Let’s have a look see at the logo for the TDSB, shall we?

Look familiar?

This site has monitored quite a history of submission to Islam by a public school board, Specifically the Toronto District School Board.

This latest breach of reality and freedom not just of speech, but freedom for an oppressed woman to speak of her own personal experience is a powerful milestone of the degradation of Canadian culture, law and society.

13 years ago, Christopher Hitchens saw this coming. Well lots of us did, but he put it rather well.


After intense debate, Muslim prayers now officially allowed in Ontario schools

Children and Youth Services minister, Michael Coteau, delivered an inherently contradictory statement to the Press, justifying the end of a secular school system in Ontario, stating:

“there’s just no tolerance for discrimination of any sort” along with Education Minister, Mitzie Hunter.

Apparently discrimination against those that believe in a fair and secular school board is allowed however.

The Toronto Star explains:

At issue in the Peel public board is some schools providing space for Muslim students to pray as a group, on Fridays. The practice has been going on for two decades — as it has in some Toronto public schools — but only recently been targeted by critics by way of protest and petitions demanding the 20 minutes of group prayer, called Jummah, be banned.

Critics believe it leads to segregation among students and inappropriate exposure to religion in a secular school system.

But Hunter and Coteau said allowing such prayers are in full compliance with the human rights code and mandatory board religious accommodation guidelines.

“We encourage parents and students to have an ongoing dialogue with their schools if an accommodation is required or whether there are concerns,” they wrote.

The #Quran was torn to shreds in a meeting at Peel District School Board (Mississauga, #Ontario) where parents demanded the school to ban the Muslim Friday prayer.

black Pigeon speaks:

Thanks Buck for the BPS vid.

Muslim students get attention through “provoking prayer” – fuss at Wuppertal Gymnasium

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German news site:

– There are problems in a Wuppertal Gymnasium due to “provoking prayer” by muslim students

– The school administration issued a ban and told teachers to turn in students who didn’t follow the ban

– The internal notification about the ban made it into the public eye and caused indignation

– The district government says: The ban is legal

Wuppertal. Turmoil about the Johannes Rau Gymnasium in Wuppertal: An internal notification by the school administration to the desk of the teachers made its way into the public eye and it has been shared on Facebook and discussed dozens of times.

The controversial content: “In the past weeks it has been increasingly observed how muslim students were very visibly, for others, praying on school grounds, signalled through the ritual washing in the toilets (bathrooms), the unrolling of prayer carpets, the taking of certain body postures. This is not allowed.”

The teachers were also asked to “report” cases to the school administration and to “determine” the names. That sounds like language the Police would use. Are muslim students being discriminated here because of their religious practice? There are huge accusations on the internet.

This is what the district government says:

The school didn’t want to make a statement. But the responsible district government Düsseldorf confirmed to us: The notification is real, it was written on February 16th. The issue is “provoking prayer” of muslim students within the school grounds. Fellow students and teachers felt encroached by this behavior. So much so that the school administration took action.

“The ban of prayer in provoking manner within the public school view should support peaceful togetherness and peace at school”, the district government writes in its statement.

The school only wanted to collect the names of the relevant students in order to talk to them about alternative solutions such as a prayer room.

Is the prayer ban legal?

Yes, said the district government. “The school principal does have the right within the frame of school domiciliary rights. Upholding Constitutional demand for the functioning of peaceful school activity and education, Article 5 GG, surpasses freedom of religion.” It is a similar case with mandatory swimming lessons at school. Here, too, female muslim students have to take part – even if that should go against their possible religious customs.

Wrong impression

The district government now tries to prevent a “wrong impression”. The gymnasium is known for its grand engagement for the integration of students of different religions and countries of origin.

But on the other hand, they are not entirely standing behind the school: The choice of words in the internal memo are seen as “unfortunate” by the district government. The school now has to report back to the government about their next steps in this matter.

“Provoking prayer” – is this a problem at other schools as well?

Around the district Düsseldorf there are no further cases known, says press spokesperson Dagmar Gross.

Dispatches Channel4 show on Islamic infiltration of UK schools

First, here are a couple of links that should bring you to the show.

1. The official one which only works if you are in the UK.

2. This one which kinda works everywhere but you may have to close some annoying adds and try a few times but it does play. (Better links will likely appear sooner or later)

Those of you who know how to use a VPN may want to set their location for somewhere in England and watch it on the original link.

This documentary starts out fairly well and does some reasonable exposing of some of the horror that takes place at schools now run by islamic authority. But it quickly turns on Jewish and Christian schools and tries to make the moral equivalence, if not directly by inference, that not teaching evolution as fact is equivalent to a Muslim school having speakers in who advocate murder of homosexuals and islamic supremacy etc. etc.

Yes, one of the most extreme sects of Jews seem to have underground schools where kids are taught in substandard buildings and probably do not get the standard British education among other things, and, if it is as presented, it should be stopped immediately. But the Christian schools in their example just taught creation in science class, (which is wrong no matter what you believe, as creation is a faith based idea and non-quantifiable and therefore not science even if true) and cannot be compared to what takes place in these muslim schools.

It is unfortunate that in the interest of ‘balance’ they had to pretty much destroy some solid points they made and expose some genuine problems which are a threat to British societies and even sovereignty by comparing it to annoying but relatively banal problems that no-doubt do exist in other faith based schools.

When they can find a Jewish or Christian school that advocates killing of the other, of treating music as a crime or one of the other myriad issues at Muslim schools which are anathema to British culture and history and law, then they can be included. Sadly though, by the end, it looked like a kind of dhimmitude on the part of the video maker as they tried to hard to say that it didn’t represent real islam, and that other religions do this too without any sort of percentage that might give a hint as to how widespread it might be across these faith groups.

In any case, its worth watching even if it makes you angry by the end.

Eeyore for Vlad



Melbourne Uni: Menstruating Women Squat in the Back!

Sheik Yer Mami:


Women’s Lib, what it really means:

When a certain faith insists on segregation in public buildings…. well, go right ahead:

THE University of Melbourne has declined to condemn gender segregation at public events held by Islamic organisations at its Parkville campus… (Andrew Bolt)

Take a look at this photograph. It appeared in The Toronto Star‘s education section

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Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault: Girl’s Hand Cut in Forced ‘Islamic Hand Sign’ Drill (Updated)

An elementary school teacher in Chesapeake, Va. has been charged with simple assault after a parent claimed her daughter’s hand was cut open as a result of the teacher yanking her arm aggressively while trying to teach students an “Islamic hand sign.”

Officer Leo Kosinski, a spokesman for the Chesapeake Police Department, told TheBlaze that Tara Harris was criminally charged with a misdemeanor on Oct. 11 and released on a summons. The case is currently under investigation.

“It’s still a criminal charge. It happened at the school and it involved a student,” Kosinski said. The police department could not release any additional information.

Tara Harris Charged With Assault After Stephanie Bennett Says Daughter Cut Hand in Islami Hand Sign Drill

Tara Harris and her husband Dale. Photo credit: WAVY

Stephanie Bennett, the mother of the 10-year-old girl who was allegedly assaulted at Butts Road Intermediate School, told TheBlaze in an emotional phone interview that Harris has a disturbing trend of “indoctrinating” students with Islamic teachings. She also said the teacher openly campaigns for President Barack Obama in the classroom.

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The mother said her daughter told her that Harris “prays to Allah in Arabic” around five times a day in front of students and teaches them about Islam and how it is superior to other religions. Bennett claims other parents have confirmed her suspicions after talking with their kids.

Muslims want permanent prayer rooms high schools

The Sun:

MTS principal Ana Paula Fernandes stands in what will soon become a muslim prayer room at the catholic school in London, Ont. on Wednesday Sept. 12, 2012. Up to 15 students will use the room for Friday prayers.

Credits: DEREK RUTTAN/The London Free Press/QMI AGENCY


OTTAWA — While Ottawa high schools profess to offer prayer rooms for Muslim students, an Islamic leader says they don’t have a permanent space and are often relegated to small classrooms, if they can get space at all.

Washim Ahmed is the Islamic director of Carleton University’s Muslim Students’ Association and he leads a prayer service at more than half a dozen public high schools in Ottawa on Fridays.
But he said none of the schools have permanent prayer rooms, and they’re often shuffled between classrooms or the gym, depending on what’s available.

Sometimes, he said there simply isn’t a room they can use.

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Ottawa Mosqueterias, attempts to expose them, and the hypocrites who claim it is a religious freedom

First, it helps to understand the story that broke, by Blazing Cat Fur of course, in the past few days about the Ottawa Schools who, like the now famous Toronto public school, breaks Canadian law on not having religious services on school property, and especially not when school is in session and doubly so when they are exclusive to one group and double-double when it discriminates against girls and then again menstruating girls. Simply un-canadian values. At leas as those values were before the great hijra.

Now it might be wise to look at one of the principal (pun actually intended this time) people who is running interference at any attempt to stop Islamic prayer services in Ottawa public schools, one of whom is Aisha Sherazi

She was in fact the principal of a Muslim school that got caught up in quite a bit of controversy in 2005.

I would like to take this opportunity to bang a drum of my own before the pastes of the various newspaper articles (Thanks Shab!) below.

The notion of religious freedom was never meant to mean that anyone can do anything they want so long as they called it a religion. It very simply meant that governments could not persecute you as an individual because you chose to hold different beliefs on matters supernatural than your neighbor or what the state might hold. Technically it was really meant to mean, ‘you can be both kinds of religion if you want. Catholic OR Protestant”.

It was most certainly never meant to allow people to break national, or municipal laws because you claim it is your religion to do so. For those people, there is always a flight  to somewhere that allows whatever it is you feel you must do. And hell, if you aren’t willing to make that small sacrifice for your religion, then do you really believe that stuff you say? Or if you are not willing to adapt to Canadian values and laws, then are you really a contributing citizen?

Now on the the articles:

While the links to the Ottawa Citizen stories are dead now, I happen to have the text of the entire article here… (Again, thanks Shab!)

Province to investigate school after student’s anti-Semitic report
Ministry responds to fear of Islamic schools becoming ‘incubators of hate’

Juliet O’Neill

The Ottawa Citizen

Friday, March 25, 2005

CREDIT: Wayne Cuddington, The Ottawa Citizen

Principal Aisha Sherazi of Abraar Islamic School at 1085 Grenon Ave. has had to deal with a lot of fallout over the contentious story written by a child attending the school.

Ontario Education Minister Gerard Kennedy launched an investigation yesterday into the “deeply disturbing” situation at the Abraar Islamic School after two teachers were suspended for their involvement in a young student’s writing project, which glorified martyrdom and violence against Jews.
Mr. Kennedy said he hoped an Education Department supervisor’s investigation “into what is going on” at the private school will find this is an isolated incident. He also said it could lead to a reference to the Ottawa police for a hate crimes investigation. He said the government is also looking into its powers to deregister a private school. If the teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, they may lose their certification. Continue Reading →

Blazing Cat Fur: Mosqueteria Madness: CSIS Report – Teens Being Radicalized In High Schools

TORONTO — A newly released intelligence report warns that teenagers are being exposed to Islamist extremism in Canadian high schools.

In an Intelligence Assessment, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says that in two recent cases, suspects charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act “appear to have been radicalized in part while attending Canadian secondary school institutions.

Please click through to BCF for the rest of this article.