Convicted killers, rapists and paedophiles cleared to stay in Australia

I am working on a story which I hope will involve an interview with a fellow who was recently, within the last 48 hours actually, deported from Australia. In fact so recently he may still be in the air under Australian police escort as we speak. He did not commit any crimes at all however and was a successful business man there. Please keep this in mind as you read the story below.  I hope to have the story I spoke of, ready tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, for some perspective:

From the Herald Sun:

     DOZENS of foreigners who committed despicable crimes in Australia have escaped deportation because of a tribunal’s rulings.

Convicted killers, rapists, paedophiles, armed robbers and serial offenders who have had their visas cancelled have won the right to remain in Australia.

In the last financial year the Administrative Appeals Tribunal overturned 24 cases – reinstating serious convicted criminals’ visas that had been cancelled by the Immigration Department.

In another eight cases the tribunal told Immigration Minister Chris Bowen to reconsider the Government’s finding that the offenders were not of good character and to give them visas.

One of the most shocking cases involves Maltese-born ”DNCW”, a convicted rapist and paedophile, who settled in Victoria after moving to the country from overseas as a child.

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In 2003, in his 20s, he twice attempted to commit incest with his 12-year-old step-daughter and raped his estranged wife. He was jailed for a maximum of seven years and six months.

His other offences included theft, unlawful assault, breach of an intervention order, burglary, cultivating a narcotic plants, unlawful possession, and possession of housebreaking implements.

The tribunal allowed him to stay because he had no close relatives in Malta, barely spoke the language, was not eligible for social security in Malta and would ”suffer considerable hardship” if deported.

As well as the broken visa cases, the AAT found six permanent residents – refused citizenship by the department because of their criminal records – were of ”good character” and should become Australian citizens.

Leading criminal lawyer and Queen’s Counsel Peter Faris said the situation was ”scandalous”.

”The system is not working to protect the public and needs to be changed,” he said.

”People who have committed serious offences such as murder, manslaughter and rape should be excluded from appealing (decisions revoking their visas).

”There must be crimes that are not acceptable and therefore there can be no debate, no appeal. People such as murderers must be automatically excluded.”

But Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria chairman Sam Afra said because the criminals were in Australia, the local law that allowed them to appeal should apply.

”If they are on Australian soil and the system allows them to stay, then that is the situation,” he said.

”If they have been punished and served their time, then they must be treated like any other Australian.”

The Sunday Herald Sun understands the Government has become concerned by unelected members of the AAT reinstating the visas of criminals.

The Government said that since April serious cases had not been decided by department officials and had instead been referred directly to the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, whose decision could not be appealed in the tribunal – it had to go to the Federal Court.

Mr Bowen has cancelled eight visas and since April has notified a further eight criminals that he will cancel their visas.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said the minister should have intervened in the first place in such serious crimes to stop ensure that criminals involved in such serious crimes could not ”play the system”.

He said criminals could plead compassionate grounds to stay in Australia at the tribunal, but if the minister cancelled their visas the  matter had to go to the Federal Court, which could consider only failures of legal process.

A spokesman for the Immigration Minister refused to say whether any legal action was being taken to quash the tribunal’s controversial decisions.

But he said the Government took ”very seriously” its role to protect the Australian community from harm caused by foreigners and had in recent years cancelled or refused hundreds of visas.

”It’s obviously disappointing and concerning where the department’s visa cancellations on character grounds are overturned,” the spokesman said.

The tribunal’s principal registrar, Philip Kellow, said the organisation did not comment on individual cases.

”The tribunal is an independent body that reviews government decisions on the merits,” he said.

”It considers afresh a decision under review based on the evidence before it.”

The reasons the tribunal gave in recent rulings for letting criminals stay included that the offenders had close ties to Australia and none in their homelands or that they had prospects for rehabilitation.

One man was allowed to stay because he and his partner were expecting their 10th child in Australia.

The criminals include career offenders who started as juvenile thugs and graduated to violent crime, as well as wife-beaters, a tax evader, thieves, burglars and offenders who assaulted police.

Most of those allowed to stay are from New Zealand. Others come from such countries as Liberia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Samoa, Lebanon, South Korea, Bosnia and Fiji.

The Department has a dedicated unit which monitors judicial lists and hearing and liaises with police and correctional authorities to establish if foreigners on visas have commited crimes.

If a visa is cancelled, the person is deemed to be an ”unlawful non-citizen” and is deported as soon as possible, depending on whether they appeal.



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3 Replies to “Convicted killers, rapists and paedophiles cleared to stay in Australia”

  1. This guy is not legally resident so they deported him. Australians, Kiwis and other descendants of the colonialists get deported in their hundreds every year from the UK. EVEN IF their ancestors fought in WW1 and WW2. aEven if their ancestors are from the UK they need to have a grandparent born in the UK or Ireland. Ireland operates are similar traitorous law. You have the absurd situation of Australians of European background staying over 2years whereas the old Australian anglos have 2 years and that is it before they are aged 30. These are the grandchildren of the people that fought for the UK in the 1940s. Sorry no you can’t stay but we will let Joe whos family fought for Italian fascism against your Grand daddy stay as long as he likes on his Aussie passport. UNLIKE me or any other Australian that has great grand parents from the UK this guy Brennan is not an Australian aborigine. I, however of UK background, am an Aborigine of the UK. I remember before I was kicked out of the UK a South African girl whose grandfather died in London in the blitz but was on the same joke visa of working holiday as me. Turns out the Home Office which is probably paki controlled refused her sister the working holiday maker visa because she was already in the UK. Couldn’t have 2 of them so one had to stay in South Africa and run the risk of murder and rape.

    As far as Australia well, the Greeks are/were the biggest supporters of multiculturalism while being extremely ethnocentric themselves. The reason being immigration family reunion laws to bring in the relatives from the village especially parents and their ethno supremacism which results in low inter marriage with Anglos who they view not as Australians (despite us being mixed northern Europeans and our own culture which developed from the 1840s) but as transplanted poms. They also hold grudges against the Uk for Cyprus and its support for the Ottomans in the 19th century hence they want to uproot anything British and relegate the Australians to the “anglo” ehtnic group equal with all the other ethnic groups. In this they have fellow travellers such as Thomas Keneally, Paul Keating and the Labor Party irish descendants who have never got over the potatoe famine as well as the obvious vote buying potential of mass immigration. Since mass immigration was adopted in 1948 into Australia we have known that certain groups such as Unions, big business and government wanted more people and have known for years we will never be given a say on immigration as these vested interests have a consensus that high immigration is the policy which serves their interests. Australia imported alot of English after 1948 and the ones we got were to be honest the scum. As such our way of life of unlocked houses etc changed radically over 20 years. Now we are just like everywhere else.

    We are vigourously importing damaged people from war zones etc that are now inflicting their pain on our communities. Hence rapists etc are allowed to stay. Its in the interests of big business, socialist government, do gooders etc that this happens and collectively they are more powerful than the old red neck Australians who are now a MINORITY in Australia. Eg those with all their grandparents born in Australia would be about 25% mostly living in rural areas. Look at what they did with Hanson put her in jail for her views.

    This guy should return to Blighty and fix his own house in order and not worry about whatever life he had in the sun in Australia. UK needs people to change things there- not run.

  2. Conservative feel compassion for the victims, Liberals feel compassion for the criminals. It is easy to see which description the tribunal fits.

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