Why I Love Shannon.

O’ disbelieving enemy of Allah, read with two eyes; while you and your feral, racist, redneck, drunken yobbos are wasting your money drinking, gambling your money away, we are working hard, praying to Allah and preparing. The result is not in our hands nor yours but with Almighty God-Allah. you seem o forget that just north is the worlds largest muslim country who are also preaparing and many have pledged their loyal support to me and to Allah. We dont protest. We fight. Ibrahim Siddiq -Conlon

So my favourite out and proud “revert” – because some people can’t just “convert” like everyone else – thinks that regular aussies are quite colourful. Just not in an approving way.

As usual, Shannon Conlon has to have his say, and in this case, rather than cheering for the deaths of our soldiers, he’s threatening us with allah’s wrath.

For someone who used to be one of us, he surely has forgotten where he comes from – as a self-identifying bogan, I will confess to not drinking to excess and preferring to use manners and niceness rather than being a total feral.

About the only thing he missed calling us was drongoes, but that’s okay. I can fill in the spaces.

It’s also entertaining to see his use of the word “redneck” in the same sentence as “racist”. Redneck is racist language, but I guess those rules don’t apply any more since he became one of the Best People.

These are, of course, the Best People who believe that sharia is the be all and end all for all our woes.

Wife looking a bit disobedient? You can beat her.

Son come out of the closet in all his glory? Throw him off the roof.

Cousin decides against islam and its attendent sharia? There’s that death penalty again.

So what’s Shannon’s current bleat? He’s not happy that the ADL is having a demo up in Sydney in a couple of months’ time, and he’s made sure that Martin Brennan, the leader of the ADL knows about it.

The beauty of modern (non-sharia compliant) technology is that now everyone else knows about it too.

Too bad for him that most of us aren’t inclined to embracing sharia.

July in Sydney certainly won’t be dull.

Wish I could be there.

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  1. One thing for conlon , like choudary , he says it like it is , and not the taqqiya infested words that come out of the rests mouths in public , but who preach death to the kaffir and jihad for the caliphate in the mosques..

    He’s waking more and more aussies up to what islam really is

    Pity he has so many allies , but i’m mostly thankfull that the hard core jihadists here are racist shmucks so wont follow the “skippy”

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