EDL demos today

Good to see the lads out unafraid to be English on English soil. I mean it isn’t like they can pack up and go home is it?

Meanwhile, Muslims in Australia relive a single moment of violence, as if it was a glorious thing, over and over again. I bet if I changed the music and sped it up it would be closer to the facts.

I think Ill try it…

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  1. The last few seconds of the EDL video is the really important part eh? A marcher with his face covered is stopped and threatened with arrest if he doesn’t show his face to the cameras…..If it was one of those pedophile worshippers in their black bags, would they have been requested to show their face? Of course not.

  2. The double standard we all face now everywhere thanks to victim politics and taken to its logical extreme by Muslims is threatening civilization at its core. Because at the core of civilization is not the state and its ability to use force. It is the culture of cooperation that we share. If you bend it a little for complex and abstract notions of fairness then OK. But if you break it to pull off what is clearly unfair on a hard working self-sacrificing public, you get to see the ugly side of humanity on a large scale.

    Sometimes I suspect this is what the far left and Islam has been attempting all along.

  3. Eeyore you are right, the goal of the left and Islam is and has been to break the Western culture, the more they destroy it the easier they think it will be for them to take over. Personally I think that they stand a real good chance of destroying civilization but will not be able to take over, what they forget is that our civilization is the only thing that allowed them to gain their freedom from the European Empires. If they destroy the civilization that is protecting them the people who want to totally destroy them will be allowed free reign.

  4. The head of most people in the west, particularly the males, isn’t inhabited by adult thought but by effeminate infantilism, brought about by 50 years of the perfidious penetration of feminist leftist propaganda into the very heart of our culture. Look around you: very few people are even remotely aware of what’s coming and when news does break, the vast majority of them is willing to compromise, read ready to drop their pants. With that many people blissfully unaware of the true nature of things, including the true nature of themselves, the battle is lost. It’ll take generations to turn this around. That’s much much more than the time we’ve got left.

  5. Fred:

    While I agree with you, I’m not sure that this moment of history is unique in that respect. England during the time of Chamberlain seems to have been about the same in those respects. This situation is unique in that we have imported the enemy, encouraged them to cling to a culture that is hostile to us, paid them to be hostile to us, criminalized any criticism of cultures that are hostile to us if it is by any indigenous Europeans or by white Christians, and Jews if those Jews are seen to be conservative.

    I do suspect that the feminized-infantalism you refer to, is a logical consequence of a civilization that depends on massive cooperation and hence, docility. Churchill was often called a racist and a warmonger in his day right up until they made him commander of the Royal Navy because of his understanding of the Nazi threat.
    Still, most people think of the BBC warped version of Enoch Powell as the correct one. But more and more are starting to think of him as prophetic, even the spun and dishonest one the BBC created.

    Does this all mean we can win this? I don’t think so in the sense of maintaining a recognizable status quo. No matter what happens, things will irrevocably change. Some for the better perhaps and certainly much for the worse. Much will have to be examined in terms of the compromises we all in all cultures have made with reality because our technology has created such unprecedented levels of wealth and prosperity, and lowered the average level of suffering to such degrees that few in the Western developed world can even imagine what life on a farm in the US in the 1950s would have been like let alone Somalia under an Islamic theocracy. This failure of the imagination leads to bad policies certainly but not catastrophic unless faced with outside forces which have not made these compromises. Once we are faced with them, we simply don’t know how to even make rules against them. Then suddenly we see it. It isn’t so much that our politicians are cowards, although that is certainly and often a part of it. It is that they have no clue how to proceed.

    Let me take one obvious example.

    Most of us imagine that we would stop Islamic immigration immediately and then start deporting all the Muslims who are clearly not in sync with Western classically liberal views. Well what happens if the nations were they came from will not take them back? What if they realize that a substantial part of the GDP of these nations is the money these ex-pats send home, not to mention the fact that these Muslims are indeed islamasizing the West, something which the originating countries appreciate.

    So then you see the problem. The next set of decisions we are faced with, are ones that require a degree of harshness and will that no culture we would want to be a part of will have.

  6. Eeyore:

    “So then you see the problem. The next set of decisions we are faced with, are ones that require a degree of harshness and will that no culture we would want to be a part of will have.”

    Yet, it’s precisely that degree of harshness and will that, if we want to save the culture we are a part of, we somehow will have to muster. It’s either that or, in a first stage, enslavement to muslims; an enslavement which is already a fact since ever growing numbers are being supported by the west out of a fear of a criminality such that it prohibits every normal working of society; followed by, in the second stage, total collapse.

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