Gavin Boby on the state of Western media today Vs. during Soviet times

Gavin and I were chatting about the state of the media and it seemed interesting enough to me that I thought I would make a short video of a segment of it.

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Gavin Boby video 2 in his May 2019 series on what to do about Islam

Gavin is a UK Barrister, known in some circles as “Mosquebuster” for his many successful efforts to stop mosques from being built or expanded. In this video series he attempts to look at the most likely logical series of events that will happen by importing so many non-miscible muslims into the UK.

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So Gavin Boby was exactly right after all

Here is a story that caught my eye:


Property developer accused of Islamophobia for ‘airbrushing mosque out of flats promo’

Worshippers at the London Islamic Cultural Society and Mosque blasted developer Fairview New Homes after its dome and minaret appeared to have been airbrushed from marketing photos.


A PROPERTY developer has been accused of Islamophobia after a mosque was allegedly airbrushed out of its marketing photos.

Its dome and minaret appear to have been edited out while a row of trees seem to have been added, shielding the building.


Worshippers at the London Islamic Cultural Society and Mosque, in Hornsey, North London, blasted developer Fairview New Homes.


Mustafa Alloucha, 47, said: “They are worried that by showing the mosque it may harm sales. They are trying to pretend it does not exist.”

Siraj Din, 57, said: “Maybe they worry people will be scared off if they see these flashy homes are next to a mosque.


“But this mosque should be portrayed as it is, in this photo it just looks like a warehouse.”

Remember this video from 2013? (Skip to 19 minutes)

There is no ambiguity about what happens to property values when a mosque is nearby.

The fact that developers are willing to risk fraud lawsuits and false advertising claims to sell property by eliminating mosques from the photos of the area speaks volumes for the reality of Islam in our midst, and exactly what “diversity” brings Western society.

This is a great example of how the reality of free markets exposes the lies of the narrative.

Gavin Boby score card on stopping Islamic Beachheads in the UK

Dear Freedom Lovers!

I’ve recently busted 3 more mosque applications, and wanted to let you know the score.

The 3 wins are in Thurrock, Ipswich, and Northampton:


That makes a tally of 37 wins out of 52 mosques fought.

You can see the details here:

I’m fighting 6 more right now, and I’m sure those last 3 will be back again before long.

This isn’t exciting work – more like a constant grind. But the tide has been slowed.

And it matters. It boosts our chances of winning easily and honourably. Europe’s taste for massacre probably rules that out for them, but not for us.

Mosques mark out territory; the smaller enemy territory is when the time comes, the more options we have to win; the more options we have to win, the easier we can win without atrocity; if we win without atrocity, we can pass on the authority we have inherited from English generations before us.

Thank you!

Kind regards,


[Ed: Gavin managed to defeat the mosque application where muslims had bought a pub, claimed it was going to be a community centre for all and not a mosque or Islamic centre, and then started a shameless and open drive to raise funds to build a mosque and islamic centre on that exact property, standing in front of it when they made the videos.

Somewhat surprisingly, planning council could not ignore that level of duplicity and cancelled the application for the moment.]