URGENT: Tucker Carlson for August 4, 2021

Landlords in the USA are now one or two small steps from being Kulaks.

Thank you MarcusZ1967 and Johnny U. for pointing out the urgency of this.

Now might be a good time to revisit the meeting of the US branch of the COMINTERN in the form of the Social Democrats of America:

Tucker gets a couple of things wrong by key omissions on this critical piece about Biden admin targeting its own people

First, watch the clip. It’s very good, and very important. Then let’s add in some missing pieces and concepts:

First, let’s talk about Brennan. He is at the heart of much of the attacks on the Trump administration. If there was still functioning institutions of state in the USA one might expect him to be up on death penalty charges. He also is a convert to Islam. So it’s not that much of a surprise that he would say Americans who are armed and believe in their individual rights as guaranteed by the US constitution are more of a danger than Islamic terrorists.

Brad Johnson had a few things to say about Brennan:

Ok on to AOC.

Tucker repeats things that some of my more cynical flesh friends say. That AOC is just a corporate shill. “A tool of corporate power, posing as a truth teller”. Frankly I can’t even imagine her even posing as a truth teller. Language for her is merely a tool of dialectic destruction. Its no accident that her PR firm is a married couple, both avowed Marxists who’s company is called, “Seize the Means Productions”, after Marx’s notion of seizing the means of production from the people to make it all government.

Time to returning to the axiom of leftist tactics.

“With the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point”.

This means that real leftists, Marxists who seek the destruction of the West and all its systems and thinking, will take whatever side of an issue is the most destructive to the West. Not because they care about the issue, but because they can weaponize the issue. One example of how this might look would be leftist howling about injustice to women, and rights to abortion, and yet are stone cold silent at best in terms of islamic treatment of women or sex-selective abortions of female babies by the Asian community abroad, as well as here in the West. Silent at best, or screaming “racism” if you bring it up in order that the issue is, to borrow a word from Trudeau’s bill M-103, “quelled”.

In this case, AOC has no problem calling out the hedge funds and is in agreement with Don Jr. Probably even with Donald Trump himself. But because howling about this will cause outrage amongst people who normally would not rage against that particular machinery. Me for instance, although not because of anything she says, but because of the facts of the matter. They are enraging and they do demand a solution in the interest of transparency and lawful equality. But wow, what an issue to polarize people to your side.

Watching the video below gives a glimpse into the real motives for AOC’s moves. They are fully Marxist in the most Orthodox fashion. So Tucker gets it wrong. While identity politics is a great ruse to get people to not look at croneyism, identity politics is meant to be a much more dangerous tool. And leftism has no weapons and not many people who really believe in it as it actually is. So they have to use a kind of intellectual judo against us all. Using the inertia of our own thoughts, desires, fears and beliefs against us, mostly by lies, but occasionally by marshalling real problems with our system to weaponize us against our own interests.

Here is another short video on the DSA. Please note that both these videos were made well before the Marxist group, BLM started their campaign against the West and its institutions. So when one city council member explains that the goal is the total destruction of all private property, you know that the events which followed, that we have all seen now, are part of a real, communist, plot.

Global Covid measures, a ChiCom plot against the world

Giorgia Meloni: “We invite Italians to take to the streets”

Hard not to agree with her. Many European politicians are involved with the destroy Europe project. The easiest proof of this is the “Cordon Sanitaire” or the trick many nations with Prop Rep do, to isolate non-communist parties by freezing them out of government, even when they are the most or second most popular party. Italy has now done this, blocking out Salvini as he is the clear winner if there was an election today.

Communism has always been anti-democracy because it is anti-individual and makes the state God. So it should come as no surprise that leftist leaders use any machinations they can do undermine the will of the people to continue and strengthen the Neo-Marxist state.

Determining the extent of that state is also easy. Look at court cases and see if truth is an absolute defence as it always is in a democracy, or if the decision is driven by narrative as it was in the case of ESW.

Direct link:


Italian PM, Conte, and Merkel seem to conspire against Salvini

January 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland

Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany

Giuseppe Conte is the Prime Minister of Italy under the coalition government of the Lega (leader Matteo Salvini) and the 5-Star Movement (leader Luigi di Maio)

Global Migration Compact = OIC, UN Hijra to West

Tatjana Festerling, formerly of PEGIDA when it was a massive organization, sent me some interesting graphics today:

Notice how the ‘End of Chapter’ mark in the Koran is basically identical to the logo for the global migration (to the West) pact.

Marine Le Pen on the Global Migration Pact

This is the most important thing at the moment. Please watch it. And if you feel it is something people should know, please spread it around.

If we fail at stopping this, its prepper time. There isn’t much left in terms of Western governments being supportive of the people who created them.

Unknown man gives instructions to people preparing to invade USA

This is a curious one. Fousequawk was kind enough to watch a 30 minute and change video where an unknown person was clearly giving instructions to Central American invaders of the US.

The video at the very least, indicates that this is highly organized, and that supranational institutions are involved. We just translated and titled the important bits, however we do not believe there are changes in meaning due to context related to the parts not done.

Most of that was trivial or details or interruptions.

We really do want to know what the European Union fellow has to do with all of this.


Marine le Pen explains parliamentary immunity as well as the reasons the EU removed it

It needs to be understood that what we are seeing with Trump le Pen, Geert Wilders and soon Viktor Orban, is no less than an international conspiracy by the far left to make sure their globalist program is not derailed by we freedom minded nationalists.

This removal of immunity of le Pen is exactly the same as finding Geert Wilders criminally guilty for having an opposition view to the Dutch government and the EU globalists and open border people.

It is also in effect the same as what is happening to President Trump. The attempt to delegitimize his administration by fraud and other means.