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3 Replies to “A close look at Davos and what they are trying to accomplish”

  1. Thank you Rich for sending this in and thanks Vlad Tepes for publishing it. This video is a great 15 min. introduction to the WEF, Klaus Schwab, and their Great Reset. Please, everyone, send this video around to your friends and family.

    I’ve been following the machinations of the WEF for a year now after subscribing to their newsletters. I encourage all Vlad Tepes readers to subscribe and keep an eye on this beast. It’s a leftist horror show of societal and economic planning, on a global scale. The Great Reset reminds me of a soft Maoist Great Leap Forward/Cultural Revolution since,I think, that’s what would result if this crap is “mandated.”

    BTW, Eeyore, it’s not paranoia because these oligarchs, in reality, want to destroy our freedoms, and make us submit to their will.

  2. Schwab is Dr Strangelove all over again, but instead of making a new world order from the ashes of nuclear devastation, he wants to pretend we are in ruins now (with the help of his Chinese commie buddies). They are seriously considering pre-crime, without the psychics in the bath, but with brain invading nanotechnology!

  3. I always enjoyed MIT Tech Review, the only hard copy mag I still get. (It’s free.) I’ve even saved past issues. (The paper used to be nice, glossy. Good for stuffing winter boots.)

    Now it goes directly into the trash. Peruse some recent issues:
    This stuff HAS to be repellent to the demographic receiving it. Or most certainly SHOULD be.

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