A few words about movies and TV which seem to predict events

Lots of buzz today about a 2003 episode of a fairly roughly written episode of The Dead Zone.

The episode is called, The Plague, and is about a Chinese Corona virus that causes lips to turn blue and can be treated with Hydoxylchloroquine.

What they get wrong is that kids get sick and die from it. But what they get ‘right’ is enough to fuel hypothesis which, frankly, don’t track. They are, if you like, anachronistic in reverse.

TV shows and movies, the good ones anyway, all hire consultants to get the details of the story straight. For sure medical shows do. And anything where the type of gun matters. People will write in and complain, and you lose willing suspension of disbelief if you don’t have the details right.

As memory serves, The Sopranos hired a RICO judge as a consultant and used his advice down to fine details based on his expert knowledge of Italian organized crime families. When the MAFIA does something Sopranos like, its not necessarily imitating the show. Its that the writers knew what they were talking about.

Corona virus has been known about for a long time, and treating it with Chloroquine has been known since at least 2003.

Here are two articles on the use of the drug to treat Corona virus patients, both from 2003.



There is a real conspiracy and a huge one out of this though. Not that somehow people used this TV show to concoct the horror show that is happening now. But that we knew for 17 years at least that this disease could be treated with Hydroxychloroquine.

Hundreds of doctors have signed petitions saying it works, the recent Texas nursing home saved all but one patient with it, and one religious Jewish doctor in NY treated and saved hundreds and hundreds of patients with a cocktail of Hydroxychloroquine, Zpac and zinc.

But several Democrat state governors actually made it a crime to treat people with Covid 19 using this method, seemingly for the sole reason that president Trump suggested it would work. They actually are letting people die, just to stop them from getting a treatment that might make president Trump look like a hero.

There are large, dark and truly evil conspiracies out there right now surrounding this pandemic, its origins and its consequences. The politicization of the treatment, is indeed one of those evil conspiracies of a sort.

In fact the truth of some aspects of this series of events we call the Covid 19 Pandemic, is likely so big that just acknowledging some of the facts from authoritative sources would have enormous consequences that would likely kill more people than the disease will. At least this variant of the disease. Who knows what Covid 20, or COVID 20Q3 will be like. Or should I say, WHO knows.

Acknowledging that the Wuhan Flu is likely a Chinese WMD, made in a Wuhan lab, and that released either accidentally, or deliberately, the Communist Chinese government behaved in a way that made it effectively deliberate by using the people of Wuhan to spread it to the West while shutting down all travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, and by using its influence in the UN, and the WHO to make sure we made all the wrong decisions at critical points of the growth of this plague.

I could add in all the muscle the Chinese are using to force their Huawei tech on France, Canada, GB. and other tactics like maybe killing the 2IC of the Czech Republic for wanting healthy relations with Taiwan and we get, what one of our most fascinating commenters refer to as China, “Dropping the Panda Mask”.

Yes acknowledging all the facts around this pandemic could mean a pretty serious confrontation with a world power. But what are the costs of not acknowledging them?


Brad Johnson: Tactical defenestration in Russia, bad Chinese food in Czech

Many years ago, I read a report on Putin’s Russia in a Stratfor report which was quite interesting. In summary, it claimed that Russia had certain immutable problems due to its geography, and so it was always going to be a similar state be it under the Tzars, the Communists or now under Putin. The conclusion was that the real danger of Russia is its still the same place but it doesn’t have the crappy system of communism today, holding it back.

Today’s interview of Brad Johnson discuses a disturbing proof of this with the mysterious deaths by defenestration of several doctors within Russia.

Also try to avoid Chinese food in the Czech Republic.

American psychiatrist on the 2015 US-China creation of SARS COVID

US and Chinese researchers, funded by the United States and Chinese governments, teamed up to create a deadly new coronavirus that is extremely similar in its effects to the coronavirus that is causing the current pandemic. The research is described in detail in a December 2015 scientific article published in prestigious Nature Medicine.

The article and PDFs of its entire bibliography can be found on www.breggin.com, along with a blog by Dr. Breggin about the implications. In this video, Dr. Breggin describes how the American/Chinese manufactured coronavirus mimicked nearly all aspects of SARS-CoV-2, including pneumonia, increasing lethality in older and/or infirm mice and resistance to treatment. The research also sounds a warning that the manmade 2015 virus was resistant to vaccines.

It is beyond belief that the US has funded a collaboration with China involving the creation of a coronavirus that has all the attributes of a devastating biological weapon. The Chinese were from the now-infamous Wuhan Institute which was known to have two potentially deadly hazards: poor safety measures and direct connections to the Chinese military. NIH, including the Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, continued support for the research even after warnings about its dangers were sounded by the research community.

(Who was president in 2015 again? Oh yeah the guy who borrowed money from CHINA to spread commie propaganda in the Balkans before local elections there)

Thank you MissPiggy

The US-China-Virus connection in part: Links 1, April 19, 2020

1. In 2015, the US made a sizeable donation to the virology lab in Wuhan. To a communist government with totalitarian methods.

2. ‘I’ve seen better seals on my fridge!’ Shocking photos from inside Wuhan lab show broken seal on unit which stores 1,500 virus strains – including the bat coronavirus behind the deadly pandemic

(Obama’s ties to China ran quite deep it seems. Didn’t he borrow millions from them to print copies of Rules for Radicals in Balkan languages to influence elections to go to communist parties?)

It is a rare glimpse inside the Chinese laboratory at the centre of mounting inter-national suspicion about the Covid-19 pandemic – and will do nothing to dispel fears that it was caused by a catastrophic leak which has been covered up by Beijing.


Pictures from inside Wuhan’s secretive Institute of Virology show a broken seal on the door of one of the refrigerators used to hold 1,500 different strains of virus – including the bat coronavirus which has jumped to humans with such devastating effect.


The pictures, first released by the state-owned China Daily newspaper in 2018, were published on Twitter last month, before being deleted. One comment attached read: ‘I have seen better seals on my refrigerator in my kitchen.’

The Mail on Sunday revealed a fortnight ago that Ministers now fear that the pandemic could have started as the result of a leak. 

Thank you ML., MissPiggy, Don Laird and all who contributed to this site this weekend.

A few important links about China and Canada and the Chinese Viceroy to Canada, Justin Trudeau

1. Thousands of contaminated test kits delivered to New Brunswick

Thousands of kits meant to screen for COVID-19 delivered to New Brunswick from a supplier in China last week were contaminated and can’t be used at this point.

Premier Blaine Higgs told reporters Thursday that he learned about the defective kits a week ago and found the news “disappointing.”


The problem appeared to be “related to the packaging and the situation around the company,” Higgs said when asked about the test kits at his regular coronavirus briefing.

Dr. Richard Garceau, a microbiologist-infectologist at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton, told Radio-Canada more than 6,400 test kits were contaminated prior to being used.


“As soon as we received them, we realized that they were all contaminated with bacteria … In addition to being contaminated, the product was defective,” Garceau said. 

The kits included swabs and sterilized tubes.

It wasn’t clear how the contamination occurred. 

2. Justin Trudeau from February 1 2020

PM warns against discrimination at Lunar New Year event as fears of coronavirus spread

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to stay united and warned against the rise of discrimination as fears of the coronavirus spread.


“There is no place in our country for discrimination driven by fear or misinformation,” Trudeau said at a Lunar New Year celebration at a banquet hall in Scarborough, a district in Toronto. “This is not something Canadians will ever stand for.”


The comments come just days after politicians, public health officials and members of the Chinese Canadian community in Toronto said that more needed to be done to avoid a recurrence of the racism and xenophobia experienced during the 2003 SARS outbreak.


4th confirmed case in Canada


Public health officials in Canada confirmed another person tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to four — three in Ontario and one in B.C.


In China, where the outbreak originated, the number of confirmed cases rose above 11,000 on Saturday, with the death toll at 259.

3. Brian Lilley tweet showing how CCP moles within the Canadian government may have sabotaged our supply of medical materials.

(Trying to find that video but its not easy yet)

4. CBC adopts more communist tactics, instructs children on how to guide parent’s wrongthink.

A CBC News report gives kids advice on how to shut down “conspiracy theories” voiced by their parents about coronavirus being created by China in a lab.

Because apparently that’s the media’s job now.

The presenter laments how somebody’s Dad may drop a message into chat blaming China for “manufacturing the coronavirus” with a “link to a site you’ve never heard of” (translation – a link that’s not, God forbid, mainstream media).


The piece then features a woman from a group that combats “misinformation online” who urges the son or daughter not to get confrontational with their Dad but to accuse him of being accurate and stirring fear.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is the deal with shut downs, authorities, and the Chinese made Pandemic? Links 2, April 11, 2020

1. Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closes After 3 Days, Without Treating a Single Patient

The hastily built field hospital set up by the Army in Seattle’s pro football stadium is shutting down without ever seeing a patient, so the service can shift resources where they’re more urgently needed, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee said.


Medical equipment at the CenturyLink Field Event Center is being returned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for use elsewhere, but the governor cautioned against reading too much into the move.


“Don’t let this decision give you the impression that we are out of the woods,” Inslee said in a statement Wednesday. “We have to keep our guard up and continue to stay home unless conducting essential activities to keep everyone healthy.” Washington state saw the first coronavirus death in the U.S. on Feb. 29.

Also at Military.com

2. More big brother for Corona

(Going out? Leave your phone at home while its still legal to do so)

3. Now this is odd.

4. Ottawa Civic Hospital

5. Chinese virus propagandists

6. Singapore lockdown

7. And yet USA records over 2K deaths in a day attributed to Wuhan Flu

8. Bosonaro’s Brazil is defiant of the shut-down of all civilization. (That is the Brazilian PM at the drug store)

9. About those Chinese made face-masks

10. US Authorities become increasingly Soviet over social distancing guidelines.

Best not to thank anyone for this post. GG though, sent in the Civic Hospital footage.

In the 1970s it was fashionable to go to midnight showings of Reefer Madness at theatres where all who smoked dope would indulge in it, while watching anti-Marijuana propaganda. In those days you could still smoke in theatres and while dope was illegal, it was seldom prosecuted or cause for arrest.

The movie shows a fellow who never smoked before being talked into trying it for the first time. He has one puff, if memory serves, and goes on a raping and killing spree which ends in permanent madness.

This was a great laugh for all the teens in the audience puffing away knowing this was stunningly bad 1950s “right wing” propaganda.

Human nature being what it is, people would watch the movie, know it wasn’t true, and assume therefore, there is no danger in smoking THC products at all, and many went on to ruin their lives with marijuana, destroying their ambition, ability to really focus or concentrate hard, and sometimes getting late onset schizophrenia now believed to be connected to long term THC use. It also doesn’t seem like any of them are smarter than they were when they started smoking either.

Humans often think in binary extremes. We are told X. X isn’t true. So Y must be true but for sure not X.

Showing these videos in this post that suggest that we are over-reacting to the Wuhan Flu does not mean there is no danger. It means it wasn’t what we thought it was exactly, or the measures we are taking are actually working extremely well.

Here is another hypothesis about the state we are in now:

Geneticists, virologists, and experts could have told leaders like President Trump something like:

‘This appears to be an artifact. A man made virus, very likely a weapon. We don’t know what it does exactly. But what we do know is, its profoundly contagious. It is lethal but we don’t know exactly how lethal. It can be spread by people who are not symptomatic, or are pre-symptomatic, making it much more dangerous than Ebola or SARS which is so visible in its contagious stage, that its easy to isolate the sick for the benefit of the rest of the population.

Which means that it could kill more people overall, even if less by percentage.’

We had a sticky post for several days that showed this was exactly the case by a Ph.D. in biology, with a follow up post to come showing more evidence of same.

Leaders, like President Trump, might find themselves in a position where they had to respond as they did, given that information, if this is anywhere close to the truth.

In essence, we got hit by a Chinese WMD with serious and important unknowns and the value of explaining this to a general public where the media is hostile to the president and the US in general in some ways, is questionable.

If this is the case, we should know enough about it by now to swap strategies.

Continue the sequestration of the elderly, the Type 1 diabetics or uncontrolled type II, heart patients and immune-compromised for their own sake and get everyone else back to work.

The cost of a prolonged shut-down of the supply chain of everything is not predictable entirely. But no projection of it is good. At least not for humanity.