Monkeypox, Covid19 and Chinese gain of function

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The 11 year attempt by CSIS to warn Canada about China

Yesterday a multi-hour Parliamentary committee was webcast by C-SPAN on China in essense. How to view it, whether or not it was a threat. A familiar face appeared in the people invited to testify, Richard Fadden, former head of Canada’s spy agency, CSIS. He made the news in 2010 when he went public with the threat that China and various middle eastern governments are to Canada through subversion and infiltration, specifically in terms of controlling Canadian elected reps who it appears they actually groomed since college.

I managed to record a LOT of the session from yesterday and added a few key minutes of it to some of the older clips of Mr. Fadden warning Canada in Parliament in 2010.

I added the clip of Trudeau for obvious reasons.

For the second time, the smoking gun of Chinese bioweapons and Covid is out in public

Please watch both these videos and spread them around. It is time for us to realize China is most definitly at war with the rest of the world, that Covid is indeed a weapon of war, and most of our own politicians either through incompetence, by being forced or blackmailed, or because they are ideologically in line with China, are on the other side.

For anyone who has the slightest doubt of the veracity of the video above, I would like to point you to a video we subtitled from Italian TV last year, which was actually broadcast five years ago in Italy.