Canada turns another 30 degrees commiward

Link to official page for the tender

The entire process of requiring a judge’s signature on a warrant to get people’s private information has now been deconstructed. The Trudeau government is hiring now to create the infrastructure for total geofencing of Canada. In other words, they can grab your location and other identifying metadata from your phone now whenever, and why-ever they want.

Today would be a good day to just start leaving your phone behind now and again. And for sure, take the SIM out if you are planning to do anything rebellious. Like buy some meat or drive your car or read a book, not on the Critical Theory list.

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4 Replies to “Canada turns another 30 degrees commiward”

  1. The timing of this is opportunistic. No such request for such state-imposed privacy infringement can be explained without the Omicron-induced mania gripping fully vaccinated people in the Great White Dystopia. And let’s be clear, there really does seem to be a mania, and it really is in the vaxxed. The government has them scared shi%less.

  2. I’ve gone kinda Amish on cellphones: they’re not part of my lifestyle. If I’m away from my old landline and need to call a cab, for example, I ask someone to do it for me as a favor. I discourage friends from bringing their phones into the apt, (though I’m not a karen about it).

    IoT is not for me.
    Not only surveillance, but loss of skill sets.
    I became so calculator-dependent, I struggle doing simple arithmetic in my head. Now I want analog clocks, thermometers, scales. And stuff like wind-up clocks to promote healthy routines.

  3. January 21, 2022 is the cut-off date for the tender. So, this virus saga isn’t over by a long shot.

    Also, they mention ‘other public health applications’. What could that be? Things such as air pollution generated by too many gas-powered vehicles stuck in traffic or slowly chugging along on federal highways and bridges?

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