Trucker’s Rally and protest, Saturday in Toronto

Anyone in or near the Toronto area, or willing to drive there for the weekend may be interested in joining what I am told will be a large scale trucker protest at 2:00 at Nathan Phillips Square. Several of the doctors who have been trying to warn us about the dangers of various covid measures will be there. I have it on some authority that this winter may see a serious health problem because of the lowered immune capabilities of those who have had several injections of the mRNA. There is a solution. More on that soon! Please try and attend the demo if you can.

Last Saturday’s demo to support Dutch Farmers in Ottawa

First, please read the story over at RAIR Foundation.

In this first video, you can follow one of the several planned convoys from the initial staging area, in this case Kemptville, and then to a meeting place in Kanata, and on to the Dutch Embassy office in Downtown Ottawa. In it you will hear a short interview about how police and authorities waylaid farmers and truckers to make sure that the demo would have no impact.

In other words, even if MSM actually reported the truth about what they saw at the demo downtown, it would still be a lie since the police and city government made sure it would not look as big or impressive as it actually would have been. Exactly like Rolling Thunder, and exactly like The Freedom Convoy, which never had anything like the 40 miles of trucks that headed to Ottawa from the West alone.

Below, one of the Front Line Nurses speaks to the crowd gathered at the Kanata meeting area getting everyone ready to move on to downtown. The police however, closed off many of the exits from the 417, or the main highway throughout the city as they have on many previous occasions to stop any demonstration they do not agree with. Then they blame the protestors for disrupting traffic.

Short interview with one woman destroyed by ‘vaccine’ mandates

Sam Dubé speaks at Ontario College of Surgeons and Physicians protest, Friday July 22 2022

On Friday last week, a small protest took place at the Ontario College of Surgeons and Physicians in Toronto over their treatment of doctors who refused to take the injections. And that treatment was irrational. It was clearly political and not medical or scientific in any way. This protest should have been much much larger than it was. But at least it took place.

I know the particulars of some of them, and I hope to get interviews with the doctors involved. While I cannot say what happened to them or who it was without their permission of course, I can say that the fact that they are afraid to tell their story about the way they have been treated by the college due to almost certain repercussions to their careers, tells you a lot about the political and threatening way the college works.

Below, a short extemporaneous speech by Dr. Sam Dubé who runs the Rumble channel, The Fifth Doctor. Stick with it. He really gets going about two thirds of the way in.

Canada’s new Stasi App, and important protests planned for this weekend in Ottawa and Toronto

1. Since the app should not exist or be used in the first place, it hardly matters if it is a “glitch” doing this or not. People should never have complied with these measures to the point where this is another fight.

(Note that in the article it is pointed out that this app is a one way communication with your government overlords. They may issue edicts and instructions but you cannot reach anyone at Arrive Can. This is the communist state.)

2. CANADA: July 22 Protests against Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons

Following the June 24th protests, Canadians are persisting in opposition to denied treatments, forced injections, muzzling ethical doctors, and other abuses of the medical regulators in Canada. Please join in coming together at locations across Canada this Friday.

In addition to Toronto, see information regarding protests at Montreal, St Johns, Okotoks AB, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Bedford NS, and Sasketoon here:

Also this Saturday July 23rd there are events in solidarity with the Dutch farmers and in defence of our own food supply; there are marches in Toronto and Vancouver to the Netherlands consulates, as well as a convoy from Moose Jaw to Regina. Info here:

All who are within travel distance, please start attending protests. We are losing freedoms not by digits but by limbs. Continued peaceful protests is the only path open to us to take back our constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, written by two prime ministers. John Diefenbaker in the Bill of Rights, and ironically somewhat, Pierre Trudeau in the Constitution of Canada.

Here is a short list:

The one below is very important. I am not at liberty to disclose what I know at the moment about how the College has become political and is destroying doctor’s careers and lives over issues that have exactly zero to do with medicine or the practice of it. But I hope to soon. Meanwhile, a protest is planned in Toronto at their offices. I hope they take note.

Thousands storm the Presidential residence in Sri Lanka

Watch this while we in Canada are allowed to even know about these kinds of actions

It would be so great to know what the medications are in the video just above, that are shown repeatedly in and on a really nice looking desk.

The video immediately above has decent explanation of what is taking place now in Columbo.


Soldier to Dissident: Twenty-Year Military Hero Jeff Evely Banned From Canada’s Capital

This is quite a story. I really enjoyed doing this interview. Please see the full story at: RAIR Foundation USA

Jeff was a speaker at the Rolling Thunder event on April 30th in Ottawa. That speech is below.

Protestors at Parliament Hill excited about James Topp arrival

A fun short interview with a protestor still here from the Freedom Convoy in February, pumped about James Topp’s arrival on June 30th

For the details, please check out RAIR Foundation.

NOTE: The itinerary is changing as police, and far left wing extremist Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson, makes it increasingly difficult to have a gathering of actual patriotic Canadians.

So watch this space and RAIR Foundation for updates. The poster at that link may not be still the plan.