Protest videos for Germany and Austria on the weekend of January 15/16 2022

As usual please check the COMMENTS on this post for all the videos and news. But to start you off with a proper understanding of events, those who choose to peacefully protest against unconstitutional Covid measures and ‘vaccine’ mandates, are now ENEMIES OF THE STATE in Germany.

Massive protests in Bulgaria today: January 12, 2022

Bulgaria has one of the lowest submission rates to the Covid-vaxx narratives in the Western world, with only about 20% who took the shots.

Please check the comments for the videos and news on today’s events in that free minded state.

Bulgaria: Police push back “Green Pass” protesters trying to storm parliament

Several hundred protesters were stopped by a large police force from storming the Parliament in Sofia on Wednesday, with people injured on both sides.

Opponents of the COVID-19 vaccine policy gathered on the parliament’s forecourt carrying Bulgarian national flags and national symbols as the country battles with the Omicron surge. Police officers could be seen standing between the crowd and the entrance to parliament pushing back the protesters. Scuffles broke out and many demonstrators were detained.

The rally was organised by the ultra-nationalist Revival Party. Currently, Bulgarians must wear masks indoors and on public transport and show a health passport – which is given to those fully vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested – to enter restaurants, cafés, shopping centres or gyms.


Protests for Montreal and Toronto on the weekend of Saturday, January 8, 2022

Please keep your eye on the comments for this post. Clearly there are some in Canada who value freedom and know a Maoist when its aimed at them.

Maxime Bernier leads protest against COVID-19 health measures and vaccination mandates

(Once again, enemy-propaganda site CTV shows that math is racist as they quantify the Montreal protest as being “hundreds”.)

MONTREAL — People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier was among the hundreds of Quebecers who braved the cold to denounce vaccine mandates and other health measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Montreal’s Old Port on Saturday.

“There is no convincing case for compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations,” Bernier wrote on Twitter. “Mandatory policies are a blunt tool aimed at covering up government ineptitude.”


Protests in Austria and Germany for January 8, 2022

As usual, please look at the comments for this post, to see the news, videos and updates. Remember, Austria just conned all of its obedient citizens. Instead of getting some small portion of their rights back for taking the double shot, they are now all classed as “unvaccinated” with the total loss of rights of those they were trained to hate from the start. Namely those who chose against the shots. So one might expect some protests today.



Protestors remind legislators what Nuremburg trials were about, on 75th anniversary, Government attempts to spin it to threats

Please do read the write up at RAIR Foundation on this interview. They do a great illustration of the dialectics used to castigate these freedom protestors, while ignoring ANTIFA threats that were far more direct and, well actually threats. There are too many illegal activities by leftist groups in and around BC who actually blocked railways and other industry to fit in one article. In this one example, leftists blocked railways and the government even arrested one man who actually cleared an illegal blockade off railways!

So we need to be 100% clear. Canada, like the US, deploys dialectics, selective enforcement, focused application of law to move the narrative, the culture and the entire system of laws, ever leftward, without any input from any of us. So please keep that in mind when you watch this interview. And do read the description at RAIR.

December 8th protest outside the double walled compound where Trudeau lives sometimes

Link to Facebook group that created the video