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11 Replies to “Update on the attack of Andy Gno by masked cowardly commie thugs”

  1. Johnnyu is right, he could be anyone of us, he was attacked for his thoughts and attacked with lethal weapons along with chemical weapons that could disfigure him. This is the only tactic left to the left, they realize that with the lose by Hillary in 2016 they have lost their chances of turning the US into a Socialist/Communist nation by the ballot box. They were so close to total victory and then Donald Trump came in from Center Field and is undoing all of the damage they did to the Constitution.

    Yesterday I posted a video (I can’t remember who made the video) that said this is just the beginning of the violence. They are correct the level and frequency of the leftist violence will increase between now and the election. After Donald Trump wins the 2020 election the violence will increase by several orders of magnitude.

    • It was the video wil Michelle Malkan that said the violence is just beginning. She is right they will get more violent as the primary and election seasons advance.

  2. “I Was With Andy Ngo When The Antifa Attack Happened. Here Are The Horrifying Pictures”
    Warning Graphic Photos of Adam Kelly
    C.K. Bouferrache – July 2, 2019

    “Police Post Photos Of Andy Ngo’s Attackers, Special Antifa ‘Milkshake Recipe’”
    Weasel Zippers – July 2, 2019

  3. Two more Oregon men left bloody after violent antifa attack at Portland protest
    Journalist Andy Ngo cleared to leave hospital after assault

    By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Monday, July 1, 2019
    It appears that journalist Andy Ngo wasn’t the only victim of an antifa assault at Saturday’s rally in Portland, Oregon.

    Two Oregon men — John Blum and Adam Kelly — were mobbed and pummeled by black-masked protesters in a horrific attack that left Mr. Blum bleeding profusely from wounds to his face and skull, as shown in video shared on social media by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin and others.

    The assault came during the same counter-protest that saw journalist Andy Ngo bruised and battered by antifa activists, an incident captured on video by the Oregonian that drew outrage over the weekend from political and media figures.

    Ms. Malkin, who said she spoke with both Mr. Blum and Mr. Kelly by phone, said police have opened an investigation into the attack on Mr. Kelly.

    A GoFundMe page for Mr. Kelly launched by Tami Miller of Beaverton said he was treated at a hospital for gashes to his skull and placed on 48-hour watch for possible concussion, brain swelling and internal bleeding.


  4. Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler vehemently denied ordering police to ignore Antifa protesters, but the attorney for Andy Ngo ripped into him on social media.

    Wheeler denied the allegation in a tweet fired off at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who called for a federal investigation into the Antifa attack on a freelance reporter at the protest.

    “Dear @TedCruz,” Wheeler responded. At least get your facts straight. I ordered no such thing.”


    Context: Ted Cruz called out the Portland PoMo Mayor on Twitter re Andy Ngo, and has also called for an investigation into his behaviour.

  5. CNN: Antifa Attacking ‘Conservative’ Journalist Just What He ‘Says’ Happened

    By Kristine Marsh | July 2, 2019 11:47 AM EDT
    When you’re a liberal and you fabricate a ludicrous story painting conservatives as the violent aggressors with absolutely zero evidence, your story gets nationwide media coverage for weeks on end with little scrutiny. If you’re a conservative clearly attacked on video by leftists, with corroborating witnesses however, you story is given scarce attention and cast with doubt by the media. We saw that this week with Quillette journalist Andy Ngo, whose assault by Antifa members was captured on video, yet CNN repeatedly qualified the incident as just “his word.”

    After most of the liberal media ignored the violent protests in Portland this weekend, which resulted in Ngo getting a brain hemorrhage after being attacked by a left-wing Antifa mob, Ngo was invited on CNN’s New Day, Tuesday morning. While hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota denounced the attack to end the segment, they didn’t call out Antifa for their history of violence. (Perhaps because their network has repeatedly defended the violent left-wing group over the past two years.)

    Worse, the chyron on screen seemed to cast doubt that Antifa was responsible for the attack.

    “Conservative journalist assaulted says Antifa behind attack,” the chryon read on screen (emphasis mine). First off, anyone with two eyes can see clearly what happened, it’s not a matter of he said or she said. Second, why the “conservative” qualifier? Would CNN have called Ngo a “liberal” journalist who “says” he was attacked, if this had happened at a Trump rally?

    On Twitter, CNN tried to discredit Ngo again, tweeting that the journalist “says he was assaulted” by Antifa during demonstrations in Portland, despite a clear-cut video confirming his account.


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