Giorgia Meloni: “We invite Italians to take to the streets”

Hard not to agree with her. Many European politicians are involved with the destroy Europe project. The easiest proof of this is the “Cordon Sanitaire” or the trick many nations with Prop Rep do, to isolate non-communist parties by freezing them out of government, even when they are the most or second most popular party. Italy has now done this, blocking out Salvini as he is the clear winner if there was an election today.

Communism has always been anti-democracy because it is anti-individual and makes the state God. So it should come as no surprise that leftist leaders use any machinations they can do undermine the will of the people to continue and strengthen the Neo-Marxist state.

Determining the extent of that state is also easy. Look at court cases and see if truth is an absolute defence as it always is in a democracy, or if the decision is driven by narrative as it was in the case of ESW.

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  1. Hard not to agree with her.

    It is hard to disagree with her, especially when you consider the attacks on the AfD people and their property, then consider the Macron’s actions in France. Now swing across the Atlantic and look at what is happening in Portland and the intruder on Tim Pooles porch last night. All of the leftist groups around the world are working on the same time schedule and are attempting to create so much chaos in all Western Nations that the are ungovernable. I don’t know what the schedule for the European Nations is but the one for the US is to accelerate the violence between now and the election.

    Watch your backs they are bringing the attacks on the anti Marxist people to North America and they are going to increase the level of violence not decrease it.

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