Trump Card: A new film by Dinesh D’Souza

I have only watched the first few minutes. But confident enough to post it now as his movie, “Hillary’s America” was so phenomenally good, that I am confident this will meet standard, and be worth all of our time to watch it.

Here is the description from the originating Bitchute page:

In his most important film yet, Dinesh D’Souza presents an EXPLOSIVE exposé of the socialism, corruption and gangsterisation that now define the Democratic Party. Whether it is the creeping socialism of Joe Biden or the overt socialism of Bernie Sanders, the film reveals what is unique about modern socialism, who is behind it, why it’s evil….and how President Trump can and must stop it.

Urgent – my video call with the WHO this morning

For anyone who still doesn’t get that this has all been a cover for a Western-World-Wide communist revolution, please read this article on Dr. Tess Lawrie’s Substack. This is very important.

We can’t let them get away with this power grab

I just got off a call with the WHO that’s left me shaken, reaching for my affirmations and more determined than ever.

As you may know, the WHO is proposing a global pandemic agreement that would give it undemocratic rights over every participating nation and its citizens. Put simply, in the event of a ‘pandemic’, the WHO’s constitution would replace every country’s constitution. Whether your country’s elected government would agree or not, the WHO could impose lockdowns, testing regimes, enforce medical interventions, dictate all public health practice, and much more.

Over the course of this pandemic, the WHO has withheld safe and established older medicines, ignored the experiences of frontline doctors, disregarded evidence from low, middle and high-income countries, and taken no heed of the values and preferences of people affected by their recommendations. It has apparently ignored the huge numbers of adverse reactions on its own database and has failed to issue warnings about the gene-based vaccines. It has also advertised that the mRNA vaccines are as safe as normal vaccines – and this is simply not the case.

Many of us are extremely concerned that the WHO now intends to take full control over every member nation via this pandemic treaty. The World Council for Health wrote a response to this a while back and has been watching developments closely.

Well, this week the WHO pulled a fast one on the world.

On Sunday, it launched a ‘public participation process’ and invited video and written submissions. They gave two days to make video submissions, and written submissions must be received by 5pm CEST today. That’s just five days for the world’s citizens to have their voices heard.

The World Council for Health acted fast and applied to do a two-minute video submission. We put together a strong statement and this morning, I joined the hearing to say our piece.

Please read the rest at Dr. Lawrie’s Substack linked above and here.

The Rebel has obtained Global Affairs documents regarding WEF Great Reset meetings

FWIW, The renaming of our ministry of Foreign Affairs to “Global Affairs” by Trudeau all by itself is a pretty powerful indicator of his intention to destroy Canada as a polity, as a Nation State.

Below, the former War Museum on Sussex Drive, Ottawa. Photo from 2021

More here at The Rebel

The Documents


Here is why the protestors won

And no, I don’t mean a pyrrhic victory although yeah, i’d take that. Not a “the grapes are sour anyway” victory either. I mean a real one.

The protestors, led by many of Canada’s truck operators, forced what many of us knew was an authoritarian communist state to show its fangs. And this is a major victory for a state that was operating under what may as well be called a Fabian Society set of principles.

For those not familiar with the Fabians, they believed in turning the West communist but by stealth and without visible force. Their logo is literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Using lies and other forms of information warfare which has become the truck and trade of mainstream media across the formerly free world. Especially Canada where the CBC, CTV, and Global News craft the next day’s narratives in advance and then go get the footage they need to force that view. Probably one of the most repugnant reports on one of their methods recently is this one:

So make no mistake. Ripping the sheepskin off the wolf for all the world to see, that was an enormous victory. The people of the world now simply have no excuse not to understand the nature of Covid policies and the actions of Western governments now. Anyone who doesn’t join the fight back against the state that explained that it was two weeks to flatten the curve two years ago, and 30 days of emergency measures to flatten the right to protest the rulers, well its on them. But the skin was yanked off and we know its a wolf.

And as a result, there is a tad less lying. Deputy Viceroy Freeland has already declared the financial measures permanent…

…and the police chief has said that anyone who actively supported the protestors, whatever that means, which means whatever he wants it to as needs be, will be punished without due process, investigated without warrant, and treated as a criminal using retroactive tools to determine criminality, post hoc.

Yes, the state now determines that yesterday’s perfectly legal actions are now a crime. Worse than pre-crime, this is how growing a potato today makes you a vegetable criminal tomorrow.

So yes. Its a victory. Pick a side and get to work.


What happens when (South African) Police run out of ammo

Hellequin GB adds this comment:

There’s a rumour going around that they’ll start again on the 10th. of August when Jacob Zuma has another Court appearance.
By us, down here in the Western Cape, it’s still “quiet” (if you discount the daily Crimes).
We’ll see.
What he forgot to mention is that Law-abiding South Africans CAN NO LONGER buy guns or can apply for gun-licenses for Self-defense.
Thanks to George Soros and his Minions.
Meanwhile the corrupt South African Police is selling Arms to Gangsters.

Chief Medical officer for Nova Scotia: ‘No gatherings to stop the spread of information’

This will be a sticky post for today. Anything newer will be below.

Bishop to King’s Bishop two, check:

May 31st, 2021

Speaker is Chief Medical officer for Nova Scotia, Dr. Robert Strang

And of course, this:

Thank you Tania Groth

Florida takes a rational approach to communist insurgents and rioters of all kinds

Some Andy Ngo updates on what is actually going on where the communist insurgency is still in full swing

1. Some of the tweets from Portland tonight. ANTIFA is firing lasers into the eyes of police, and launching incendiary projectiles with Lacrosse sticks

(No Korans though. I bet if rumours were started about ANTIFA burning Korans, we would suddenly discover how much truth matters to ANTIFA which rely on dishonesty as their prime weapon against realty. And suddenly it would be so wrong to hurt the feelings of [certain] religious people. On the other hand, if the rumour played out, the Islamic community might solve this little problem in Portland.)

Below, ANTIFA gets help from the oldest tactician, Hu flung Pu.

Every-time Laras Logan pops up it provides an opportunity to repost the clip of her saying that the entire media circus in the US is so bankrupt, that the only way you can get a Pulitzer prize is if you never say anything which is an actual threat to the powerful. We see more evidence of that every day now in Canada and the USA

Political will to end communist occupation of parts of Seattle materializes

H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Funniest home videos of CHAZ