Chief Medical officer for Nova Scotia: ‘No gatherings to stop the spread of information’

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Bishop to King’s Bishop two, check:

May 31st, 2021

Speaker is Chief Medical officer for Nova Scotia, Dr. Robert Strang

And of course, this:

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Brilliant segment on Tucker with Naomi Wolf from last night, proof of her assertion, and evidence of the secondary assertion below that

Computing Forever offers us an excellent example of how the Irish government is doing precisely what Naomi explains is always the case. He goes on to suggest that if and when Wuhan Flu lockdowns end it will move on to CO2 lockdowns. Something that can be justified in that Marxist way, until there is not one human left on Earth:

Aerospace engineer, Tom Harris, explains how and why that might be the case.

Florida takes a rational approach to communist insurgents and rioters of all kinds

Ottawa Canada: MAJOR protest against Trudeau and the Covid measures on Parliament Hill

Its going to be a while till all the materials are ready. But a few photos in the meantime. Several thousand patriots where there and no sign of CBC or any of the main stream Canadian broadcasters, proving once again it is NOT fake news, it is ENEMY propaganda.

Also interesting, that mysteriously the parliament hill Cameras where down for maintenance from last night to tonight. Curiouser and curiouser.

Check back on this post over the next few hours and days for videos and photos of this stellar event.

Comintern in mid coup to unseat Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, a fun-house mirror of the coup against Trump?

The journalist in the video below is likely not fully correct about the motive. There may be an element of stealing in the actions of the Brazilian supremes, but this looks a lot more like what is taking place in the US, where massive frauds were perpetrated to attempt a coup against President Trump while making it look like a legal procedure. Also much like the pseudo-legal prosecution of Marine Le Pen in France, where her parliamentary immunity was stripped post hoc, in order to prosecute her for publishing a short Islamic State video as proof of why her party did not want immigration of that ideology.

The same thing just happened to Matteo salvini where his immunity was stripped in order to prosecute him for his decision not to let a boatload of illegals dock which Marxist logic determined to be “kidnapping”.

And the eternal prosecution of Geert Wilders for actually doing his job in a democracy, which was to criticize the government’s immigration policy, which the government has deemed “racist” and Geert is now facing the same charge for the same remark I think for the FOURTH time. Another great argument for America’s double-jeopordy law in the 5th amendment.

The video below is another explanatory video of this significant event in Brazil. Remember, this must not be viewed as an isolated incident, but as part of a global policy against traditional, Nationalist, or non-Marxist politicians and influential people. In blunt, this is a global communist revolution taking place in a highly targeted manner and using corruption of existing systems, and even the creation of an anti-state to act against the state using the Marxist dialectic, Thesis, antithesis, solution. For a better understanding of that, Stephen Coughlin and Rich Higgins’ paper linked here makes it clear with some effort on the part of the reader.


Some Andy Ngo updates on what is actually going on where the communist insurgency is still in full swing

1. Some of the tweets from Portland tonight. ANTIFA is firing lasers into the eyes of police, and launching incendiary projectiles with Lacrosse sticks

(No Korans though. I bet if rumours were started about ANTIFA burning Korans, we would suddenly discover how much truth matters to ANTIFA which rely on dishonesty as their prime weapon against realty. And suddenly it would be so wrong to hurt the feelings of [certain] religious people. On the other hand, if the rumour played out, the Islamic community might solve this little problem in Portland.)

Below, ANTIFA gets help from the oldest tactician, Hu flung Pu.

Every-time Laras Logan pops up it provides an opportunity to repost the clip of her saying that the entire media circus in the US is so bankrupt, that the only way you can get a Pulitzer prize is if you never say anything which is an actual threat to the powerful. We see more evidence of that every day now in Canada and the USA

Brad Johnson update on CHAZ and the Democrat Party

Brad Johnson pulls no punches in this update on the riots and taking of part of Seattle as an anarchist zone called “CHAZ”. Worth listening through to the end.

Could SARS CoV-2 be a bioweapon?

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A Ph.D in biology familiar to the authors at VladTepesBlog, took the time and effort to really look at some of the available documents on the nature of the Wuhan strains of the Corona virus now shutting down the world.

There are a number of anomalies that differentiate it from all other strains of Corona which deserve a closer look. One of which, and one of several, is the insertion of segments of the HIV virus which is not found in any other strain of Corona anywhere. But there is much more to cause concern and raise suspicion that this is really a WMD bioweapon from the Communist Chinese government.

Below, the executive summary of this Dr.’s investigation.

A summary of some of the research papers used to write this summary can be downloaded here.

could SARS CoV-2 be a bioweapon?

Dr. Anon Ph.D.

On January 31st, Indian scientists (Pradhan et al.) posted on a research website a not-yet-peer-reviewed paper called “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag.” They looked at the genomes of all of the versions of the new coronavirus now known as SARS CoV-2 that were available at the time (there were 28) and also the genomes of all coronaviruses whose genome sequences were published in databases (there were 55). The different versions of the SARS CoV-2 virus differ in generally less than a dozen nucleic acids in its approximately 30,000-nucleic acid genome. Such mutations are typical of viruses. Pradhan et al. found the most closely related virus to be the SARS CoV virus that caused the 2002-03 pandemic.

They then also closely compared the spike protein of the new virus with that of SARS CoV and generated a three-dimensional structure of the spike protein of the new virus. They found that all 28 strains of the new virus contained four insertions of amino acids that were not present in SARS CoV. They named the insertions insertion 1, 2, 3, and 4. They also looked for the insertions in all of the other 55 coronaviruses and did not find them. One other group (Zhou et al.) had reported three insertions but those authors had not looked at the entire sequence of the spike protein.

Looking for where the insertions might have come from, Pradhan et al. used the nucleic acid sequence of each insert as a “query” of all available viral sequences found in databases. They found that each of the four inserts aligned with short segments of the HIV-1 virus. Inserts 1, 2, and 3 aligned with parts of the HIV-1 gp120 protein and insert 4 aligned with a short segment of the HIV-1 Gag protein. Inserts 1 and 2 were both six amino acids long had 100% sequence homology with the corresponding segments in HIV. Insert 3 was twelve amino acids long and aligned with a 15-amino acid segment in gp120 if one left a 3-amino acid gap in insert 3. Insert 4 was eight amino acids long and aligned with a sequence in the HIV Gag protein if one left a gap of 11 amino acids between the first four and the last four amino acids in the coronavirus sequence. [Using the one-letter abbreviationsfor amino acids, the amino acid sequence of insert 4 is QTNSPRRA, and is located in positions 677 to 684 of the spike protein.]

The authors thought it was unusual to find short stretches of amino acids in unrelated proteins and expressed the opinion that it was unlikely the inserts were there by chance. When they modelled the structure based on the available structure of the SARS CoV spike protein they found that the first three inserts folded together to constitute part of the binding site that recognizes the host receptor. Insert 4 was located at the junction of the S1 and S2 subunits of the spike protein. (When the virus binds to the host cell, its spike protein S is cleaved by proteases on the host cell into subunits S1 and S2. S1 is needed for binding to the receptor and S2 is involved in fusing the virus membrane with the cell membrane.)

Pradhan et al. also thought that the insertions would provide additional flexibility to the glycoprotein binding site by forming a hydrophilic loop that may facilitate or enhance virus-host interactions. (The spike protein is a glycoprotein, meaning there are sugar groups attached to it.)

Pradhan et al. (2020) withdrew their paper within days of prepublication after it was criticized for methodological reasons.

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Canadian Government bans father from talking about what he isn’t allowed to say to his daughter at home

A few days ago, we posted an excellent interview with a father of a teenage girl who’s father has objected to her taking permanently altering and sterilizing drugs to sort of look like a male, and for which the state took over and criminalized him and controlled his words and actions in a way very few Canadians today would believe the state capable of.

This is something beyond which even Soviet communism would try. At least in terms of imposing a pseudo-reality and forcing it on the general public.

That interview was forced to be removed by Canadian courts as the father also has a gag order disallowing him to even discuss the case.

This website has been chronicling the details of this issue since it first came up as a matter of interest. So a LOT of news on this father, his estranged SJW ex wife and his daughter who has been maneuvered into taking very dangerous drugs and soon, surgeries in order to sort of kind of look like a human male instead of a fully functioning female with the basic ability to reproduce.

The day after the interview we posted, Laura Lynn also interviewed the man, and the courts forced that interview down as well. Below, a Facebook video (moved to 3speak with permission because, well Facebook) Laura explains her views on this issue and why she will not remove her interview.

This is important.

Here is the video of the interview Laura Lynn refuses to remove. This is an indictment of Canada. Not Laura Lynn, or of a caring father that was trying to protect his daughter from a state imagining it is God.

A screen grab of the Frank Vaughan interview videos as the are now on this site:

We are currently working on restoring the Frank Vaughan video now.

Islamophobia now an offence that warrants arrest and handcuffs in the UK

Two stories on Jihad Watch.

UK: Jewish conservative’s door broken down, he is handcuffed and jailed on suspicion of “Islamophobia”

On Tuesday the 22nd October, at approximately 07:15, whilst I was getting my four year old child ready for school, there was a rather aggressive knock at my front door. I opened the door and found a whole bunch of police officers who wanted me to come out and ‘talk to them’. Knowing what the modern day British police are like in too many cases, which is thuggish and dishonest, I shut the door in their faces. The police do not turn up mob handed merely to have ‘a chat’. Instead I picked up the handset for my entryphone, which is remotely recorded, and spoke to the officer’s via that method.


I politely requested that they state the reason why they were at my front door and they said ‘we just want to talk’ and ‘you must come outside to speak’. They refused my request that I would speak to them via the window and insisted that I come out. Whilst this was going on I was watching what was happening on CCTV, the footage of which is now secured off site. I could see at least six police officers swarming around my front garden and to my back garden to which they had gained access. There were I observed, four officers in the front and two in the back. […]


Video: UK police arrest counterjihad blogger Fahrenheit211 on “hate speech” charges


Please read the total story over at Jihad Watch.

This is quite a ratcheting up of totalitarianism in the United Kingdom.

The Truth Shall Get You Jailed

Excerpt from the article at Gates oil Vienna:

by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

In the past week, two eerily similar polls — one in Germany (available in German only) and one in the United States — made it into the public sphere. Both concerned the pillar of freedom, free speech, and both sadly portend the end of what countless brave souls on both sides of the Atlantic who died on so many battlefields valiantly fought for.

November 2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which ostensibly ushered in the end of the Communist iron grip on Eastern Europe. Following the end of World War II, Communism had brutally separated the free West from the subjugated East, and nowhere was this partition more glaringly obvious than in individual liberty or lack thereof. Thirty years have now passed since that glorious November day. I watched the tearing down of the wall by East Berliners desperately seeking freedom — the freedom to speak, think, move, exist — live on television, having visited East Berlin only a year before. I was ecstatic for the people of East Germany, hoping they would be able to savor their hard-fought freedom as I have done over and over.

The widespread disillusionment that has set in over the past decades pains me. Just a few days ago, the Post-Communists won the parliamentary elections of the state of Thuringia in what was once East Germany, and I am quite certain post-election analyses will show that the block of Post-Communist voters consists of mostly young people who have no recollection or experience of the evil of Communism.

And so it comes as no surprise when a well-known German opinion research institute publishes a poll indicating that “nearly two-thirds of [those polled] are convinced that nowadays one must be very careful regarding the topics about which one can speak freely because there many unwritten laws indicating which opinions are permissible and which opinions are not permissible.” In addition, 58% of those polled no longer feel safe speaking freely in public, with only 17% agreeing that they can voice their opinion freely on the Internet. More than 40% sense that political correctness is overemphasized, while 35% have decided for themselves to voice their opinions only in a private setting.

Please read the rest at Gates of

Giorgia Meloni: “We invite Italians to take to the streets”

Hard not to agree with her. Many European politicians are involved with the destroy Europe project. The easiest proof of this is the “Cordon Sanitaire” or the trick many nations with Prop Rep do, to isolate non-communist parties by freezing them out of government, even when they are the most or second most popular party. Italy has now done this, blocking out Salvini as he is the clear winner if there was an election today.

Communism has always been anti-democracy because it is anti-individual and makes the state God. So it should come as no surprise that leftist leaders use any machinations they can do undermine the will of the people to continue and strengthen the Neo-Marxist state.

Determining the extent of that state is also easy. Look at court cases and see if truth is an absolute defence as it always is in a democracy, or if the decision is driven by narrative as it was in the case of ESW.

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