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3 Replies to “Computing Forever on the WEF”

  1. Forth industrial revolution is the fusion of the physical, digital and biological world.

    Virtual and augmented reality.

    Chemsexuals become reptilian-brained male-appendages believing they are women working for the collective.

    Social Activists become mammalian-brained nurses spoonfeeding whatever victim of oppression is set before them.

    Islamic soldier ants, defend the modesty of the hive. A flapping tent triggers the reaction to destroy themselves the enemy of peace.

    A braver new world.

  2. That was one of the most informative videos on the WEF I’ve seen and I’ve seen many. But the best part was the positive ending. Thank you Dave Cullen.

  3. The Hand of God will take care of it all, with us as participants in fulfilling His purposes.

    Even more than talking to God, hearing from Him first is imperative: acquainting ourselves with His letter to us, His Word, the Bible, is the first step in this relationship.

    Excellent and chilling at the same time, this video has unified and clarified all the bits and pieces of info circulating on the net re the Schwabists of which I’m aware.

    Thank you, Vlad.

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