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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/former-trump-official-falsely-claims-there-is-no-evidence-of-extremism-in-the-military/ar-BB1dr7XL?rt=0&ocid=Win10NewsApp&item=flights%3Aprg-mobileappview

    Take a good look at the future, folks. Look at how this MSN newscast blatantly dictates what is “the truth” and what is “false” – based, of course, entirely whether it’s right-wing or left-wing, with any pretense of impartiality thrown out the window. From now on it’s, “Conservative lies about this” and “Conservative lies about that.” Soon they will have me classified as a dangerous political extremist and will be coming to get me by and by…

    They’re normalizing this horrible breach of truth and ethics and soon young people will think it’s perfectly normal for the front page to read about what wrong-headed liars all conservatives are. They couldn’t be paving the way toward civil war more perfectly than by acting the way they are acting. The Capitol riots are nothing. The Democrats are openly telling the Republicans that there isn’t room enough in the USA for both of them so they can just go ahead and eff-off… They are openly calling for civil war out of sheer hatred for the other side…

      • Gee! It just occurred to me. I’ll bet it would suit the Chinese just fine if a second Russian Civil War were to break out in the USA allowing them to fill the global vacuum with their economic and military power. But they wouldn’t take advantage like that, would they? Naw… I must be crazy. That’s it! I’m crazy…

        Next, I’ll be raving about the Chinese having endless dirt on Joe Biden and virtual control of the US government as a result of that leverage… Naw… I must be crazy… What a right-wing nutjob… The Chinese would never dream of stooping to such levels…

      • Now that Donald J. Trump is gone and banned from all communications, they have nothing left to cover as an exciting story they can manipulate.

        So, yes, they want a civil war. Remember how happy they were during the Ferguson riots? And the Capitol breach?

        • Actual Americans couldn’t possibly want another civil war. Only a blood enemy could wish such a thing on the USA. I simply cannot believe that an actual American would want to see millions of Americans dead no matter how left-wing he is – even Rob Reiner.

          The Chinese, I think, have declared war on the United States and are using the leftists as paid traitors hungry for easy money and advantage, and with their high Asian-IQs, they are making us look like hooting monkeys, macaques, gibbons, chimpanzees. Great White Dopes…

          The Chinese are very smart and they do not believe in all that democracy/freedom shit. They aren’t the same as us – they don’t have an inner burning desire to be free or any belief in a benevolent higher power. Be afraid. They do not like us and do not wish us well and they do not honor our values and they have no desire whatsoever to stick a feather in their cap and call it macaroni. As long as there is order they are OK with what follows, no matter what it is…

          • Not to mention that Chinese are orders upon orders of magnitude a more homogenous population. This is more important than raw IQ power. When a people are that united they have a lot of power. Which is why communists and muslims have been working triple shifts to divide us in the west, in every … possible … way.

            Men women, sexual leanings, skin tone, minor variations of religious ideas etc.

          • The Left has made a habit of butchering its own people, millionfold. 100 million unarmed civilians murdered across the 20th century by the Left, starvation the method of choice. If they can destroy millions across the West in this century (it isn’t just the USA – all those third world Moslem imports infesting Europe and the Anglosphere, for whom assassination is doctrinal) they will gladly do so, to further their cause and they will sport Bill Gates smiles and soprano giggles while at work.

  2. I’ve abandoned that road with dense people I know. I don’t even send emails with info anymore. I tried so many times, useless. Brainwashed. But, I did worry them about the vaccine issue.

    That said, I’m now heading toward the funny trail. It might be more effective.

    Funny trail, such as “don’t come too close to me, the virus is on your coat and pants”. And wear a double-mask if you want to visit me because I won’t be wearing one.

    • At stores I point out how lucky we are that the virus is too dumb and blind to get between the sheets of plexiglass so we know these plastic squares all keep us safe, despite the big gaps there so we can hand each other things.

  3. Canada’s Pierre Poilievre: Great presser.
    How many jobs lost last month? Answer: 200,000.
    And more to come.

    In this sad time of our history, how to create long-lasting jobs? Only one way: Government jobs. The GREAT RESET.

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