Tucker Carlson for September 26th, 2022, Critical Theory attacks by MSM against Meloni

The opening is all on Giorgia Meloni and its excellent. He actually checked the sources on her rather than the critical theory media attacks which is all we get to see outside, and probably inside italy. An example of that is below the Tucker show.

For those who are not yet familiar with critical theory, a strategic use of language to destroy any target that is an obstacle to a communist revolution, watch the following video in short chunks and think about what you have heard. For example, when he says she wants to use a “blockade to stop immigration”, but doesn’t say illegal, we get a solid sense of the deceptive nature of this attack. But even if she was to stop immigration to Italy altogether, why is a national leader’s policy on immigration unacceptable when it is opposed and the natural order of things when its for open unlimited and unvetted immigration? In any case, this entire screed is a series of hatred and half truths. But its an important lesson in Critical Theory.


Matteo salvini responds to EU threats to punish Italy if they don’t vote for the left

Matteo Salvini responds to the EU’s threats to punish Italy if they vote for a non-communist government.

Salvini and Meloni pressers on the failure to force an election and the new leftist government

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Both of these fine Italian lederers have a similar theme. What in any democracy, and what their constitution demands, should have led to an election because of end runs that was done around Salvini’s policies to save Italy, have instead led to a socialist government that no-doubt will lead to massive spikes in immigration from Africa and a consequent negation of the very fact of Italy as a nation, a people, a history, a culture and a system of laws.

We may very well see the same negation accelerate in Canada in the Oct. election if Trudeau gets in again and very possibly even if Scheer does, although the jury is out on that.