Fuellmich Friday: Stunning interview with a woman who shows the money trail on the mRNA but also the ideological and military aspects

This is a LOT to unpack. There is a great deal of information, and if even half of it is true, it explains nearly all the gaps in the entire mystery around the facts of the way Covid, treatments and the injections are being forced on us. Just one example, and its near the start, is how Google is heavily invested in multiple aspects of the technology, which is why they would not permit even peer reviewed materials on Ivermectin or HCQ to be posted on Youtube.

In fact it explains why they worked so hard to get Trump out of office since we now know that he ordered the US civil service to make HCQ available to all easily to end this stupid pandemic. And we now know it would have.

But no worries, there is a great deal of blame to go around. Settle in, maybe get a drink and or a pizza and watch this. I removed the German translation but otherwise its the complete interview.

Direct link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/srCQsCNuB63f/

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  1. This rat finds it sickening. It is sickening even if this journalist is a charletan, which I doubt. It’s worth a second listen. History will show Keynesianism produced an incredible wealth imbalance. Too much money perverted an exclusive few into some very twisted thinking. Immortality? Hubris fits. Old fashioned immortality used to mean great art, scientific discovery, or courageous accomplishment. Epstein sold little girls for leverage against the bigshots, and I don’t care if those girls were of legal age, or not. Technicalities. The enticement and entrapment was the same.

    Would it not be fitting if billionaires with integrity formed a front against these assholes? Where are all the billionaires with integrity? Where is the BWI? Isn’t it time? They can’t all be evil. How about the new BAR Association? Billionaires and Rats?

    My toe is tapping and my arms are folded.

    • There was in March/April last year a Call from a former Child-prostitute to the German Army and Police not to help Merkel and her Ilk to persecute the German people.
      He implicated Merkel as an “Purchaser” of young boy child-protitutes for other High-ranking politicians.
      Unfortunately I cannot find the Link anywhere, because he posted it on YouTube at that time.
      But it tells you a lot about those people, doesn’t it?

  2. Stoicism was a common philosophical trait in Rome and many of the good emperors followed it. Sadly wealth now, as it has before, gives power to those who are simply greedy and who have no redeeming virtues nor philosophies. Add a spoilt childhood to that and you can see why their descendants are even worse.
    The state, once, could pull in such aberrants if they became too blatant. But now they indirectly run the state and us plebs are at their mercy

  3. China’s Biowarfare Program and the “Defector”
    USA Survival – June 25, 2021

    Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) talks to ASI TV host Cliff Kincaid about China’s biowarfare program and how to hold the communist regime accountable for the mass murder of more than 600,000 Americans. Sellin also addresses questions about the nature of the virus and whether the vaccines are effective.

  4. One of Fuelmich’s best videos so far. I never get bored listening to the players behind this attempted global takedown or their so-called plans for us ‘rats’. Great video! I might watch it again.

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