WEF – United Nations Says “We Own The Science”

Melissa Fleming, of the United Nations Department of Global Communications team, says that through their partnership with Google, they have been able to eliminate any opposing viewpoints from coming up when people search ‘climate change’ through the worlds most popular search engine.

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Global News, MSM and disinformation.

Let’s begin by operationalizing three important and constantly abused terms. Abused mostly by politicians and media with full understanding of the nature of the abuse.

Propaganda: Fairly obvious government messaging that any reasonably thoughtful or aware person can spot.

Disinformation: Deliberate untruths or rhetorical devices intended to harm the target. The target can be an entire population.

Misinformation: The repetition of disinformation by a naive target that believes it and passes it on as truth.

For a sterling example of disinformation, watch Justin Trudeau use that word. He actually uses the word “Disinformation” as disinformation. And I’m sure he thinks that’s clever.

Disinformation has a lot of tactics as well. They can be subtle and hard to spot if you don’t already know they are tactics. One example might be where there appears to be a government leak and the information appears to hurt the government that leaked it but it contains a key bit of disinformation intended to create the behaviour they want. One example might be the leak from early in the Covid years where a Canadian government memo was said to have leaked and talked about building effectively gulags. I don’t remember all the details but I should. This site published it as a maybe-it’s-true item. And it came from a great source within the government but I think as misinformation, not deliberate misdirection.

This site covered a more blatant form of disinformation a few years ago. It is when it fabricated a motive for a leftist Trump hater at a performance of Fidler on the Roof, claiming that the man was a “trump supporter”. Global news was in possession of the facts when they wrote the article claiming he was a Trump supporter, and they did not update the article to correct it to the truth for weeks which is as long as I bothered to check up on it.

The same day the man stood up and drunkenly did a Nazi salute at the play, right before intermission, video was circulating about how he explained to the police in the lobby of the theatre right there at intermission, that he hated Trump so much that the evil doers in the play reminded him of Trump and Trump is like Hitler, so he gave the Nazi salute. Global knew the truth. They could not have not known it as anyone who read the source news would have seen it.

Yesterday was another kind of disinformation. An article about a young boy athlete who suffered a stroke and appears to be in a wheelchair now. 

Before I post the excerpt in question, ask yourself what you would want to know most about the story. What would the single burning question be, not just since Covid, not just since the Vaxx rollout, but at any point, what would you want to know about the story? How his family felt about him? How his team mates felt? A tribute by the Toronto Blue Jays? Or what on God’s green earth would cause a 12 year old who is a healthy athlete to suffer a crippling stroke?

Now add in an experimental gene-therapy that all kids have to take in order to play any form of organized sports and ask the same question. A gene-therapy that is known without argument at this point, to cause blood clots. Especially in athletic young men. So much so that Denmark has now banned the injections for people under 18 years old.

The article gives a lot of nicey fluff about how people feel, although none of it is anger, and then goes on to say this:

Notice how they slipped that in.

For the team, a team that all would have had to take the same injections in order to play, “the cause is the least of their concerns”.

Whoever did that interview was more lawyer than journalist. And I bet I know who has that lawyer on retainer.

But given Global’s track record of outright lies to suit a political narrative we probably can’t know what they really said. And given how the media treats any statement about the injections that may cause people to question taking it, its also easy to see this piece for what it is.

Outright Soviet level propaganda, and disinformation.

And the harm it does and to who?

I’m sure we can all figure that out.

Meanwhile, in Clayton Valley USA, another 12 year old athlete dies due to a “severe medical emergency”.

Two days after he was brought to the hospital, he passed away.

“With deep sadness and heavy hearts, we inform you of the passing of our jr. varsity football athlete. As many of you are aware our jr. varsity athlete unexpectedly experienced a medical emergency unrelated to the sport of football Friday during our evening football practice,” Clayton Valley Athletic Association announced on Sunday.

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