WEF – United Nations Says “We Own The Science”

Melissa Fleming, of the United Nations Department of Global Communications team, says that through their partnership with Google, they have been able to eliminate any opposing viewpoints from coming up when people search ‘climate change’ through the worlds most popular search engine.

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  1. And if you don’t want to get “Covid” stop getting tested. Keep in mind Dr. Kary Banks Mullis, who died in October of 2019, right around the time of Event 201, was the man who believed in the gold standard, not climate change. He won the Nobel Prize for his work with Polymerase Chain Reaction ( the PCR test ) and stated “it must NEVER be used to diagnose a disease in a human being, it is a research tool only”.

    He was a TRUE scientist who said many times Dr Fauci is a liar.

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