New low for the CBC or for Canada overall?

This may be the most horrifying story I have seen on the Canadian zeitgeist so far. My problem is, who do I direct my horror at. The CBC for possibly spinning it this way or the man quoted in the article for thinking as he does or for the lack of pure outrage this article should have caused nationwide.

The very idea that this man being stabbed to death unwarned by a stranger on a bus would have fought back in order to allow the rest of the passengers, also strangers to him, to escape unharmed is perhaps the most cowardly thing I have ever encountered as a thought process goes. This man is trying to turn what at least should be his guilt at not doing anything to stop this savage murder into a feaux tribute to his ‘saviour’ for as he intimates, consciously fighting back against his attacker for this purpose.

While its no surprise the CBC would run this story this way or hell just as likely created it this way its no less shocking and disturbing that they would. But mostly, its a sick twisted barometer of where the Canadian culture is at this time.

I would say more but I simply don’t have the adjectives necessary to express my contempt. This man should learn to live with his guilt and not assign fake thoughts to another who was murdered and he could have saved.

It’s just so nice that the rest of the passengers have formed ‘a support group’ for each other. I wonder if even a single one of them enrolled in martial arts or bought a weapon. Pathetic doesn’t even come close.

On to the CBC..

Bus slaying victim made ‘ultimate sacrifice’ by fighting attacker: N.W.T. passenger

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A witness to the gruesome stabbing of a Winnipeg man aboard a Greyhound bus said a final struggle between the victim and his attacker may have saved the lives of other passengers.

Stephen Allison of Fort Smith, N.W.T., said he and his wife, Isabelle, were sitting in a row across the aisle from Tim McLean, 22, and his alleged attacker, Vincent Weiguang Li, 40, on the Greyhound bus travelling from Edmonton to Winnipeg on the evening of July 30.

Tim McLean, shown in a photo taken from his MySpace page, struggled to escape his attacker and 'was at one point fighting back,' according to witness Stephen Allison.Tim McLean, shown in a photo taken from his MySpace page, struggled to escape his attacker and ‘was at one point fighting back,’ according to witness Stephen Allison. McLean was stabbed to death, then beheaded, in the incident. Li, of Edmonton, is charged with second-degree murder, and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Early witness accounts of the attack suggested that McLean was asleep with his headphones on when the attack began and didn’t have a chance to put up much of a struggle before being killed.

But Allison said McLean fought for his life, struggling with Li in the aisle of the bus.

“Tim actually tried to get away,” he told CBC News from Winnipeg, in an interview that ran Tuesday.

“He jumped over Mr. Li, and was at one point fighting back.”

The 35 remaining passengers and the driver escaped from the bus. Li was arrested by the RCMP following a standoff lasting several hours.

Allison said McLean’s final struggle made all the difference to him, his wife and the other passengers.

“If it wasn’t for him, there could have been a lot more of us that never got off that bus,” he said.

“He made the ultimate sacrifice so that everyone else could get off and everyone else could live.”

The Allisons were travelling by bus from Fort Smith to visit family in Kenora, Ont., and to go to school in Winnipeg.

Stephen Allison said memories of the stabbing now keep them awake at night. He particularly recalls making eye contact with Li just moments before the incident began.

“Right when he pulled out the knife, he had looked at me first before leaning over to stab Tim,” he said.

“So in that second, I thought, this is the end for me.”

Allison said he has been in touch with some of the other passengers on the bus, as part of an effort to support each other and trying to cope with the horrific scene they witnessed that night.

Mallick’s post card from the irrational leftist edge

Certainly by now many have either heard of or read CBC columnist Heather Mallick’s “A mighty wind blows through Republican convention”. Not a journalist to be lowered to the boring ranks of professional journalism with integrity, Ms. Mallick can now officially join other pan-leftist elite columnists who spend their writing time gazing in front of a mirror conjuring up immature hip phrases of bigotry.

Jonathan Kay of The National Post suggests that Mallick’s column is so appalling that it may finally convince whoever is elected to govern the country on October 14 to “clean house at 25 John Street”. He also wonders why the editors at the CBC would see fit to post this hateful speech on their web site. His column appears here.

I ask this: why should I, as a Canadian taxpayer, have to pay Mallick’s salary? and moreover , what indeed as Kay wonders , will happen when CBC Washington correspondent Neil Macdonald comes knocking on the White House door for access?

Indeed the folks at the CBC may want to take care of their credibility problem and reign in their “unlettered” loudmouthed racist Mallick, or working class, unfit for dinner-party society folks like me will insist the next government take care of it for them.


Canada’s CBC. More than partizan, is hate speech

From an article on the CBC website one can see they do not like the Republican party much. Fair enough news organizations pick sides all the time, and sometimes for excellent reasons and sometimes for less excellent ones. But CBC’s Heather Mallick goes past Partizanship, itself questionable as the CBC is Canadian and its rather unneighborly to speak this harshly about your best friend’s politics and population, or at least the one half you don’t like, this goes to raw, illegal in Canada as we see daily from the various CHRC’s, hate speech. Raw, simple hate.

Let’s play a now common thought experiement out. Take away republican and say, oh African Americans Jews or Muslims and see how long this post lasts before its taken down, widely condemned by all sides and the author arrested.

Let’s pull a paragraph oh, almost at random and see how it plays out…

“It’s possible that Republican men, sexual inadequates that they are, really believe that women will vote for a woman just because she’s a woman. They’re unfamiliar with our true natures. Do they think vaginas call out to each other in the jungle night? I mean, I know men have their secret meetings at which they pledge to do manly things, like being irresponsible with their semen and postponing household repairs with glue and used matches. Guys will be guys, obviously.”

So, instead of Republican men lets put in any protected or in fashion group shall we? Try black women for fun. OK it doesn’t work perfectly but you get the idea. This kind of hyperbole published against any other group in Canada would be illegal.

Now of course I do not think it should be. My issue here is not the content so much as the fact that its published on the CBC website which is the official Canadian Government broadcasting company. One which has been taken over by leftist partisan forces, unions nad special interest none of which represent the typical Canadian working person.

The second one has to do with specifically why i believe in freedom of speech.

I am not aware of any example in history where laws which restrict freedom of speech have not been enforced selectively. Specifically When a government decides what it is and is not alright to express it never follows the intent no matter how noble it was meant at the time. Even the Germans had laws governing what one could say about groups before Hitler used them to his particular advantage. It always gets enforced based on the agenda of those who have access to the machinery of power. We see it in the Canadian Human Rights Commissions and their flagrant assault on conservatives, Christians and anyone not seen as a privileged group

Meanwhile, Muslims preach death to jews and infidels, preach forced servitude to women, violate the letter and spirit of Canada’s hate laws often five times a day in mosques. The HRC’s have never filed a charge agianst them and the CBC’s reaction? Make an awful weekly TV show called ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ intended to make all who object to the Islamification of Canada seem weak stupid racist toothless idiots.

If hate speech laws worked then we could solve all problems with a strike of the pen in Parliament. But as they not only do not work but usually turn viciously on all who are not a favored group I say the CBC should be charged with a hate crime for this piece of brown journalism (like yellow journalism but comes from the back end of the writer) or we should abandon these laws for the feel good dangerous nonsense they are.

That and of course Canada’s National Broadcasting corporation has no business writing foreign policy and it could be mistaken for such as it is Canada’s official mouthpiece.

An excellent article about the CBC stolen from another blog

Well yeah? I appreciate the honesty: the CBC’s news boss acknowledged, for the first time, that they are afraid that if they cover Muslim news in the wrong way, there could be violence against their reporters in Muslim nations. So they don’t.That is an astounding admission to make. It’s not just a question about bias; it goes deeper than that. It’s one thing for the CBC to wilfully have an editorial position that is pro-Muslim or anti-Israel, as has often been alleged. But it’s quite another for the CBC news boss to acknowledge that their editorial decisions aren’t even the result of their own views or decisions, but the result of external pressure by Muslim radicals, and the fear of Islamic violence. That’s the equivalent of CNN’s admission that it let Saddam Hussein change their reporting about Iraq, to guarantee access for CNN reporters.

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