NCI Testimony of vaxx victim, Shawna Caines

Please see write up of this testimony at RAIR Foundation


More truly worthy testimony from the NCI. Here is how true and deeply held religious beliefs were treated during vaxx mandates, even when the person had a contract exempting them from vaccines of any kind.

Please read the write up at RAIR Foundation

NCI testimony from a worker at an elderly care facility

Where some of the worst horror took place. Please see the write up at RAIR


James Lunney Testimony at NCI: How Vitamin D could have stopped it all

James Lunney was a member of Parliament for 15 years, and a chiropractor who did extensive research into the major health benefits of proper Vitamin D use for disease prevention. In this presentation at the National Citizens Inquiry in Ottawa, Dr. Lunney goes through both the science of Vitamin D as a nutricuitical but also some of the darker reasons the Canadian government may have dismissed it as an effective defence against Covid19, as well as a host of other health issues, particularly in the Northern climate.

RAIR write up here.

This presentation offers both a solution to future issues for many people with a proper explanation as to why it is a solution, as well as a look behind the curtain at Parliament and some of the decisions made by those appointed to do so. Add this information to what we know about the CBC and media in Canada and you get a fair picture. A picture that is likely the same across the Anglosphere and elsewhere.

James Corbett at the Ottawa NCI on the WHO and the Global Pandemic Treaty

James Corbett is always good. He testified to the NCI in Ottawa from his home in Japan

NCI: Canadian veteran recognized a military psy-op when she saw it in action in Canada

This is testimony from the Ottawa National Citizen’s Inquiry that is as important as any. An experienced military person who had worked with intel people on psy-ops as used against enemies in Afghanistan and elsewhere, knew what she was seeing when it was applied against Canadians to take the mRNA gene therapy shots. Not to mention other illegal and draconian usurpation of rights by a state that is rapidly taking on to itself powers never meant to exist in a democracy or a republic. This testimony is 23:19 and I hope many will watch it, understand its implications, and spread it far enough that this brave woman who gave the testimony is protected by the sheer number of people who become aware of her and what she has revealed. The RAIR Foundation write up of her testimony is here.

Related: Another Canadian soldier testified as to the treatment of soldiers if they didn’t want the shots or even if they DID comply and take the shots. This was early in May, 2023 at an NCI hearing. Specifically on day 1 of the hearings in Red Deer Alberta.

Mary O’Connor testimony at the National Citizen’s Inquiry

Dr. O’Connor was one of the people who spoke about Covid policies at the second room at the Ottawa and final hearings for the NCI. VIdeo below, but also please see our interview with Mary from last August as well as follow-ups on how her court case went. RAIR Article can be read here.

Veteran CBC, Globe & Mail journalist, Rodney Palmer gives second testimony to NCI over media’s role in deception, coercion and manipulation of Canadian public

Rodney Palmer is the only person who spoke twice to the National Citizen’s Inquiry, the second time being in Ottawa on May 18th, and the first time testifying was posted on this site from day 1 of the Toronto hearings.

For the bio on Rodney Palmer, please click through to RAIR Foundation, as well as written highlights of his testimony of day 2 of the Ottawa hearings where he spoke again, the videos of which are below.

All I can say is, please watch these videos and those who feel as strongly as we do about what Mr. Palmer has to say, please help it go viral. Keep in mind, some of the more egregious crimes of the CBC are not mentioned. Like how the CBC repeatedly reported that hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid patients and there was triage being done in the parking lots and it was chaos, when in fact, the hospitals at that exact day it was reported, were nearly deserted and the lights were off in much of the buildings. Nurses where doing more choreography than triage. CBC reported on critical crowding of an ICU in Alberta and showed a clothing mannequin in a hospital gurney and tried to pass it off as an ICU patient. CBC was a very close equivalent of Nazi propaganda against the unvaxxed. Nonetheless, this Rodney Palmer testimony is incredibly important to understand what is taking place in Canada now. And for those of you not in Canada, don’t dare think that this is not exactly the same process across the anglosphere.

The file was very large so we had to parse it. Top video is Rodney Palmer’s testimony, the second is the Q&A with the panel.

Rodney got a standing ovation after his presentation from the entire room.

Q&A with the panel and lawyer:

Dr. Edward Leyton: Just how bad are the Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians?

This is another must watch.

Dr. Daniel Nagase testimony at NCI May 19th: He names names and details the new nature of medicine as it now is in Canada

At this point the key takeaway from a great deal of events being reported certainly in 2023, but arguably much much longer, is that a communist/Marxist revolution has taken place already in North America. Institutions and regulatory bodies, schools etc. operate along dialectical or Marxist principles as opposed to rule of law, or Socratic thought. Truth is no longer an absolute defence and is getting damn close to being an absolute crime. It already is in some spheres like medicine, as many doctors who used the scientific method to question Covid policies and in particular, the mRNA injections are being destroyed in multiple ways. The military has now been tasked in both the US and Canada with operations against its own citizenry. Up until now a foundational principle of civilization was that the military was never to operate against its own citizens. The division between police and the military was clear as day and this has also eroded massively. Early in Obama’s presidency Barack created the office of the CVE (which Trump eliminated but Biden brought back) that made patriotism a crime and Islamic terrorism not to be investigated as such. (This site has dealt extensively with the CVE in the past so we won’t rehash here. Canada has a very similar institution under Trudeau however.) Obama modified the Smith Mundt act to allow psy-ops against the American people by the military, and Trudeau as we know, famously directed the military to create a terror campaign against Canadians, we believe to coerce them take the vaxx. One general was fired for not going along.

In medicine, you now lose your licence for saving lives and are handsomely paid for taking them so long as it is along narrative lines. Dr. Nagase’s testimony speaks to this very clearly, at least by naming examples. Administering drugs well known to be deadly to cure things that don’t need curing is a solid example of the new way of things across the board now. Schools are the same. They teach things which are brutal lies and no questioning of these lies will be permitted.

Daniel took more than a risk by making this testimony. He will face severe consequences for speaking this much truth here. One can only guess that Dr. Nagase would hope that in exchange for his sacrifice, as many people as possible see this video and spread it around. Those of you who know how to download videos, probably should do that ASAP and upload it to other platforms.

(Here is a link to a video with V4F and Stephen Coughlin. If memory serves, they cover the CVE and Canadian equivalent. Either way its an excellent video)