Two Tweets concerning Twitter and censorship

1. Twitter reneged on an agreement to allow a stream of the Matt Walsh film, What is a Woman. Just so you know, freedom of speech, and reality itself is illegal.

It’s very important to read the whole thread here. 16 short tweets. It provides an excellent landmark in time to show the degree of Marxification, to coin a term in line with Islamification of a nation, to which it is identical in the main, if not the details, of our civilization. The thread includes a back and forth with Elon Musk at the end. But clearly the film was suppressed despite his protestations.

After viewing several warnings about “hateful conduct” the movie is visible.

Two working links for the documentary:

2. Another important Twitter thread: Alex Berenson explains that even Twitter’s own lawyers felt Twitter could not defend its censorship policies concerning Berenson’s lawsuit

Veteran CBC, Globe & Mail journalist, Rodney Palmer gives second testimony to NCI over media’s role in deception, coercion and manipulation of Canadian public

Rodney Palmer is the only person who spoke twice to the National Citizen’s Inquiry, the second time being in Ottawa on May 18th, and the first time testifying was posted on this site from day 1 of the Toronto hearings.

For the bio on Rodney Palmer, please click through to RAIR Foundation, as well as written highlights of his testimony of day 2 of the Ottawa hearings where he spoke again, the videos of which are below.

All I can say is, please watch these videos and those who feel as strongly as we do about what Mr. Palmer has to say, please help it go viral. Keep in mind, some of the more egregious crimes of the CBC are not mentioned. Like how the CBC repeatedly reported that hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid patients and there was triage being done in the parking lots and it was chaos, when in fact, the hospitals at that exact day it was reported, were nearly deserted and the lights were off in much of the buildings. Nurses where doing more choreography than triage. CBC reported on critical crowding of an ICU in Alberta and showed a clothing mannequin in a hospital gurney and tried to pass it off as an ICU patient. CBC was a very close equivalent of Nazi propaganda against the unvaxxed. Nonetheless, this Rodney Palmer testimony is incredibly important to understand what is taking place in Canada now. And for those of you not in Canada, don’t dare think that this is not exactly the same process across the anglosphere.

The file was very large so we had to parse it. Top video is Rodney Palmer’s testimony, the second is the Q&A with the panel.

Rodney got a standing ovation after his presentation from the entire room.

Q&A with the panel and lawyer:

Two (or Three) new Twitter File releases

1.THREAD: The Twitter Files Twitter and the FBI “Belly Button”

2. Here is a great thread on Pfizer. Not sure if its part of the Twitter Files dump or just someone putting together public source, but either way, its good things to be reminded of. Like Pfizer’s stunning criminal history and the hundreds of people they killed by covering up bad medical products.

3. Twitter Files part VIII