Naomi Wolf speaks to German freedom activists on the ten steps to close down an open society, and where we all are now

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And from what I have seen on Twitter, this video is being removed, or disabled on multiple platforms. Someone on Twitter had the wherewithall to create a Wetransfer download for it, and we put it on 3Speak after making use of that WeTransfer link. Now, even the tweet is “unavailable” where the link for the WeTransfer was. But here it is for all who want to download the video.

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Canadian Tire employees arrest and HANDCUFF a man for not wearing a mask in Burnaby BC

Dr. Bilyana Martinovski on censorship and rape stats in Sweden

I recognize that this is two videos of 30 minutes each. But in this instance I feel those who put in the time will feel it was worth it.

This woman makes powerful points with direct knowledge of the victims. So please do try and watch these, and especially before the election in Sweden on Sunday. Perhaps you may know someone to whom you can send this link?

Here is the FULL interview with a Rotherham rape victim done by Michael Hansen, a short segment of which, appears in his excellent film, Killing Europe. Available to be seen free here:

And titled in Swedish:

And here is a related story:

Swedish Doctor Fired After Posting Anti-Migrant Comments on Social Media

A doctor in the Swedish county of Västernorrland has been fired after being accused of spreading “Nazi” messages on his social media accounts by his employers.

The doctor, who worked as a surgeon and has denied that he is a Nazi, has not been identified but was said to have been terminated from his position after the anti-migrant social media posts came to light, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.


Only two examples of “Nazi” posts were presented by the Swedish state broadcaster including one which refers to a story from the Swedish alternative news website Friatider that reported on a Swedish politician calling for the European Union to “drive over” the objections of countries who refused to take in migrants.

Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque

H/T Gates of Vienna

This does look a little like an Italian Golden Dawn.


29 March, 11:34

Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque(ANSA) – Pesaro, March 29 – Members of the neo-fascist political party Forza Nuova who sealed off a gym being used by the local Muslim community as a mosque in the Marche city of Pesaro said that they were protesting the “wild and uncontrolled immigration” choking the country.

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Totalitarians attract each other (when not busy going to war against each other that is).


Is this the end result of over 20-25 million people having been murdered during WWII, (6 million of them being Jews systematically hunted down by the Nazis and their helpers in occupied Europe), a return to the past?

The Nazis made a pact with the late Mufti Of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, during the Second World War, so folks, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the ultra-nationalist Left (badly mislabeled as Right-wing) the Fascist Hungarian Jobbik, teaming up with the Iranian regime.

And yes, they have their uniforms as well.


NOTE: The Simon Wiesenthal Center: “Euorpean Parliament must prevent Tehran from establishing foothold in Europe through Jobbik Party”. Also, we must remember that the Soviet Union was happily aligned with the highly anti-Semitic Fascist Arab party states throughout the 50’s – 90’s until the USSR thankfully imploded.

Hitler and the Mufti

Pact of pariahs forming between Iran and Hungary’s Jobbik

By Cnaan Liphshiz · March 4, 2013

BUDAPEST, Hungary (JTA) — The potholed streets leading to Tiszavasvari’s rusty train station offer no clue that this sleepy town of 12,000 in eastern Hungary is considered the “capital of Jobbik,” the country’s ultranationalist, anti-Jewish party whose name means “better.”

The first sign appears near the office of the mayor, Erik Fulop, the first of five Jobbik politicians elected to run a Hungarian municipality. Shortly after taking office in 2010, Fulop set up a twinning arrangement between Tiszavasvari and the Iranian city of Ardabil, and a sign in Hungarian and Farsi near the office celebrates those ties.

Observers say the announcement of the twinning arrangement was the first international event held in Hungary under Jobbik’s auspices and a mark of a growing partnership aimed at breaking through the isolation that both the party and the Iranian government are laboring under — Iran for its suspected nuclear weapons program and support for terrorism, Jobbik for its hyper-nationalism and anti-Semitism.

Tiszavasvari’s official website states that “the embargo on Iran is merely a way for world powers to monopolize trade with Iran,” and expresses hope that the town “may lead the way to reversing this process.” Jobbik’s leader, Gabor Vona, has hosted a number of Iranian delegations there since the start of the twinning arrangement.

“The Persian people and their leaders are considered pariahs in the eyes of the West, which serves Israeli interests,” said Marton Gyongyosi, Jobbik’s foreign policy chief, at a pro-Iran demonstration organized by the party in December at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest. “This is why we have solidarity with the peaceful nation of Iran and turn to her with an open heart.”

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Anti-Immigrant Sentiment In Greece Is Growing Steadily Worse

Business Insider:

Golden Dawn has been in the news before, most notably when one of its representatives repeatedly slapped a female opposition party representative on live TV after throwing water in the face of another female opponent a moment earlier. Now, they are in the news again, this time for attacks by their supporters on military bases where immigrants, who have been arrested and detained by the government under the Xenios Zeus program, are being held, according to the Greek Reporter.

The news highlights one worrying trend in Greece — In the past year, Greece’s Golden Dawn party’s rise in popularity, along with a rise in violence against immigrants, have followed each other step by step. The stories about violence against immigrants are alarming, sometimes gruesome, and growing in number.

With a five year long recession only being exacerbated by austerity measures, resentment against the rest of Europe (especially Germany) has been accompanied by resentment against immigrants, who are portrayed as taking the resources, jobs, and opportunity meant for Greeks. The Golden Dawn party has capitalized on this phenomena, surpassing the 3% threshold in Greece’s Parliamentary elections needed for representation.

Migration: More racist incidents in Greece

An original translation by Michael Laudahn


In Greece, assaults with a racist background are on the rise. Human-rights organisations report at least 200 incidents during the past two months. 

In Greece, racist assaults are on the rise. During the recent case, an egyptian was dragged with a car through the streets of the town of Nea Manolada, on the Peleponnes. 

After a dispute, two men clamped the egyptian’s head in their car’s side window, then dragged the man almost 1 km through the streets. On monday, police confirmed the incident which occurred last saturday, and talked about a racist background. 

Eye witnesses alarmed police and called an ambulance. According to local media, the 22-year old migrant is no longer in critical condition. Police arrested one greek as the presumed perpetrator,  Another man is still wanted. 

In recent days in Greece, many assaults have occurred based on a racist background. In Athens, an iraqi migrant was battered to death by men in black. 

There were more incidents in the streets, arson attacks were carried out against apartments and accommodations of migrants. Human-rights organizations reported that during the last two months, there were at least 200 attacks with a racist background. 

This country at the south-eastern external EU border has for quite a while been the drop-in centre for migrants from mostly Asia and Africa. In the last ten years, more than one million people looked for shelter there. Extreme right-wing parties and groups make racist and anti-foreigner propaganda.

At the June 17th elections, the extreme right-wing and racist party ‘Golden Dawn’ managed to enter parliament, receiving almost seven percent of the votes, equalling 18 deputies. 

Golden Dawn protests migrants’ detention at Corinth army camp


An MP and dozens of supporters of neofascist Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) have attempted to prevent police from detaining some 400 immigrants in the grounds of an army camp in Corinth, west of Athens.

Officers escorted the migrants to the camp after an early morning operation that was part of the Xenios Zeus campaign to tackle illegal immigration. Almost 11,000 migrants have been detained since the clampdown began earlier this month, leading to nearly 2,000 arrests.

Golden Dawn MP Efstathios Boukouras and dozens of the party’s supporters protested the transfer of the detained migrants to the camp, which is active.

In a statement, the ultranationalist party said it opposed military facilities being turned into “tourism centers for illegal immigrants.”

Local mayor Alekos Pnevmatikos has called a meeting of the municipal council on Thursday evening to discuss the matter. There were unconfirmed reports that Corinth Municipality cut off the camp’s water supply and is refusing to collect its garbage.



Swedish gangs force Somalis to abandon town

This is a twist. According to these news items, Somalis are being intimidated into leaving a Swedish town. Video below. I will add an article or two as I am able below as well.

All translations are by Michael Laudahn with much thanks.

From SVT.Se:

Somalis advised to move away after threats

Abuse and stones thrown: A gang of youngsters puts fear in somali families in Forserum  and now the somali association advises all somalis to move away.

Three weekends in a row, stones were thrown through the windows of the somali association’s local. When SVT [state tv] Jönköpingsnytt goes there, we have to report about abuse of one of the association’s members, children beaten, instilling fear and persecutions, and now somalis have had enough.

Now the Forserum Somali Association recommends its members to move from this town. Tuesday, no somali children went to school or kindergarden.

‘Police arrive to take names and witness declarations, then they leave and nothing happens. Most people in Forserum are good, but this little group makes it hard to stay’, reports Abdula Abdi Dhinbil.

According to the somalis, it is a gang of youngsters of some 10 persons, of which there is a core gang of 4 individuals, which has managed to put fear into the around 60 somalis living here.

A year ago, 160 somalis lived in Forserum. 95 have moved away from town during the last year, because of the threatening mood.

‘We fled from a war-torn country, and then we are being exposed to this here in peaceful Sweden,’ says Abdula Abdi Dhinbil.

Eksjö police say to SVT that there are reports about abuse and damages. They will look closer on the issue and come back on wednesday.

David Duke endorses anti-Israel candidate from Brooklyn

Well, that age old question is now answered. Who does the KKK hate more.

From Times of Israel:


Ex-KKK leader and Louisiana congressman backs Charles Barron’s Democratic primary bid, citing shared hostility to ‘Zionist control’

By June 22, 2012, 8:49 am 6


Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke speaks to supporters after his release from prison in 2004. (photo credit: Burt Steel/AP)

A shared hostility toward Israel is apparently what it takes for an ex-Ku Klux Klan leader to endorse a black Democrat from Brooklyn.

David Duke, the former KKK Grand Wizard who served as a Republican state legislator in Louisiana, has spoken out in support of New York City politician Charles Barron, citing his opposition to Israel. “I certainly agree with Barron that Israel is the worst rogue, terrorist state on earth,” Duke says in the statement, posted Wednesday on YouTube.

“Barron is certainly right about Zionist control of our media and our government and the treason that’s existed in our Congress,” he later adds.

Duke, whose YouTube account describes the statement as a “qualified endorsement,” goes on to criticize Barron’s positions on race-related issues, but blames “Zionists” for sowing discord between white and black Americans. “The Zio-masters want constant conflict between the two groups so that they can utilize a divide-and-conquer strategy over us all,” he claims.

Barron’s campaign — part of a Democratic primary for a Congressional seat representing Brooklyn’s eighth district — has distanced itself from Duke. “”We’re staying focused — and we demand respect for our campaign,” the politician, currently a member of the city council, told the New York Daily News. “I don’t think that’s a campaign issue. I don’t think it’s intelligent.”

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Greece: Alarming rise in violence against immigrants

For our view on this and similar stories, please see Agendas and views of this site.

From ANSAMED:Greek racists, one of them (C) holding a knife, attacking a migrant (R) in the center of Athens (archive photo) Greek racists, one of them (C) holding a knife, attacking a migrant (R) in the center of Athens (archive photo)

(ANSAmed) – ATHENS – Racially motivated attacks are becoming more frequent and more violent by the day in Greece but, worse still, most of the attacks go unpunished because the police does not make arrests.

The alarm has been sounded by the Kathimerini newspaper, which reports almost daily brutal attacks and bloody brawls targeting immigrants, both legal and illegal. The paper quotes a surgeon practicing at the Evangelismos hospital in Athens, who says that “during every [12-hour] shift we have to deal with six or seven cases of foreigners who have been attacked and who are suffering from cuts, bruises and often even knife wounds”.

The attackers, who generally catch their victims by surprise, arrive in groups, hooded and dressed all in black, making them difficult to identify. Even if victims are able to identify and report their attackers to police, they are very unlikely to do so for fear of being attacked again, or worse. Yet everyone knows that almost all of the attackers are members or sympathisers of Golden Dawn, the far-right party with clear pro-Nazi sympathies, which at the recent general election earned almost 7% of the vote and 18 seats in Parliament. Kathimerini reports as an indicative factor that attacks against immigrants in the Athens area of Thissio have doubled since the party opened a new office in the area two months ago, a statistic backed up by health officials at the local hospital. A number of attacks have been recorded in the last month across Attica, of which Athens is the capital, but also on the island of Crete. Last Monday, a group of assailants, who are yet to be identified, carried out a bloody attack on a 25-year old homeless Egyptian who had found temporary shelter in a square in Chania, in Crete. After being savagely beaten with iron bars, the man was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition, and doctors were forced to remove one of his kidneys. A day earlier, four men had attacked two Algerian immigrants in their early twenties as they slept on the beach of Nea Hora. In this case, the attackers used not only metal bars but also wooden clubs and knives. The two victims, who also had their mobile phones and some money stolen, also ended up in hospital in Chania. These are just two of the most recent episodes.

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Remember folks, every time you hear ”Far-Right”, just think Neo-Ultra-Nationalists of the Fascist Left.


“On assignment in Greece for a story about the rise of Neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, Israeli-American journalist Gil Shefler was attacked in broad daylight outside the archeology museum while photographing mob assault on migrants, refugees.”