Vigilantism grows in Sweden

Vigilantes go on violent anti-invader attack in Swedish train station.

This story requires prefacing. The media of course is treating this like a man dying of thirst treats a bottle of Gator-aid. At last, some real, ‘extreme right wing Nazis’ etc. etc.

Some vigilantes did indeed clumsily attack migrants in a train station in Stockholm. Men in black with masks used blunt trauma weapons to attack ‘youths’, a euphemism for muslim males in the process of doing criminal activities in their twenties and thirties, in a fashion that appears horrifying as a stand alone event. What most media fails to mention, most notably Scandinavian media, is that this train station and area has become so violent and dangerous that even police have been quoted as saying they would not let their daughters go out to that area after 2:00 in the AFTERNOON and definitely not a night.

This website has been consistent since 2008 that if reasonable people who believe in classical civilization and jeffersonian liberalism are not listened to by our representatives, that real Nazis would step up and do the fight. I would consider this not insightful so much as axiomatic. That is not to say this group are Nazis. Vigilantism is not only inevitable when the government invites in hundreds of thousands of people radically different than the locals but actually hostile to them, but actually desirable if done right and when actually necessary to preserve rule of law. This, in our editorial opinion, was not done right. A group of people who’s faces we can see, in a uniform that is recognizable, escorting children and girls to and from their trains, and in other ways interfering with the criminal activities of the people who have made this area literally uncivilized would be the right way. Think New York City’s Guardian Angels as a good example of proper vigilantism. Governments wont like you anyway because vigilantes are essentially an antibody which indicates a disease in the system. Systems rarely like that. But the public support for it done right will be massively better than what we see in this example.

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Segment of former NSA chief interview with Ezra Levant and a question about his approach

While I do not disagree with the General, in fact I think he was brilliant and accurate and said very important things, and in fact, may have said a lot more than he appears to have said in some ways, one of his remarks does beg a question that I asked at the end.

So far, of the few people I have asked to watch it, no one seems to actually see what I saw in his argument. I would quite welcome a discussion on this. I may have to clarify my question/point, or, I could be just way wrong on this one.

‘Anonymous’. Moving past vigilantism to corruption

I find it sad how often groups start out with ostensibly noble goals and rapidly turn into not the groups they opposed, but what they claimed the groups they opposed are. Often this is a critical difference.

A couple of examples that come to mind easily are feminist groups that lobbied for equality and then rapidly demanded the disenfranchisement of men under the law. And often got it. Or Greenpeace which isn’t so much about rational environmentalism as it is about raising cash and agitating for communism. Same with PETA, at one point the FBI’s #1 domestic terror threat.

I was just informed that Anonymous had a plan last night, one which failed remarkably as its simplicity and total lack of tech-skills required I would have thought would guarantee it success, to post illegal porn links in EDL Facebook pages, then report the pages and get them banned.

In other words, ‘Anonymous’ had no intention of doing anything to the EDL based on anything they actually say, do, think or believe, but the intention was to plant illegal material on them and then have them busted for it. Much like a crooked cop might do to someone s/he doesn’t like by planting cocaine in their car.

Well. It is good to see such a clear example of their higher standard of morality and ethics.

Anonymous. The crooked cop of the internet.

Eeyore for Vlad

about the Anonymous video on Islam from the UK

Some things really are too good to be true. A video we posted here yesterday claiming to be from AnonymousUK and on an anon YT channel, which by the way is both accurate and excellent and a testament to the British will to fight totalitarianism and preserve classical liberalism, turns out to be a concern for more orthodox ‘Anonymous’ activists.


As it turns out, ‘Anonymous is pretty much like every other group claiming to be open and anyone can be a member and they represent everybody etc. unless of course, you deviate 3 degrees from whatever it is they believe and then they will ‘arrange a counter-strike’ against you.

I wish they would show a little more honesty and actually have a real name and a charter so others might know what they believe and either stand with them or against them with integrity. As it is if you join them but aren’t perfectly inline with them then you are in some real trouble I bet. And doesn’t that make them pretty much exactly like who they attack?

The video again:

Vigilantes Armed With Machetes Fight Nigerian Islamists

This is an important story if you want to know the future.

H/T Ted L


Armed with machetes and clubs, vigilantes in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri are setting up roadblocks and conducting house-to-house searches to aid the army’s fight against Islamist militants.

While the military welcomes the public’s support in the battle against the Boko Haram Islamist group, human rights activists say vigilantes’ activities may worsen violence and lead to abuses against innocent civilians.

Enlarge image Vigilantes Armed With Machetes Fight Nigerian Islamist Militants
Joint Military Task Force patrols the streets of Maiduguri, Borno State. Photographer: Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP via Getty Images

Enlarge image Vigilantes Armed With Machetes Fight Nigerian Islamist Militants
As many as 185 people were killed and more than 2,000 houses were burned down in Baga, near Lake Chad, after security forces responded to a militant attack on April 16, according to local officials and residents. Source: AFP via Getty Images

So far the vigilantes have seized more than 100 suspected insurgents in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital that has borne the brunt of Boko Haram’s violent campaign to impose Shariah law on Nigeria, according to Abubakar Malum, a leader in a group that calls itself the Civilian Joint Task Force.

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Six Derby men jailed for restaurant attack in Leicester

It is very important that after you read the story below, you get context by reading the one at this link. The way this story is described without the proper context is misinformation and misdirection. I have it on good authority that the story the Sikhs tell is pretty much spot on.

This is Derbyshire UK:

By Caroline Jones

SEVEN men – including six from Derby – who took part in ransacking a curry house, when staff and customers were injured, have each been jailed.

The violence, described as “lawless anarchy” erupted when a group of 40 to 50 burst into Moghul Durbar, in Leicester, on January 14 at 9pm.

  1. ?26697912

    The scene outside the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in Leicester, in January

The seven, who all admitted conspiracy to commit violent disorder, were each jailed for two years during sentencing at Leicester Crown Court.

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Ordinary French people go full vigilante, destroy Gypsy (Roma) camp.

There are many ways to chart the decline of a civilization. One Roman senator was reputed to have said that it could be measured by the degree to which a government funded itself by sin.

True or not, it certainly can be charted by how often or if at all, a people feel the need to enforce the law themselves when they live in a highly taxed and over governed and over policed area to begin with. This vigilante action was not irrational. It was to deal with chronic crime ranging from destroying an area with feces and trash to persistent theft. And clearly all normal routes yielded nothing when it should have only taken one phone call to have this dealt with in the first place, if that.

Now it will be interesting to see if the state acts against the indigenous French who dealt with crime themselves. One can be confident they would if this was in was Canada.

Sept. 28 2012

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

Greece: Alarming rise in violence against immigrants

For our view on this and similar stories, please see Agendas and views of this site.

From ANSAMED:Greek racists, one of them (C) holding a knife, attacking a migrant (R) in the center of Athens (archive photo) Greek racists, one of them (C) holding a knife, attacking a migrant (R) in the center of Athens (archive photo)

(ANSAmed) – ATHENS – Racially motivated attacks are becoming more frequent and more violent by the day in Greece but, worse still, most of the attacks go unpunished because the police does not make arrests.

The alarm has been sounded by the Kathimerini newspaper, which reports almost daily brutal attacks and bloody brawls targeting immigrants, both legal and illegal. The paper quotes a surgeon practicing at the Evangelismos hospital in Athens, who says that “during every [12-hour] shift we have to deal with six or seven cases of foreigners who have been attacked and who are suffering from cuts, bruises and often even knife wounds”.

The attackers, who generally catch their victims by surprise, arrive in groups, hooded and dressed all in black, making them difficult to identify. Even if victims are able to identify and report their attackers to police, they are very unlikely to do so for fear of being attacked again, or worse. Yet everyone knows that almost all of the attackers are members or sympathisers of Golden Dawn, the far-right party with clear pro-Nazi sympathies, which at the recent general election earned almost 7% of the vote and 18 seats in Parliament. Kathimerini reports as an indicative factor that attacks against immigrants in the Athens area of Thissio have doubled since the party opened a new office in the area two months ago, a statistic backed up by health officials at the local hospital. A number of attacks have been recorded in the last month across Attica, of which Athens is the capital, but also on the island of Crete. Last Monday, a group of assailants, who are yet to be identified, carried out a bloody attack on a 25-year old homeless Egyptian who had found temporary shelter in a square in Chania, in Crete. After being savagely beaten with iron bars, the man was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition, and doctors were forced to remove one of his kidneys. A day earlier, four men had attacked two Algerian immigrants in their early twenties as they slept on the beach of Nea Hora. In this case, the attackers used not only metal bars but also wooden clubs and knives. The two victims, who also had their mobile phones and some money stolen, also ended up in hospital in Chania. These are just two of the most recent episodes.

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