Migration: More racist incidents in Greece

An original translation by Michael Laudahn


In Greece, assaults with a racist background are on the rise. Human-rights organisations report at least 200 incidents during the past two months. 

In Greece, racist assaults are on the rise. During the recent case, an egyptian was dragged with a car through the streets of the town of Nea Manolada, on the Peleponnes. 

After a dispute, two men clamped the egyptian’s head in their car’s side window, then dragged the man almost 1 km through the streets. On monday, police confirmed the incident which occurred last saturday, and talked about a racist background. 

Eye witnesses alarmed police and called an ambulance. According to local media, the 22-year old migrant is no longer in critical condition. Police arrested one greek as the presumed perpetrator,  Another man is still wanted. 

In recent days in Greece, many assaults have occurred based on a racist background. In Athens, an iraqi migrant was battered to death by men in black. 

There were more incidents in the streets, arson attacks were carried out against apartments and accommodations of migrants. Human-rights organizations reported that during the last two months, there were at least 200 attacks with a racist background. 

This country at the south-eastern external EU border has for quite a while been the drop-in centre for migrants from mostly Asia and Africa. In the last ten years, more than one million people looked for shelter there. Extreme right-wing parties and groups make racist and anti-foreigner propaganda.

At the June 17th elections, the extreme right-wing and racist party ‘Golden Dawn’ managed to enter parliament, receiving almost seven percent of the votes, equalling 18 deputies. 

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  1. “Migration” . . .heh, what a convenient and cleverly evasive euphamism for “Invasion”.
    As for the statement:

    Human-rights organizations reported that during the last two months, there were at least 200 attacks with a racist background. “

    These broad-stroke statements about ‘racist’ attacks beggar belief given the biased vacuum of facts. Are readers to believe that EVERY vicious attack was Greek on ‘migrant’ (i.e. invader) . Could it be that the native population is fed up with the status quo and reacting-in-kind to persistent neglect of consideration to the vicious racist violence committed against themselves by these ‘migrants’/invaders? Curious minds would like to know, just how many of those 200 attacks involved non-Greek ‘migrants’ vicious attacks against native Greeks? Do tell!

  2. The public space in Brussels is a NIGHTMARE. You know it’s an accident waiting to happen, and you want to get away as far from it as possible. You also know that, no matter where you go, it’s eventually going to catch up with you, since there is and cannot be any regulating policy: things have evolved way too far to allow for a clampdown without an outbreak of major violence, and the current ruling elites have decided to sacrifice the hard working, law abiding autochton citizens rather than the imported criminal parasites. If they want to preserve their societies from a certain decline into barbarism, european citizens have no other choice than eventually taking things into their own hands. That’s what happening in Greece, and it’s the only way. And the responsibility must be attributed to where it justly belongs: to the ruling elites.

  3. No media ever calls these racist attacks when an egyptian or an iraqi or a bunch of drunken Somali mozlem girls in UK – or elsewhere – attacks white people! They are getting a taste of their own medicine and this will happen more and more!! People who are protecting their own country are not racist, I don’t even care if they are Golden Dawn anti-semitic; Greece is their country!
    Not one word is ever printed by the msm when muzrats go on murderous rampages, viz Obama calling Fort Hood Massacre a “work-place incident”!!!

  4. I don’t condone this sort of violent behavior and going around randomly smashing people’s heads in won’t solve anything. There may come a time for necessary violence, when there is no choice left, but this not the way to go about it.
    Saying that, I can still empathise with them for doing it, and I understand perfectly well, their frustration. The Greeks are far more canny towards Islam than we are. We’re still fooling ourselves that Islam is a religion of peace, but the Greeks have experienced years of problems with Islam. They are aware of long-going border disputes with Turkey and suffered for centuries at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. They are not as gullible as other Western countries and haven’t fallen for the multicultural lie. I knew a Greek guy around fifteen years ago and he was extremely wary of Islam, and being an Orthodox Christian, was very critical of the teachings of Mohammed. At the time, knowing little about Islam, I thought he was a bit mad, but looking back I now know that he was right.

  5. After hearing about Muslims killing each other and Muslims killing innocent non Muslims every single day, day after day. Murder after murder, followed by the daily cries of feigned outrage at the slightest offense. After hearing the many cases of Muslims raping with no shame yet getting in a riot over a book being mishandled I just don’t care if some Muslim immigrant gets his head caught in the window of a moving car.

    Muslims have behaved badly for too long, and cried victim too many times to where I no longer care when one is really a victim of crime. So sorry Muslims but perhaps if you didn’t murder thousands then dance in the street over it with glee, then perhaps I would feel a little bad when a Muslim is a victim.

    Muslims have cried shitwolf too many times for me to care anymore.

  6. Sorry but this report needs to be checked out before being disgested. No doubt there may be scoundrels and your garden varity of thugs and lugs of the lowest order. Forget about going on a protest with a banner the main problem is: if a native, European white person opens their mouth they are immediately branded like young cattle: a racist, fascist, islamaphobe, heretics, blah blah……….. and may even end up losing what they have and worse end up losing their liberty!

    If the report turns out to be accurate then no one can condone the actions of these scoundrels, one must live and let live and if folk are not to their liking then so be it- on your way pal as they say up North! But the Greeks are a Christian, civilized European nation whose very identity is being reduced to a meaningless mish mash while their ordinary folk are been reduced to their knees by God only knows what was going on. And whatever it was that has gone on, the ordinary folk certainly were not the beneficiaries!

    Greece is not the only European country who have been straddled by the woeful economic polices imposed upon them by their so called elected reps or ruling elite- those merry, Charolette du harlots characters, who sang and danced and hugged more exotic tail ends than a public toilet would have seen in the round of 12 months. Little wonder, every word that comes out of their mouths has to be screened with the utmost circumspection because it is most likely to be BS!

    Silence all dissent by what ever means and brand ’em into extinction has become the latest state of the arts in Europe anyway. How very decent of their ruling elite!

  7. Muslims turn to violence instead of talking so thevGreeks are talking to them in a language they understand. Keep up the good work Greece. All Muslims scum out of europe. I am sick of hearing their lies and bullshit.

  8. @ “anon”….You said “one must live and let live and if folk are not to their liking then so be it”

    What planet have you been living on? When non-muslims adopt a “live & let live” attitude with the muslims colonists , they get raped or beheaded or tortured or beaten or hung ………. they DIE.

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