Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque

H/T Gates of Vienna

This does look a little like an Italian Golden Dawn.


29 March, 11:34

Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque(ANSA) – Pesaro, March 29 – Members of the neo-fascist political party Forza Nuova who sealed off a gym being used by the local Muslim community as a mosque in the Marche city of Pesaro said that they were protesting the “wild and uncontrolled immigration” choking the country.

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11 Replies to “Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque”

  1. Well Richard regulars like yourself have been predicting a backlash like this for years. It was always going to happen but western governments will say it only takes one to tango. I would be very interested to look at the headlines in Britain 30 years ago. I bet you there was very little on Islam.Reason being the bloody obvious.

  2. All you had to do was read history to know a backlash was going to happen, just as history said the socialist/Marxist economic policies were going to cause a major economic collapse. The latter is helping the former along but the backlash would have happened anyway.

    If you want to know the future read history and Science Fiction, both are good predictors of the future, make that conservative Science Fiction, the liberal SF is full of left wing bull.

  3. I have a good degree in history and that is all I read .I used to love science fiction like Harry Harrison ‘The stainless Steel Rat’. But I think one of my favourites was ‘stranger in a strange land’ by Robert Heinlein. Very apt really.
    The trouble is these days that when you admit to reading histories such as Mussolini or the speeches of Enoch Powell I have friends who think I am fascist. They don’t call me a commie Bolshevik when I say I am reading Stalin or Trotsky, which tells you a lot about them. I read history as there is no better story. All you need to do is read Seutonius ‘twelve Ceasers’ and people would realise things are exactly the same in many ways. Problem is most people are enamoured by the modern world and they think that that is what the world is about. Cheers Richard!

  4. Harrison was good and so was Heinlein, today I am reading a lot of John Ringo, David Weber, Travis Taylor along with the modern fantasy of Larry Correa and Jim Butcher.

  5. I shall make a note of those names thanks. Might be good for me to get back into a bit of SF. can get you about down all this jihad stuff:-)

  6. Italian coastguard intercepts more than 470 migrants

    ROME, March 29

    (Reuters) – Italy’s coastguard said on Friday it had intercepted eight flimsy and rickety boats carrying more than 470 migrants, mostly from Africa, who were attempting to reach Italian shores over the past two days.

    Italy bears the brunt of clandestine seaborne migration to southern Europe. Most migrants risk the voyage across the Mediterranean Sea in small and overcrowded fishing boats.

    “With the arrival of the spring and the subsequent improvement in the weather conditions, migrant attempts to reach the Italian coast have picked up massively,” the coastguard said in a statement.

    A 15-metre long rubber boat carrying 98 people from sub-Saharan Africa was intercepted 96 miles off the coast of the tiny Sicilian island of Lampedusa on Thursday, a coastguard official said.

    Rescue workers then received an emergency call from another boat carrying 131 people from sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh close to Lampedusa, which they brought to shore.

    Overnight the coastguard rescued 31 people from Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa on a boat off the southern coast of Sicily, which was also heading to Lampedusa.

    The official said 214 other migrants, mainly from Africa, on five boats had also been detained in the past 48 hours.

    All the migrants are being held in reception centres in Sicily and Lampedusa, the official said.

    Maltese authorities intercepted 90 migrants in Maltese waters late on Thursday.


  7. Yeah it can, Travis Taylor is the Travis on Rocket City Rednecks, has a Doctorate in Optics and Physics and at least a Masters in EE.

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