Totalitarians attract each other (when not busy going to war against each other that is).


Is this the end result of over 20-25 million people having been murdered during WWII, (6 million of them being Jews systematically hunted down by the Nazis and their helpers in occupied Europe), a return to the past?

The Nazis made a pact with the late Mufti Of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, during the Second World War, so folks, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the ultra-nationalist Left (badly mislabeled as Right-wing) the Fascist Hungarian Jobbik, teaming up with the Iranian regime.

And yes, they have their uniforms as well.


NOTE: The Simon Wiesenthal Center: “Euorpean Parliament must prevent Tehran from establishing foothold in Europe through Jobbik Party”. Also, we must remember that the Soviet Union was happily aligned with the highly anti-Semitic Fascist Arab party states throughout the 50’s – 90’s until the USSR thankfully imploded.

Hitler and the Mufti

Pact of pariahs forming between Iran and Hungary’s Jobbik

By Cnaan Liphshiz · March 4, 2013

BUDAPEST, Hungary (JTA) — The potholed streets leading to Tiszavasvari’s rusty train station offer no clue that this sleepy town of 12,000 in eastern Hungary is considered the “capital of Jobbik,” the country’s ultranationalist, anti-Jewish party whose name means “better.”

The first sign appears near the office of the mayor, Erik Fulop, the first of five Jobbik politicians elected to run a Hungarian municipality. Shortly after taking office in 2010, Fulop set up a twinning arrangement between Tiszavasvari and the Iranian city of Ardabil, and a sign in Hungarian and Farsi near the office celebrates those ties.

Observers say the announcement of the twinning arrangement was the first international event held in Hungary under Jobbik’s auspices and a mark of a growing partnership aimed at breaking through the isolation that both the party and the Iranian government are laboring under — Iran for its suspected nuclear weapons program and support for terrorism, Jobbik for its hyper-nationalism and anti-Semitism.

Tiszavasvari’s official website states that “the embargo on Iran is merely a way for world powers to monopolize trade with Iran,” and expresses hope that the town “may lead the way to reversing this process.” Jobbik’s leader, Gabor Vona, has hosted a number of Iranian delegations there since the start of the twinning arrangement.

“The Persian people and their leaders are considered pariahs in the eyes of the West, which serves Israeli interests,” said Marton Gyongyosi, Jobbik’s foreign policy chief, at a pro-Iran demonstration organized by the party in December at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest. “This is why we have solidarity with the peaceful nation of Iran and turn to her with an open heart.”

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The losers of the Left defeated by increase in sales to store owner.

Canada store owner defeats anti-Israel boycotters

Boycott on Vancouver store owner who insists on selling Israeli goods backfires following Ynet story. ‘People won’t stop calling and ordering products,’ she says

Abigail Looshi
Published: 02.26.12, 00:02 / Israel News

The story of Shani Bar-Oz, a Canada-based Israeli facing venomous protests outside her Vancouver soap products store, elicited a huge wave of support and generated new business, the shop owner old Ynet.

“I received a huge embrace and plenty of support,” Bar-Oz said, after an article about her plight appeared on Ynet. In the story, the store owner, who insists on selling Israeli products, shared her fears of contending with anti-Israel protesters targeting her business and shouting anti-Semitic slogans.

However, it now appears that the boycott campaign against Bar-Oz has backfired, with new orders pouring in as result of the story.

“There were Israelis who came into the store and said they saw the article and want to support and help me; I expressed my heartfelt thanks to them,” she said. “People won’t stop calling and ordering products on the phone and online, and this is truly touching and making me stronger.”

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NOTE: That’s the hallmark of the Left, attack private business and successful people.



Missing Peace forwards the following article (google trans) that provides some rather discouraging findings in a research that explored the thinking of youths of different demographic groups in Belgium. Looks like another stake driven into the heart of the multicultural experiment. KGS


“Worrying is that half of Muslim students can be described as anti-Semitic, which is still very high. Worse, the anti-Jewish feelings have nothing to do with a low educational or social disadvantage, as is the case with racist natives . It is theologically inspired anti-Semitism, and there is a direct link between Muslim and anti-Semitic feelings cherish. Catholics are also more negative towards Jews, but the feelings are not as strong. “

NOTE: Multiculturalism is the policy of societal suicide, it won’t work, it can’t work and those who say it does work, are delusional.

Missing Peace adds: Here is the approval rate of 4 statements about Jewish people put to respondents:

– ‘Jews want to dominate everything’ (31.4% agree)

– ‘Most Jews think they are better than other people’ (29.9%)

– ‘When you do business with Jews, you have to be extra alert’ (28.6%)

– ‘Jews agitate for war and blame others’ (28.4%)

For details:

‘Jong in Brussel,’ is a study done by Jeugdonderzoekplatform (Youth Research Platform) in cooperation with the universities of Ghent, Leuven and the Dutch-speaking VUB. It polled 2,837 students in in 32 Dutch-speaking high schools in Brussels.

I’m Shocked!

Brussels youth often anti-Semitic

DEMORGEN.BE Antisemitism is not a dirty word for about half of young Muslims in Brussels, and with a low educational level has little to do. Also shows “Young in Brussels” that multiculturalism in the young minds is not a fact. If push comes to shove, no apparent fan of the Bulgarians or Roma, and folds back on the young love their community.

“Belgians, Moroccans, Turks and Southern Europeans, the youth of the four largest ethnic groups in Brussels  all care for one’s own people first ‘principle,” says sociologist Jessie Siongers (VUB), who discovered in her research for “Young in Brussels,” our capital is characterized by diversity, but that something does not automatically result in a cosmopolitan people.


The various groups do not live together, but side by side. The young people remain strongly committed to their own culture, especially when it comes to friendly relations, or lake, and this applies to young people of all origins.

Siongers: “All young people look to join communities with whom she has a geographic or cultural affinity feel, and they are reinforced focus on culture. Especially between Belgians and Moroccans, the two dominant groups, the gap depth. And Turkish young people we call closed, very focused on themselves. And although the Brussels school mixed and diverse, it translates not in close relationships or interest in the other. “

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Now we get to what really drives Mr.Assange, and the TT uses the title of ‘Mr.’ rather loosely, it’s conspiracies, and who else better to ascribe conspiracies to, well the Joooos of course. No surprise here. KGS

H/T: Vasarahammer.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange blames ‘Jewish conspiracy’

TheJC: The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed that there is a “Jewish conspiracy” out to get him.

The editor of Private Eye magazine says Assange told him that an Eye article about WikiLeaks’ Russian associate, alleged Holocaust denier and antisemite Israel Shamir, was “an obvious attempt to deprive him and his organisation of Jewish support and donations”.

In the same interview Mr Assange added that the magazine was “part of a conspiracy” led by “Jewish” writers.

Mr Assange accused the Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger of being part of the conspiracy, despite the fact that neither he or the other writers mentioned are not Jewish.

According to Private Eye, when informed of this “Assange insisted that [Rusbridger] was “sort of Jewish” because he was related to [Guardian journalist] David Leigh”.

The bizarre interview comes a week after a court ruled that Mr Assange should be extradited to Sweden to face an investigation into an alleged sexual assault.

The Ottawa Protocol; Canada leads initiative against global anti-Semitism.

From The National Post

Fight against anti-Semitism renewed with ‘Ottawa Protocol’

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who attended the London Conference, said the Ottawa meeting, which attracted more countries and more participants, proves the 2009 gathering was not a one-off.

Chris Wattie/Reuters

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who attended the London Conference, said the Ottawa meeting, which attracted more countries and more participants, proves the 2009 gathering was not a one-off.

Norma Greenaway, Postmedia News · Monday, Nov. 8, 2010

OTTAWA — Stepped-up efforts within Canada and around the world are needed to combat rising anti-Semitism, says a freshly penned international declaration designed to stamp out the “most enduring of all hatreds.”

The declaration, known as the Ottawa Protocol, was released Tuesday following a two-day meeting of parliamentarians and experts from about four dozen countries in Ottawa.

“We are alarmed by the explosion of anti-Semitism and hate on the Internet, a medium crucial for the promotion and protection of freedom of expression, freedom of information, and the participation of a civil society,” the declaration said.

A major concern, it says, is the failure of many countries to live up to commitments to maintain reliable statistics about anti-Semitic and other hate crimes.

The Ottawa Protocol builds on one crafted in London in February 2009 at the founding conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who attended the London Conference, said the Ottawa meeting, which attracted more countries and more participants, proves the 2009 gathering was not a one-off.

“We determined (in London) this had to be an ongoing enterprise, that we could not simply meet, have a conference, disperse and go back to business as usual,” Mr. Kenney told the conference.

He said the Conservative government is committed to leading the fight through education programs and enhanced record keeping.

Among other things, he said, the government is collecting data from police forces to develop a better picture of hate crimes in Canada, and who they are aimed at.

Reports of anti-Semitic incidents have been increasing worldwide and within Canada, where B’nai Brith reported a total of 1,264 incidents in 2009, the highest number since the group began its annual audit 28 years ago.

As proof of its commitment to zero tolerance for anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic actions and sentiments, the Conservative government often points to its decision last year to boycott the UN-sponsored Durban II conference against racism.

Canada was among a handful of countries that refused to send representatives on grounds the conference would become a forum for criticizing Israel and promoting anti-Semitism.

The government has not yet decided whether to attend Durban III, which is being held in New York next September, officials say.

In his address to the conference Monday, however, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the fight against anti-Semitism must be relentless and that he is prepared to do whatever is needed to stand up for Israel.

“As long as I am prime minister, whether it is at the UN or the Francophone or anywhere else, Canada will take that stand,” he said in a speech that opened the conference.

Among the commitments of the Ottawa Protocol:

• Working with universities to encourage them to fight anti-Semitism with the same seriousness with which they confront other forms of crimes.

• Establishing an international task force of Internet specialists comprising parliamentarians and experts to create ways to identify and monitor anti-Semitism and other hate crimes online and to develop policy recommendations on how governments can address the problems.

• Working to ensure police have one universal and comprehensive recording facility for hate crimes in general, which also breaks out anti-Semitic attacks.