Leader of Denmark’s Neo-Nazi party arrested for vandalism of Jewish cemetery

This just in. An anonymous source in Denmark has informed us that the leader of the newly minted, Danish Neo-Nazi party has been arrested on suspicion of desecration of a Jewish Cemetery last week and reported here at Vlad on November 10th

Nothing else is known at this time, other than the colour of paint used to vandalize the grave stones is similar to the colours the Danish Nazi party chose for its website.

The site is at this address but we will not make a hot link to it.

[s40]FILM: Jødespørgsmålet forklaret på 4 minutter[/s40]

Below, a screen grab for the colour.

Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque

H/T Gates of Vienna

This does look a little like an Italian Golden Dawn.


29 March, 11:34

Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque(ANSA) – Pesaro, March 29 – Members of the neo-fascist political party Forza Nuova who sealed off a gym being used by the local Muslim community as a mosque in the Marche city of Pesaro said that they were protesting the “wild and uncontrolled immigration” choking the country.

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Massive street brawl in Oslo between Neo Nazis and far leftists.

wait, didn’t this happen before in Europe? Nazis and communists warring in the streets? Makes one question Darwin. I thought these were all extinct.

I vaguely recall a U.S General discussing the Iran-Iraq war saying something to the effect:

“This is one of those conflicts we hope both sides lose”

Tundra Tabloids offers this symbol for the video. The ‘Yin-Yin’

Five arrested over far-right attack in Liverpool city centre

H/T EDL Buck


Four men and a teenager have been arrested after people attending a Liverpool anti-fascism event were attacked.

Four men, aged 21, 24, 30 and 52 were detained after the North West Counter Terrorism Unit raided homes in Liverpool, Southport and Blackburn.

A 17-year-old boy is also being held.

Police said three members of an anti-fascist group were kicked and punched on 6 July by about 10 men from an extreme far-right group on Bold Street.

All five, arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, are being questioned following the morning raids, supported by Merseyside and Lancashire officers.

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Anti-Immigrant Sentiment In Greece Is Growing Steadily Worse

Business Insider:

Golden Dawn has been in the news before, most notably when one of its representatives repeatedly slapped a female opposition party representative on live TV after throwing water in the face of another female opponent a moment earlier. Now, they are in the news again, this time for attacks by their supporters on military bases where immigrants, who have been arrested and detained by the government under the Xenios Zeus program, are being held, according to the Greek Reporter.

The news highlights one worrying trend in Greece — In the past year, Greece’s Golden Dawn party’s rise in popularity, along with a rise in violence against immigrants, have followed each other step by step. The stories about violence against immigrants are alarming, sometimes gruesome, and growing in number.

With a five year long recession only being exacerbated by austerity measures, resentment against the rest of Europe (especially Germany) has been accompanied by resentment against immigrants, who are portrayed as taking the resources, jobs, and opportunity meant for Greeks. The Golden Dawn party has capitalized on this phenomena, surpassing the 3% threshold in Greece’s Parliamentary elections needed for representation.

Migration: More racist incidents in Greece

An original translation by Michael Laudahn


In Greece, assaults with a racist background are on the rise. Human-rights organisations report at least 200 incidents during the past two months. 

In Greece, racist assaults are on the rise. During the recent case, an egyptian was dragged with a car through the streets of the town of Nea Manolada, on the Peleponnes. 

After a dispute, two men clamped the egyptian’s head in their car’s side window, then dragged the man almost 1 km through the streets. On monday, police confirmed the incident which occurred last saturday, and talked about a racist background. 

Eye witnesses alarmed police and called an ambulance. According to local media, the 22-year old migrant is no longer in critical condition. Police arrested one greek as the presumed perpetrator,  Another man is still wanted. 

In recent days in Greece, many assaults have occurred based on a racist background. In Athens, an iraqi migrant was battered to death by men in black. 

There were more incidents in the streets, arson attacks were carried out against apartments and accommodations of migrants. Human-rights organizations reported that during the last two months, there were at least 200 attacks with a racist background. 

This country at the south-eastern external EU border has for quite a while been the drop-in centre for migrants from mostly Asia and Africa. In the last ten years, more than one million people looked for shelter there. Extreme right-wing parties and groups make racist and anti-foreigner propaganda.

At the June 17th elections, the extreme right-wing and racist party ‘Golden Dawn’ managed to enter parliament, receiving almost seven percent of the votes, equalling 18 deputies. 

Golden Dawn protests migrants’ detention at Corinth army camp


An MP and dozens of supporters of neofascist Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) have attempted to prevent police from detaining some 400 immigrants in the grounds of an army camp in Corinth, west of Athens.

Officers escorted the migrants to the camp after an early morning operation that was part of the Xenios Zeus campaign to tackle illegal immigration. Almost 11,000 migrants have been detained since the clampdown began earlier this month, leading to nearly 2,000 arrests.

Golden Dawn MP Efstathios Boukouras and dozens of the party’s supporters protested the transfer of the detained migrants to the camp, which is active.

In a statement, the ultranationalist party said it opposed military facilities being turned into “tourism centers for illegal immigrants.”

Local mayor Alekos Pnevmatikos has called a meeting of the municipal council on Thursday evening to discuss the matter. There were unconfirmed reports that Corinth Municipality cut off the camp’s water supply and is refusing to collect its garbage.



Swedish gangs force Somalis to abandon town

This is a twist. According to these news items, Somalis are being intimidated into leaving a Swedish town. Video below. I will add an article or two as I am able below as well.

All translations are by Michael Laudahn with much thanks.

From SVT.Se:

Somalis advised to move away after threats

Abuse and stones thrown: A gang of youngsters puts fear in somali families in Forserum  and now the somali association advises all somalis to move away.

Three weekends in a row, stones were thrown through the windows of the somali association’s local. When SVT [state tv] Jönköpingsnytt goes there, we have to report about abuse of one of the association’s members, children beaten, instilling fear and persecutions, and now somalis have had enough.

Now the Forserum Somali Association recommends its members to move from this town. Tuesday, no somali children went to school or kindergarden.

‘Police arrive to take names and witness declarations, then they leave and nothing happens. Most people in Forserum are good, but this little group makes it hard to stay’, reports Abdula Abdi Dhinbil.

According to the somalis, it is a gang of youngsters of some 10 persons, of which there is a core gang of 4 individuals, which has managed to put fear into the around 60 somalis living here.

A year ago, 160 somalis lived in Forserum. 95 have moved away from town during the last year, because of the threatening mood.

‘We fled from a war-torn country, and then we are being exposed to this here in peaceful Sweden,’ says Abdula Abdi Dhinbil.

Eksjö police say to SVT that there are reports about abuse and damages. They will look closer on the issue and come back on wednesday.

Mayors warn of racist gangs

All of this was so unbelievably predictable and could have been so easily prevented. It still can in Canada, but it wont be. We will likely follow the same course.

From this Greek Source:

The mayors of Athens and a town in northeastern Greece where Muslims and Christians have lived peacefully for many years warned Thursday that their communities had to stand up to extremist thugs who have been targeting minorities and immigrants.

“When fellow human beings are being stabbed on an almost daily basis, society has to be alert and the state has to lead the perpetrators to justice,” said Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis.

An Iraqi man was stabbed to death in the capital last weekend in a suspected racist attack. The Migrant Workers’ Union claims that more than 500 immigrants have been injured in racially motivated attacks over the last six months.

“The rule of law is the only guarantee to exit this crisis of violence, which is prompted by the large number of illegal migrants entering the country and the attempts of motorcycle-riding fascist gangs to take the law into their own hands,” said Kaminis.

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