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10 Replies to “Paul Weston: How the EU brings fascism back to Europe via injection”

  1. Eeyore,

    Looks like Paul Weston, like a lot of bolshevist indoctrinated people doesn’t have a clue as to what fascism is and makes the all too common mistake of connoting it with bolshevism, which it is not.

    Mike King, author of ‘The BAD War – The Truth NEVER Told About World War 2’ wrote
    an essay that answers the question of what fascism really is and puts the discussion
    to bed once and for all.

    What is “Fascism” – Mike King, The Real History Channel

    And the EU was the brainchild of Count Richard Cloudenhove Kalergi
    who didn’t take issue with the bolshevists of his day. So in my estimation
    anyone that’s pro-EU IS pro bolshevist and therefore evil to the core!

    Hope that helps with the essay.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NorthGunner,

        Thanks for the article you’ve posted.

        However I find it imbued with a nostalgia commonly expressed by people who choose to overlook fascism’s failings.

        The collectivist mindset shared with communism presents fascism not as an opposite, but as a competitor in “style” vying to accomplish state control over the individual. Further, as we see today a hidden requirement of both systems is the creation of “the other” in order to help galvanize, or seduce, or create a homogeneity within the population at the expense of a minority. This minority will necessarily not be truthfully presented by the propaganda of the state. In fact it was a great mistake of fascism to persecute the Jews. In doing so they turned an asset into a liability, to their own detriment. Today’s example is the unvaccinated.

        Another feature of fascism is crony capitalism. Business that is not large enough to politically connect is, empirically, disadvantaged. This uneven playing field plays out in middle-class bankruptcies, fewer entrepreneurial opportunities, and therefore greater dependence of the individual on the state.

        Communism and fascism are both of the left, contrary to msm propagandizing the latter to the right. The Nazi party stood for national socialism, don’t forget.

        Like birds of a feather, the contempt these two systems have for each other is bred only by their shared familiarity.

        Thanks again for your post.

        • Johnnyu

          Have you heard what former jew Benjamin Freedman had to say in 1961 in an attempt to warn not just America but the entire world of the danger that zionists and their ideology posed?

          If not here’s links to both his speech and a transcript of it:

          Benjamin H. Freedman Speech 1961 Big History Lesson

          What They Never Told You in History Class: Benjamin
          Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel

          Also, if possible please watch this documentary:

          Europa: The Last Battle (2017) – Full Documentary HD

          See if you have the same position mentally after being exposed to the facts and history that both of the above present and that Fascism and Communism are NOT the same at all..and that Communism is only a product of what Mordecai Levi aka ‘Karl Marx’ and other bolshevists created..and Fascism is a DEFENSE against it and it’s utterly destructive effects.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Mr Heiko von der Leyden is the Director of US biotech company, Orgensis, specializing in medical research to include cell and gene therapies.

    Ursula von der Layen, European Commission President, wife of Heiko, advocates for forced vaccination.

    • Yucki,

      Paul Weston is nothing more than another controlled figure head
      puppet that’s owned by “The City of London” and the Rothschild
      Family, for which it stands.

      He’s all bowwowwow!!! about the moslems..fine as far as it goes..
      But total silence on the threat of both bolshevists/zionists and
      their connected birth and heritage.

      Just another proffered controlled – op/gate-keeper..just like Alex

      Don’t go feeling sorry for folks like him..they DON’T give a
      rats ass about anyone outside of their Elitest Globalist bankster
      controlled circle!

      Hope that helps clear up your confusion about him.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • I knw Paul Weston personally. He is none of those things. Paul was one of the VERY first to speak out about the invasion of hostile cultures, and spoke brilliantly on it I think it was in the Netherlands.

        Paul was arrested for reading from Winston Churchill’s The River Wars on Islam when he was running for election.

        Paul is not anti-Israel. So of course some people want to make all kinds of accusations about him. But he is just not an antisemite nor is he anti-Israel.

        Paul came to speak in Montreal a few years ago, and ANTIFA attacked the venue and many people who were there to hear him. They moved the venue to a private location and the video is around somewhere. Perhaps its time to restore it.

        He is not “Owned by the city of London, or the Rothschilds. Thats crazy talk. He was looking after a sick family member and kept a low profile because of it. I don’t know what he is up to now, but I’m glad he is making videos again.

        Paul Weston is a fantastic guy and a brave guy. I just wish he did more as he is also an effective guy.

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