Repost: Paul Weston speaking in Montreal in 2016

After the Fascists of ‘ANTIFA’ intimidated Ruby Foo’s Hotel into cancelling his speech, it was moved to a private residence. The platforms where this video lived before have been taken down now. So after Paul’s character and motives were falsely imputed in the comments today, I thought it might be worth having a look at what Paul had to say in 2016, as well as an interview I did with him right afterwards.

UK: Sir Roger Scruton gets the Avi Yemeni treatment on TV, and is dismissed from Conservative party

This is a very important video as now, when we add this to what happened to Avi Yemeni on Comedy Central in Australia, we can safely say this is now policy and not the odd corrupt journalist or show.

Also note: Avi Yemini video his interview which can be seen as one long continuous shot with no edits, and social media has been banning his accounts everywhere so that the evidence of what was done to him on TV does not reach as many eyeballs as the edited fake interview does.

The media today deserves nothing short of contempt. People who agree to do interviews, especially on left wing shows like anything CBC or BBC should be on notice that they deserve what they get.

Many thanks to Paul Weston for this video.

(Scene, parking garage 1984 remake, working title, 2021, Ahmed meets George as George gets into his car:

Ahmed| George, I hear you are going on vacation for a week.

I am telling you this because we have worked together for 10 years.

You should know that when you get back, you will have been on several TV talk shows doing interviews where you are exposed as a racist and islamophobe.

George| But I will be in the Bahamas next week, I have no plans to do shows!

Ahmed| It doesn’t matter. They will create the image of you from existing videos and security camera footage. They would prefer you not be in the country when they make and broadcast these ‘live’ interviews.

George| But Ill have proof of where I was! Photos! Video! My wife’s testimony who will be with me!

Ahmed| Where will you show them? Your social media accounts are being cancelled as we speak. Any attempt to publicize your evidence will lead to hate-speech charges and as you know, in the West now, a judge is not allowed to look at anything which has been sealed as hate-speech.)

Paul Weston asks some very important questions concerning the Govt. treatment of Tommy Robinson

No matter who Tommy is, and no matter what he has or has not done, his treatment by the state in terms of the procedure which jailed him recently, and his treatment in prison, violated the letter and spirit of democratic law, worldwide. Like Kevin Krehan before him, who it would appear the state had murdered in prison for the crime of littering near a mosque, the British government forced conditions on Tommy far worse than any murderer or terrorist within the penal system in the UK I would bet.

Also the state has been caught actually lying about it to try and cover up their mistreatment of Tommy R. Tommy has published video of the letter they sent him detailing the exact treatment they did to him, which they recently denied.

At this time there is no excuse for lack of solidarity behind Tommy Robinson. Leftist media would be chanting in the streets if an actual criminal had been treated this way. He would be a cause célèbre for sure.

Here is Vice Chairman of the Conservative party of Great Britain referring to Tommy Robinson as “vile” in a bullying session of an employee of Google’s Youtube, demanding he condemn videos he has not seen and was unaware of.

In the comments under this video, here and here, we were made aware of what this committee is, who the people are, and most importantly, the lie that Tommy’s videos “radicalized” a British man into a minor attack at the Finsbury Mosque, the mosque where the hook handed preacher, Abu Hamza made home.

In fact, what did anger this citizen into action against a seditious and hate spewing mosque which should not exist at all according to the EU and UK’s own “hate speech” laws, was a BBC drama-documentary called Three Girls.

It is in three parts, but you can see parts 1, and Part 2 here. Part three will likely be added sometime soon.

UPDATE: Paul Weston made a correction to one error in the top video:

Paul Weston
4 days ago
I made a glaring error unfortunately, courtesy of Wikipedia….. Darren Hughes is no longer Governer of HMP Onley, the new Governer is a Mr Matthew Tilt.

Thank you Oz-Rita for your help on this.


Interview with Tim Burton, who has been charged for the second time with insulting Islam

Those of you who listen to my monthly BlogTalk radio broadcast the last Tuesday of every month, will know Tim Burton who is the regular cohost along with Kel Fritzy, AKA Red Fox blogger on the show.

Tim is an articulate and knowledgable politician with Paul Weston’s Liberty GB party who I always enjoy listening to when we do these shows.

He has been arrested and charged for a second time because of a tongue in cheek email he sent to the highly dishonest manufacturer of fake stats, to support the “islamophobia” narrative, “Tell Mama”, pretending to apply for a job.

Paul Weston interview in Montreal. After the speech

After the kerfuffle by ANTIFA and their Islamic partners/directors in Montreal, to try and stop the Paul Weston presentation booked at Ruby Foo’s March 8, I had a chance to sit down with Paul and ask him a few questions that have been plaguing me. This was pretty late in the evening and after a very long day for everyone.