Canadian Tire employees arrest and HANDCUFF a man for not wearing a mask in Burnaby BC

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  1. Just tried to email the store as well as three Canadian Tire stores in Ottawa. All emails rejected. I hope they are getting hammered.
    “I was wondering if you had in store and sold a good pair of handcuffs. Unused of course and made in Canada if at all possible, which while perusing in your store once, I did not find anything made in Canada. Funny name “Canadian Tire” without anything made in Canada. Maybe the tires?
    Your Burnaby BC store and the employees involved in attacking a mask exempt shopper should be sued and serve time for assault. Let us wait to see how Canadian Tire reacts to this.”

  2. Lawsuit? Maybe. But a country in which rule of law is growing fuzzier by the day doesn’t exactly lend confidence to the prospect of a successful outcome. Remember, “…the means justifies the ends…” said the judge in his final verdict on the Canadian Tire incident.

  3. Not knowing what went on before the video, it could have ended up like George Floyd and he became a Saint.

    If any storekeeper rep asked me to leave, it’s not my premises, so I get out. Then I complain to the authorities.

    “A Burnaby Canadian Tire customer was arrested by police after becoming violent towards staff Monday for being asked to wear a face mask.

    Mounties confirmed to Black Press Media that the unnamed man – captured in video posted online by witnesses – is now the centre of an assault investigation.

    Cpl. Michael Kalanj said RCMP received a call about employees being punched at around 4:30 p.m. in the store on Market Crossing.

    The video shows security officers and staff working together to subdue the male customer, who can be heard yelling, “don’t touch me. My human rights are trumping your (expletive) mask mandates.”

    The customer continues to resist, while five men attempt to place him in handcuffs.

    “You guys aren’t the police. You’re nothing,” he is heard shouting.”

    Or are we witnessing, Canadian Lives Matter?

    • Agreed, PC. We don’t know. Maybe he is an angry man looking for a fight, but…

      Since when do hardware store employees stop stocking shelves so they can headlock and cuff customers? What happened to calling the cops? Or is the danger to the public from this unmasked maniac so very dire that his breath is the same as a pistol or a knife and he must be subdued at all cost? From what I understand, these stores are privately-owned franchises. At least this is what one very-impolite manager of another store once told me. It was management’s instruction to these employees to do this, so maybe again under the banner of “just doing our job” we get this violence. My hunch is this man watched the video of that Toronto rebel with the tattoos yesterday and was inspired to do the same.

  4. They should all be charged for not social distancing!! They all think they’re heroes yet they all broke the social distancing rules!!

  5. The Canadian Tire store in Oshawa ON is also a terrible place to shop now. I feel like I’m in a security surrounded area with no escape. Every avenue is sealed off and one must walk through the designated area in order to leave the store. When entering there’s a man at the door to check if you have a mask correctly placed on your face. I walked in to return a product which I had in a grocery bag and when I was finished I turned to go into the larger shopping area and the guard shot out of his chair and said in a loud and threatening voice that customers are not allowed to have bags in the store. I’m 77 years old and am not accustomed to this kind of rude, aggressive, and threatening manner. I am so glad I have already bought everything I really need and so will not go to Canadian Tire anymore. It feels like one is shopping in a military security area, very unpleasant indeed. I am certain this store is no longer owned by a Canadian, but is owned by someone who is accustomed to totalitarianism.

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